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the six days we spent under the holy roof of Albury house, within the chime of the church bell, and surrounded by picturesque and beautiful forms of nature; but the sweetest spot was that council room where I met the servants of the Lord, the wise virgins waiting with oil in their lamps for the bridegroom: and sweet too was that secret chamber where I met in the spirit, my Lord and Master, whom I hope soon to meet in the flesh."

“Oh Albury! most honored of the King,
“ And potentate of heaven; whose presence here
“ We daily look for! In thy silent halls
“ His servants sought, and found,
* Such harmony of blessed expectation,
“ As did fill their hearts with holy joy ;
“ As if they'd caught the glory of the cloud
* That bore their Lord,
“ Or heard the silver trump of jubilee,
“ Sound his arrival through the vault of heaven!
"- From thy retreat as from the lonely watch-tower,
“ We had certain tidings of the coming night,
5. And of the coming day!
“ The one to brace our hearts with dauntless resolution,
“ All suffering's for his sake to bear,
“ Who for our souls endur'd the ascendant dire
“ Of satan's hour and power of darkness.
The other to delight our hearts with thoughts
“ And darest joys, which are not known to those

Contemptuous and unfaithful servants,
“Who think not of the promise long delay'd,
“Of thy most glorious coming, gracious Lord !
“ For me, and for these brethen's sake I pray,
" That the sweet odour of those hallowed hours,

“ May never from our souls depart, till thou
“ Our glorious King, thy standard in the heavens
“ Unfurl’st, and dost command the Archangel strong,
« To make the silver toned trump of jubilee
* Sound thine arrival through the vault of heaven,
“ And quicken life within the hollow tomb !"

“ So singeth my soul full gladly in the watches of the morning, which I have prevented, to recal these sweetest recollections of my life. And, now I must conclude my labor by entreating thee, courteous reader, to weigh well such a unanimous voice of various ministers and servants of the Lord; and to consider well, ere thou sCORNEST UNHEARD, or UNEXAMINED, dost reject the sum and substance of the great doctrine of the SECOND ADVENT.”

I shall now introduce a few extracts from the Niemoirs of Pliny Fiske, late a Missionary from the United States to Palestine, whose name and memory are embalmed in the bosom of the Gentile church, as one of her first offerings to Christ, among his long desolated people, the Jews. I had the pleasure and privilege of some personal acquaintance with Mr. Fiske, during his residence at the Theological Seminary at Andover, in Massachusetts, and heard him deliver a few discourses previous to his leaving that seminary. It gives me great pleasure to quote from his pen, the name of Joseph Wolff.

H. L.

In a letter dated at Alexandria in Egypt, Jan. 21st, 1822, which Mr. Fiske addressed to the celebrated American Jewish historian, Hannah Adams, he observes as follows: "We have been cheered and encouraged lately by the arrival in this part of the world, of a fellow laborer, from whose exertions we hope for great good, especially among the Jews. I refer to *

Joseph Wolff, a German Jew, who embraced Christianity some years ago, resided awhile at Cambridge, England, and has lately come to this country, to preach the Gospel to his brethren, according to the flesh. He left Egypt for Syria just before we arrived here. He has sent to us several times, expressing a wish that our labors might be united in the common cause. We expect to meet him next spring, if Providence permit, in the Holy Land.”

After this Mr. Wolff is mentioned several times in the Memoirs, as a fellow laborer with Messrs. Fiske and King. [Dear Mr. Parsons was at rest in an early grave.]

On the 12th of January, 1823, Mr. Fiske writes in his Journal as follows: “We had a long discussion with a number of Jews at our lodgings. The conversation was sometimes in Italian and sometimes in Hebrew. An interesting conversation took place between Mr. Wolff and these Jews.

* H. L. does not feel authorized to give man the title.

"A discussion followed about Zech. 12. 10. We then proposed to Mr. Wolff to pray with them in Hebrew, and he offered the following prayer :" “Our Father, Our King, send down into our hearts thy Holy Spirit, that we all may know the iniquity of our hearts, and may be persuaded that we need a Saviour. Holy One, blessed be thou, and blessed be thy holy name, who art blessed in thyself, have mercy upon these descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who are now sitting with us, to hear words of thy only begotten Son, Jesus of Nazareth; and give to them thy holy spirit, that they may hear and understand, and look upon him whom our ancestors pierced --look upon Jesus of Nazareth, as their Lord and their righteousness: Amen.”

From a letter addressed by Mr. Fiske to Professor Porter, at Andover, dated at Jerusalem, April 28th, 1823, I cite the following sentences ; “I weep when I think of Zion and look at the desolations of Jerusalem; and I am sure you would weep too, could you see what I see.----- -Му first impressions in regard to our mission were discouraging, but I now feel much encouraged. We have already sold 70 Testaments and Psalters, and have distributed more than 300 Tracts; and Mr. Wolff is engaged day and night in preaching to the Jews, and disputing with the Rabbies. .

* And I will pour upon the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, &c.

May 2d. “During our residence at Jerusalem, Mr. Wolff occupied a room on the side of Mount Zion, near the residence of the Jews, with whom he labors almost incessantly.” In a letter to Mr. Temple, dated Sept. 13th, 1823, Mr. Fiske writes, “We all (that is, the Missionary trio,) harmonize very well, as Mr. Wolff says,” &c.

On the 2020 and 203d pages of the Memoir, is the following quotation from Mr. Fiske's Journal : “ In the evening, in company with Mr. Wolff we celebrated the love of our Redeemer by receiving the Holy Supper. The time,* the place, our employments and prospects, all conspired to increase the tenderness and solemnity of the occasion. We renewed our religious vows, confessed our sins, and implored forgiveness. We gave ourselves anew to each other in brotherly love, and dedicated ourselves anew to the missionary work.”

Here end my extracts from Mr. Fiske's Journal; and now I shall present the PROPHETICAL LETTER OF JOSEPH WOLFF, Missionary of the cross and glory of Christ.

Jerusalem, April 20th.

+ The year is not mentioned

According to the opinion of oriental christians, this day was Hoc anniversary of the sacramental ordinance.

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