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“And they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of Heaven, with power and great glory. And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet; and they shall gather together his *elect from the one end of Heaven to the other." I ask, has this ever been fulfilled? Have God's chosen people ever been gathered together in one in Christ? And hath Christ ever come in the clouds, with power and great glory?

-No is the reply--the true reply: but,--"yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry--peradventure in the shortening of the days, mentioned by himself, he may arrive before the commencement of 1847. For one I ardently pray, Come Lord Jesus, Amen and Amen.

* The Jews.

NOTES.-- In the year of our Lord 1826, “there arose amongst certain students of prophecy in London, a desire to compare their views with respect to the prospects of the Church at this present crisis."-And one of those truly enlightened and 6 wide awake ministers” writes thus, “and we held meetings during the summer, from time to time, as we could find opportunity; when *one of our number, well known for his princely munificence, thought well to invite by special letter, all the men, both ministers and laymen of any orthodox

• Henry Drummond, Esq. High Sheriff in Surrey, and bauker in London,

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communion, whom he knew, or could ascertain to be interested in prophetic studies, that they should assemble at his house in Albury Park, on the first day of Advent, that we might deliberate for a full week upon the great prophetic questions which do at present most instantly concern Christendom. In answer to this honorable summons, there assembled twenty men of every rank and church orthodox communion in these realms. And, in honor of our meeting, God so ordered it, that Joseph Wolff, the Jewish Missionary, a son of Abraham, and brother of our Lord, both according to the flesh, and according to faith, should be of our number. And here for eight days under the roof of Henry Drummond Esq. the present High Sheriff of the county, and with Hugh M‘Niel, the Rector of the parish of Albury, we spent six full days in close and laborious examination of the scriptures upon these six great heads of doctrine.

First,--The doctrine of holy scripture concerning the times of the Gentiles.

Secondly,—The duties of christian ministers and people, growing out thereof toward the Gentile churches.

Thirdly,—The doctrine concerning the present and future condition of the Jews.

“Fourthly,—The duties growing out of thesame toward the Jews.



Fifthly,—The system of the prophetic visions and numbers of Daniel and the Apocalypse. “Sixthly,—THE SCRIPTURE DOCTRINE CONCERNING


“Lastly,- The duties to the church and world arising out of the same. Now these are points on which men are supposed to be wholly at sea, without chart, course, or polar star; and it is the common rebuke of the students of prophesy, that no two of them are agreed on any matter; and therefore the thing which I am about to say will appear the more wonderful : that though we were for the most part strangers to each other, of different churches and of different countries, and under no influence of one another, we were so overruled by the One Spirit of truth and love, as to have found our way to harmony and coincidence in the main points of all these questions. We believed in common, that the present form of the dispensation of the Gospel, was for a time commensurate with the times of the Gentiles, which again are commensurate with the period of Jerusalem's being trodden under foot, and the Jew's dispersion; that the restoration of the Jews would introduce altogether a new era into the church and the world, which might be called the universal dispensation of the benefits of Christ's death, while this is the dispensation to the church only, which is few compared with the whole. That the conclusion of the latter in great judgments, and the

commencement of the former in great mercies, was hard at hand; yea, even at the very door; all being agreed that the 1260 and 1290 days of Daniel were accomplished, and the remaining 45 begun, at the conclusion of which the blessedness will be fully arrived.

“And that during this judgment, which may open upon any day, we are to look for the SECOND AD VENT OF THE LORD IN PERSON, to raise his samts, and with them to reign upon the earth. All agree. ing that in the view of these things, there was required of us the greatest vigilance at our several posts, and the most fearless constancy in affectionately warning and preaching righteousness to all ; according as they are admonished by our Lord in the sixth vial, under which it was the universal opinion we are now living, ready for the last great and concluding vial of his wrath. Having said so much, I think it my duty farther to state the godly order and arrangement, according to which the Albury Conference, concerning the second Advent, was conducted: for, to this, under God, I attribute in no small degree, the abundance of the blessings with which our souls were made glad. We set apart a day for each subject, and resolved to give one day, and no more to each ; and as we were but six free days assembled, having met on the Thursday, and parted on the Friday of the week following, we joined the fourth and the seventh sub

jects together, conceiving them to be closely connected with each other. And having apportioned a separate subject to each day, we proceeded to each day's work after the following method. We divided the labor of each day into three parts; a morning conference before breakfast, the second and principal conference between breakfast and dinner, and the third in the evening. The object of our morning conference, to which we assembled as early as we could well see, was two-fold ; first, to seek the Lord, for the light, wisdom, patience, devotion to his glory, communion of saints, and every other gift, and grace of the Holy Spirit, which were necessary and proper to the labor, which was that day appointed us in God's good providence.”

-The publisher of this Tract must here restrain her pen, and be satisfied with adding one or two sentences more concerning Albury Park conferences :-to wit, as follows:

“ No appeal was allowed, but to the Scriptures, of which the originals lay before us, in the interpretation of which, if any question arose, we had the most learned eastern scholar, perhaps, in the world too, and a native Hebrew:I mean JOSEPH WOLFF."

After giving a full account of the order, regulations, &c. of this truly apostolic and Scriptural diet, the writer concludes by saying.--"Such were

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