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York, by E. Bliss and E. White, 128 Broadway, in 1824. Persons who have not seen the book, and are able to purchase, it is well for them to own, and read it through,

I will indulge my. self in making a few extracts.

“Jerusalem, March 9th, 1822. “At five o'clock in the evening, I arrived in the neighborhood of Jerusalem. I took out my hymn book and read.”

« For Zion's sake I will not rest,
I will not hold my peace,
Until Jerusalem be blest,
And Judah dwell at ease-
Until her righteousness return
As day break after night;
The lamp of her salvation burn,
With everlasting light.-
The Gentiles shall her glory see,” &c.

How appropriate these lines to his sacred mission-How beautiful on the mountains are the feetof such a messenger.-By feet I suppose are meant the powers of the mind .

“I slept the first and second night in the convent of Terra Santa, and visited at morn the Holy sepulchre in company with my friends. It is suppo sed that that was the spot where the Lord from Heaven did sleep. Come see the place where the Lord lay; he is not here, for he is risen as he said. Prayers are still offered here, but alas! not in peace and in unison as Christians ought to pray. The monks of Terra Santa boast themselves, that they

havegot a firman from the grand Sultan, which places them the first on the days of solemnity, to perform their functions near the sepulchre; the Greek Christians are in possession of alike firman from the Porte, to pray before the tomb after the function of the Frank monks is over. Thus Christians are not ashamed to petition a Mahomedan court for permission to pray. Blood of Christians was shed by Christians themselves at the tomb of their Saviour, in the very presence of the Mussulmen; and Mussulmen are obliged to make peace between Christians and Christians—and Musselmen are obliged to uphold peace among Christians by the sword. The description I have given you here, is not taken from my own fancy, but given to me by the monks of the several denominations themselves. The Lord has ceased from the cities of Judah, and from the streets of Jerusalem, the voice of mirth, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride.' I took a view (on the same day,) of the valley of Hinnom, Josaphat, and Mount Zion.”......

“ March 22.-I called again on the Caraite Jews, Saadiah and Solomon, and desired them to lend me their Liturgy for some days—which they did."

The following is a translation of one of their hymns, in which they bewail their present condi.

up again. The Lord shall convert the hearts of men; and I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh.”

Till now, we have in us a good will and bad will: then, a bad will shall no longer exist, and the Gentiles shall fear the Lord. The Messiah shall be King of the whole world, like Nimrod, Solomon, and Alexander of Macedon; and the Gentiles shall confess that Jehovah is Lord, that Jehovah is One, and his name One; and they shall no longer worship any other. Death shall no longer exist. “He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God shall wipe away tears from all faces.War shall no longer find a place,“ neither shall they learn war any more.” The dead shall rise. The law shall be observed in all its vigor and parts. .

May l. “ I called on Rabbi Ben Sachariah Smaria, and asked him who was the author of Psalm

The reply was, David. I inquired “whom does David call Lord ? They confessed that they were not able to answer that question."

I then went to Rabbi Mendel, the high priest; several other rabbies and students were assembled. Rabbi Mendel expressed his desire of seeing me return again to Judaism, and he had some hopes on the following ac

сх. .

O See Mathew 22. 41-46 verses.

count:- First, that I never play cards, [detested by Jews.] Secondly, that I never went into the theatre.

That I am a friend of orphans and widows, and of Jews in general, and have taken upon me the charge of their letters which the Jews wrote to Poland.' 'I answered, that the faith which I profess, my faith in Jesus Christ, enables me so to act, and that I do all this for the glory of the Lord.' We argued again for some hours. When I returned to my room, Isaac Ben Solomon, Abraham Ben Jeremiah, and Abraham Ben David called on me.

We sang together a very edifying Chaldee hymn, with which they were much pleased."

The English translation of the hymn is as follows:

“ Lord God of the world and worlds,
Thou art King of the kings of kings:
It is beautiful to relate before thee,
The works of thy power and wonders !

Choir.-Lord God, &c.

s I offer up praises in the morning,
And in the evening time unto thee;
O God of holiness, Creator of all souls,
Of holy cities, and children of men,
Of the animals of the field,
And the fowls of Heaven. -

Choir.Lord God, &c.

“ O Lord, most precious and great,
Redeem thy sheep from the mouth of the lions,
And redeem thy people from the captivity ;

Choir.-That people whom thou hast chosen. “ Return to thy temple with all thy holiness, Where all spirits and souls rejoice,

And shout in Jerusalem the holy city.” May 2. Moses Ben David Shleifer, (the brother of the converted Ben David) understands exceeding. ly well the Hebrew and Chaldean tongues; he called on me to day with Ben David-I preached to them both, for above an hour, the preciousness of the Gospel ; they were very

attentive. Rabbi Mendel, Rabbi Isaac, from Safet, and another Jew, Haim Takur from Safet, and Mrs. Batsheba, argued with me several hours, and showed me a book containing beautiful sentences of moral precepts. I read in it, and approved of it; but showed them at the same time, the excellency of the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, and although Rabbi Mendel and all the Rabbies plainly told me, that the Sanhedrim would have put me to death for my faith in Jesus Christ, I repeatedly confessed that Jesus is the Son of God.

O Lord! how much pharisaical blindness and hypocrisy are mixed with sparks of true Gospel light! Rabbi Mendel, the zealous pharisee, to day made this observation, “we must, above all things, know the will of God, before we can know the state of the world; and he has set the world in their hearts so, that no man can find out the work of God from the beginning to the end."

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