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CHAP. I. Preliminary remarks. Treaty proposed and entered into ly the bellige

rent powers. Mr. Stanley sent to Paris, and Ur. Bussy to London. French machinations in Spain. Difficulties in the negotiation. Design of the campaign in Hesse, and of the expedition to Belleisle [1

CH A P. II. Prince Ferdinand's plan. Allies enter into Hesse and Thuringia. 'French

retire. Hereditary prince repulsed at Fritzlar. Fritzlar taken. Erveral magazines taken. Blockade of Marpurg and Ziektenhugn. Siege of Cassel. Battle of Langensultze. Broglio reinforced from the Lower Rhine. Hereditary Prince defeated at Stangerode. Siege of Cassel, &c. ruised. Allies retire behind ihe Dymel.

[7 CH A P.

III. The negotiation continued. Proposition of uti possidetis. Debate concern

ing the periods. Belleisle descriled. English repulsed at Lochmaria bay. They make good their landing. Palais l'esieged. Town olandoned. Citadel capitulates.

[13 CH A P. IV. England and France agree to treat of a separate peace. Epochas proposed

by England. Court of l'ienna agrees. Otjects of the negotiation. Proposals of France with regard to Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. French memorial concerning Spain. Indignation of the English minister. English answer to the French memorial.

[18 CH A P. V. Slotions of the French and allied armies, General Sporken attacked.

French pass the Dymel, Skirmishes. Position of prince Ferilinand.

Junction of Broglio and Soul'ise. Pattle of Kirch Denkern. French defeated. French threaten Hanover. Prince Henry of Brunswick killed. Taking of Dorsten. Parious movements of the armies. Destruction of Scharisfelt castle. Prince Xavier of Sarony takes Wolfenkuttle, and invests Brunswick. Detachment from Princ Soubise tuke and alandoa Emden. Attempt en Bremen. Sufferings of Lower Westphalia. [24 VOL. IV.


C + A P. СНА Р. VI.
Condition of the king of Prussia. His inaction. Motions of the Russiars

and of Laudohn. Breslau cünnonaded. Tottle in removed. Collurgle-
sieged. Russian magazines in Pulaud de trayed. War transferree in
Pomeranio. King of Prussia qrits his strong camp. Schweidnitztab?
by a coup de main. General Platen repulsed. General Knol-lock mode
prisoner at Treptow'. Prince Wurtenlurg retreats. Colberg tck-n.
Russians winter in Pomerania.

The negotiation resumed. French concessions. Difference concerning the

German alliance. Difference concerning the captures antecedent to the
declaration of war. Treaty breaks off. Messieurs Stanley and Bust


Conduct of Spain during the negotiation Spanish minister's memorial

Treaty letween France and Spain. Difference in the English ministra.

Mr. Pitt resigns. Mr. Pitt's letter. Disputes concerning the resignc-

tion. Addresses. Parliament meets. The German war continued. [11


Dispute with Spain. Representation of the earl of Bristol. Disposition of

the court of Madrid. Treaty between France and Spain. England ce-

sires a communication. Court of Spain rejuses. The ministers mutuolin

withdraw. A rupture.



Blockode of Pondicherry. Distress of the French. Fleet dispersed in a
storm. Fleet returns. Town surrenders. Mahie taken. Enterprises of
Mr. Law. Mogul army defeated ly Major Carnac. Natol of Bangal
deposed. Coast of Sumatra ravaged by the count d'Estaign. Dumima
taken ly lord Rollo and Sir James Douglas.


On the late transit of Venus over the Sun


King Henry the Seventh's instructions to his amlassadors at Naples 195

Claims at the Coronation of king Jumes II.

A full account of their majesties nuptials

of their majesties coronation


Another account from a gentleman in London to his friend in the

The lord mayor's show, and the entertainment at Guildhall

S T A T E P A P E R S.

His majesty's speech to both houses of parliament, March 3d, 1761 (243

- March 19th, 1761 211

on opening the present parliament, Nov. 6, 1761 246

The address of the lords



The earl of Halifax's speech to the parliament of Ireland


A short view of the cause and conduct of the war, &c.


M. Vaudreuil's letter to the duke de Choiseul


( 999

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Memorial presented to the States General, &'c.

[268 The declaration of the French king to the court of Sweden, &c. (269 Memorial presented by the French aml'assador at Stockholm

1270 Declaration of the empress queen of Hungary and Bohemia (272 Counter declaration

(273 Translation of M. de Boreel's speech to the king

ibid. The Hon. Gen. Yorke's speech to the States General

[274 Answer returned to the foregoing speech of Sir Joseph Yorke, by Baron Wassenaar de Catuick

[275 Declaration of the most Christian king to the diet of the empire (276 marshal Broglio, &c.

(277 Heads of the family convention of the house of Bourlon

(278 Translation of a note delivered to the earl of Egremont, ly the count de Fuentes

1251 the answer delivered to the count de Fuentes, by the earl of Egremont

[282 Copy of the king of Spain's orders to the governors of the sea-port towns of that kingdom, for the detention of the English ships

[285 His majesty's declaration of war against the king of Spain

ilid. The king of Spain's declaration of war

[268 Papers relating to the surrender of Pondicherry Translation of 11. Lally's proposals

for the delivery of the garrison (290 . Colonel Coote's answer to M. Lally's proposals

291 Articles proposed to Colonel Cootely the chief of the Jesuits; to which no answer was returned

ilid. Translation of the supreme order, from the Mogul's court at Delhi, to Sciddee Il rahim, of Rajapore

