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I am obliged to curtail my extracts from the Journal, as the tract No. 1, will grow too large for the price I have named to persons who have engaged to buy it. The following observations, however, must come in ; also, a part of a controversy held by this convert to Christ, and gospel Missionary to the Jews, and three Jewish *Morenus in one of their synagogues at Jerusalem. J. W.

“ with respect to the New Testament, I must observe, that I do not believe it is perverting the law of Moses and the prophets; it establishes the Ten Commandments, explains them in all their parts, and establishes the great truth, that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah of the Jews, the Son of God. This New Testament is the very same predicted by Jeremiah the prophet, and on this account I distribute them, &c.

Morenu Koba." do you believe in Jesus of Nazareth ?"

J. Wolff. Because he has proved by the prophets, and by the wonders and signs he wrought, that he is Christ, the Son of God; and this he did also by his doctrine.

Koba. Jesus Christ was a prophet, a dreamer of dreams, who said, “ let us go after other gods;": and we have therefore put him to death.

Wolff. A scribe asked Jesus, “which is the first commandment of all ?and Jesus answered him,

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“the first of all the commandments is, “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord.”

Rabbi Mendel. The Talmud tells us that Jesus was born of a man.

Wolff. The manner the Talmud tells this, must convince every reasonable man that the Talmud tells monstrous lies.

Morenu Rabenu. He has given a new law, which is against the law of Moses ; he has abolished cir. cumcision ;* abolished the Sabbath day;* and you eat swine's flesh.

How abominable ! that this should be charged to the Bles. sed Redeemer --who even rested in the grave, “ according to the commandment,”-and rose from the dead very early on the morning of the first day of the week. Jesus Christ was the Lord over the sabbath day. He never abolished it. He fulfilled the whole law of God. He did not destroy a particle of it. All who are saved by him, are under his law, which saith, “ Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy, &c.” for he said, “I, and my Father are One."--As to the abolition of the sabbath, charged by the Jews on Jesus, I have this to say, that it is either the re. salt of ignorance, or else a continuation of their false witness against him. If Rabbi Mendel had said, that professed followers of Jesus of Nazareth had done this thing, I, for one, would acknowledge the sin: the Gentile church « changed the ordinance," ("Isaiah 24, 5,) when she fell

I do not blame the Jews for finding fault with the measure, but I reject their charge against the Saviour-I reject it with abhorrenceJesus abolish the law of Jehovah! God forbid !!!--The ritual of Moses, he took out of our way, and nailed it to his cross; but be

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Wolff. He has established the new covenant predicted by Jeremiah and Malachi ; 'the ceremonial laws of Moses were only types and figures of a bet-. ter law....

Christ and his apostles taught that the Jews shall neither be justified by the circumcision of the flesh, nor by observing the ceremonial law of Moses, but by faith in Christ, which produces conversion of the heart. And you cannot say that I am eating swine's flesh, for you have never seen me eat it, although I believe that nothing is sin which enters into the mouth, but rather that which cometh out of the mouth.

Mandel. Jeremy predicted a new covenant, but not a new law.

Wolff. The covenant made with Israel, consisted in God's having communicated to them his will by the Torah.* I challenge all rabbies here assembled,

* Pentateuch,

declared, that “ Teaven and earth should pass away, before one jot or tittle of the law should fail.”. -And I would ask this plain question: Is it possible for Deity to erase a statute from his own table of testimony--a witness made by his own hand ? The fourth command in the law, is separately spoken of by Jehovah, as one that shall stand forever and ever, as a sign.*

the Jews had the particular day marked to them by miracle, even the manna that fell not on the seventh, or sabbath day—and they hold the sign to this era, 1831.

H. LIVERMORE. See Exodus, 31, 17.

and all the rabbies upon earth, and I say, that no rabbi is able to give a reasonable interpretation of Isaiah 53:—but when applied to Christ it becomes light as day.

Mendel. Jesus was-
Wolff: (Interrupting him,) The Son of God.

And now, I close the extracts from Mr. Wolff's Journal, requesting the reader to bear in mind their date (1821) at which time this Missionary of the cross and glory of Christ, was not twenty six years old. Considering his youth, and his early Jewish, (that is talmudical education, it must be owned his progress in gospel knowledge is very honorable to a true Missionary character. We should observe that the Journal was written several years prior to the prophetical letter. He visited England again, where he married a lady of noble family, and distinguished character; and afterward took her with him to Palestine, where he went on a second mission to his kinsmen in the flesh, the descendants of Abraham. On this, his third visit to Jerusalem, he opened the glorious testimony of Christ's second personal appearing, announcing the time and the manner of his coming. After prophesying for the space of three months to the Jews face to face, Mr. Wolff addressed the church of Christ in Great Britain and Ireland, by letter, in which he records his proclamation at Jerusalem,

and calls on the sleeping watchmen to awake!!! The first and second pages of this tract give my motive for republishing said letter. I present it verbatim; and I also state, that I now stand before the people, in the same testimony, honestly believing, that in the year 1847, " The Lord Jesus Christ will descend from heaven, as he went up into heaven," that is in the clouds. I also state, that I believe his coming will be announced to a slumbering, apostate world, by the sound of “the seventh trumpet;" that is, • The Lord shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the arch-angel and the trump of God--and the dead in Christ shall rise first.*”—This great day is represented as the commencement of Emanuel's reign upon earth LI must close my remarks on this glorious theme for the present time, and offer a few more testimonies in favor of Mr. Wolff, the prophetical Missionary of the cross and passion, the glory and triumph of Jesus Christ. - Not, however, till I inform the reader, that I also have an eye on the intimation of the Savior's, concerning “shortening the days," see Matthew 24, 22.-Commentators refer to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman army.--I ask, what can be done then with the 29, 30, and 31 verses of said chapter.

Mortals--read the Savior's own words.

• Yea, first indeed! One thousand years before the universal, or second resurrection.

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