292 Capitulation for the citadel of Belleisle

293 The terms of peace to be granted to the Cherokee Indians

† 296 Account of a late conspiracy against the king of Prussia

(297 The huml'le address of the lord mayor, aldermen, and commons of the city of London to the king

5298 The humble address of the lord mayor, aldermen, &c. to her majesty ibid. people called quakers

[299 A letter from a right hon. person, to a

in the city

(300 The answer of the hon. gentleman to whom the alove letter was addressed

ibid. The representation of the lord mayor, aldermen, and commons of the city of London to their representatives in parliament

(301 Copy of the thanks to the right honourelle William Pitt, from the court of common council

1302 The king's most gracious speech to both houses of parliament, on the 19th of Jan. 1762, on occasion of his having declared nur, against Spain (303

CHARACTER S. Account of the Buccaneers of America, &'c. Particulars relating to the Indians of the Peninsula within the Ganges A general account of the Canadiens, from Charlevoir

10 The epistle frunthe yearly meeting, held in London, by adjournment 12

V 2



Queen Elizabeth's letter to Heaton, bishop of Ely


An account of the magnificent table kept in the reign of King
Charles I.


The last will of Sir William Petty, Knt. &c.


Alstract of the will of lieutenant general Huske


The archbishop of Cumbray's letter to the duke of Burgundy


King Stanislaus's advice to his daughter, Mary, queen of France


The history of professor du Val, a very extraordinary genius 27

An anecdote of bishop Burnet


The life of Mons. Fontaine


Letter from M. Voltaire to the Al Trutlet


Allé Trublet's answer


Instance of the happiness of leing descended from a person of fame
Letters between M. de Voltaire and the author of the Dialogues of fre


The life of the late Mr. Hutchinson, father of the Hutchinsonians


The character of the late Dr. Hales


Epitaphium Richardi Nash, armigeri

Epitaph intended for Mr. Nash's tomb


Letter from Oliver Cromwell to his son-in-law, Gen. Fleetwood 49

the speaker of the house of commors,


Extract from the memoirs of the famous Isaac Darkin

Some account of. Theodore Gardelle, &c.

John Perrott, a lankrupt, &c.


John M Naughton, Esq. lately executed in Ireland

an extraordinary impostor now living



Of animals living in solid bodies


Some account of the Mus Alpinus, Baubax, or Marmotte


Description of an old elephant brought from Persia to Naples 86

Cautions against suffering lead smelting houses, Sc.


The nature of the fossil asbestos, &c.


Description of a white earth of which bread is made


The practice of burning sulphur in hogsheads for preserving wine ibid.

An account of a very extraordinary degree of artificial cold, &c. ilich

curious phenomenon observed ly Abbé Nollett 9

burning uell at Broseley in Shropshire


dreadful typhon, c.


the death of a woman killed ly an eruption from tide


the lateerthquake in Syria, from Dr. Patrick Russel 96

Extract of another letter from Dr. Patrick Russel, to Dr. Alex. Russel 98

An Account of the dreadful earthquakes in the island of Terceira, &c. ib.

A description of Ingleborough, a inountain in Yorkshire, &c. 100

Keswick in Cumberland, and its environs 103

An account of that part of America, the nearest to the land of Kamt-



ilid. Historical remarks on dress

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USEFUL PROJECTS. Oiservations concerning the different kinds of hemlock growing in England

112 A remarkable instance of the success of hemlock in England 114 An account of Dr. Storck's second essay on the medicinal nature of hemlock116 A method of preventing and removing epileptic fits, &c.

120 Hydrophobia curedly an accidental bleeding at the temporal artery, & c.121 Clarified butter or tallow, specificks against the bloody flux, &c. 122 On the benefit of issues in the gout, &c.

123 On the virtues of lemon juice and coffee, as dissolvents of the stone, 125 The hypericum campodarense of Columna, a powerful vermifuge

127 slevount of some antidotes against corrosive sublimate mercury ibid. Cautions against the use of seggs

128 Atlethod of curing luxations of the spine, or broken lacks

ilid: An account of a remarkal·le operation of a broken arm

129 Ol-servations upon the proper nursing of children Remarkable instance of the superior merit of the horse-hoeing husbandry 132 di letter concerning the usefulness of the plant Nummaria, &c ilid. Accuracy of the trial made with Mr. Irwin's marine chair, &c. 137 Useful hints for sailors and sea-faring men

139 A method of making sea-water potable

140 Chinese contrivance to keep'a person alove water

141 Easy method of opening a way to the sight through turbulent waters ibid. Niethod of edulcorating train-oil

142 Olservations on the above processes

143 Receipt to make soap without boiling

145 Method of making sal ammoniac in Egypt

ibid. Dr. Godfrey's machines for the immediate extinction of fire, GC. 146 Use of gunpowder for extinguishing fire in chimnies

149 On the nature of glass music, &c.

ibid. Part of a letter from Paris, giving an account of a new wall paint 153 A liquor to wash old deeds and writings, &c. to render them legille 152 Description of a portalle apparatus, &c.

ilid. ANTIQUITI E S. A disquisition on the custom of turning the dead

153 The antiquity of drinking healths

155 an account of the first instruments for measuring time introduced into Rome

156 On a medal of the emperor Claudiuas, hitherto unexplained

167 A dissertation concerning the antiquity, &*c. of the poems of Ossian 158 Some account of the marks on coin, called mint-marks, &c: 167 An account of some superstitious opinions and practices in France 168 An history of conches

173 Of the origin of cards. Translated from the French

173 Of the design of curds

174 in uccount of the celebration of the May games, &c.


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