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same purpose.

He came the first time to be despised, spit upon, and killed : He came to offer salvation to all who will have it: He came to pray to the Father for all who ask Him to do so. He is coming a second time to be admired in all them that believe, but to dash to pieces all the rest of Christendom: He is coming to trample upon them in His fury, and to stain His garments in their blood: He is coming to pray for His enemies no more, but to repay them with vengeance. Reader, whoever thou art, into whose hands this sheet may fall, rich or poor, Prince or beggar, Churchman or Dissenter, Papist or Protestant, sinner or saint, infidel or pious, Christian or Turk, Jew or Gentile, I conjure thee, as thou valuest thy life, lose not a moment in running to the Bible; and do not leave it until thou art satisfied by it, that the coming of Jesus will be for thy profit, and not for thy loss. Talk no more about names or sects; art thou a saint or a worldling? a child of God, or a child of the devil? a member of Christ, or not? an heir of glory, or an heir of wrath? are Christ's works imputed to thee, and thy sins imputed to Christ? Let not the devil delude thee by persuading thee, that because thou art a member of this or that church, therefore thou art a Christian; he was a liar from the beginning and is trying every moment to destroy thy soul. Pray instantly to God for the sake of Jesus Christ to give thee His Holy Spirit to teach thee; cast

thyself, like a man in despair, wholly on Jesus, and on His cross. Until He comes, faith in his blood, shed at His first coming, will cleanse thee from all thy sins: but not after He comes again. Thou hast no time to spare, for as soon as He comes, thy doom is fixed irreversibly: the door of hope is closed to all: to His servants by possession; to the damned by despair!!!

[The following piece contains the latest intelligence pub

lished in this country respecting Mr. Wolff, the writer

of the Prophetical Letter.] Episcopal Recorder, published at Philadelphia, Satur.

day Morning, May 7th, 1831.

JOSEPI WOLFF. The Committee of the London Society informed their friends in their publication for July, 1830, that Mr. Wolff had been requested to return to England. They have now with regret to mention, that Mr. Wolff has, in consequence of some conscientious scruples in his mind, declined complying with the wishes of the committee; and having determined to proceed though the interior of Africa to the Cape of Good IIope, has relinquished all further connexion with the society, expressing this his determination in terms of the best Christian feeling, grateful for the kindness and benefits he has received, and anxious in his individual capacia

ty to render any service to the cause they have mutually at heart, that may be in his

be in his power. The Committee lament that any circumstance should have occurred to make this dissolution necessary, and desire to express their sense of the great services rendered by Mr. Wolfi' in the propagation of the knowledge of Christ among various nations, and especially among his brethren after the flesh; and while they are unable any longer to guide or assist him in his journeyings, they would wish him God speed, and trust that he may be mercifully preserved from all perils and dangers in the course of his projected long journey, and be enabled successfully to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ among the nations which he is about to visit.--London Jewish Expositor.

nequcom D [The following piece I present as a sample of

the sentiments published in Great Britain. H. L.] “ Seał up the prophecy until the time of the end ; the wise shall understand.”-(Daniel 12.)

“We assert that the time is arrived, and offer *sufficient proof of our assertion; and this scriptural proof ought to be received as suficient warrant for our expectations.”

It is often asked “Had not cur ancestors know

• The writer alludes to the writings of Bicheno, Whitaker, Tower, Faber, Cunninghain, Ficre, Way, B:yford, and Irving, on the subject of unfulfilled prophecy.

ledge sufficient for salvation? and then inferred that the same knowledge will suffice to save us, and that we need not seek after more.” There is a confusion in this way of speaking, which requires to be explained; and which may be easily done, as it proceeds from using knowledge in an ambiguous, and şalvation in an indefinite sense. Faith springing from knowledge saved them, and their salvation was attained through death. Their saving faith rested on knowledge of doctrine—a knowledge at all times necessary, and always possessed by the true servants of Christ. But we believe a time is near at hand when salvation will be decided before the hour of death, according as a man is ranged under the banner of Christ, or that of Anti-Christ; and moreover, (which is a still more awful consideration, that many who think themselves sincere, and who now appear to rank with the soldiers of Christ, shall be found unprepared for THE EVENTS which shall burst like a THUNDER CLAP upon the world ; and some timidly apostatize; some, like the foolish virgins, run to buy their oil when they ought to be ready to go forth to meet the bridegroom. The knowledge of doctrine which in ordinary times suffices for saving faith, will not suffice to save in times like these, which will require knowledge of every kind, and when our Lord has told us, the delusions shall be so very plausible as to “ deceive (if possible,) the very elect.

May God preserve us; enabling us to put on the whole armour of God;" to “watch and

pray always, that we may be accounted worthy to escape all those things that are coming upon the earth, and to stand before the Son of Man !!!" Morning Watch ; or Quarterly Journal on prophecy,

and Theological Review. No. 4, p. 542.

“ Search the Scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life; and they are they that testify of me."-JESUS CHRIST.

Yea, Holy Jesus ! in the sacred page,
Thy testimony rings from age to age ;
Of Thee did Moses write, and prophets sing,
Their glorious Antitype, their heavenly King
Thy Advent first to suffer, love and die,
Thy resurrection and ascent on high ;
Thy Mediatorship at God's right hand,
Thy second coming to the holy land,
Thy reign, Millennial ! O, the rapturous sound !
When saints are glorified, and satan bound-
And last of all, thy solemn judgment seat,
Where small and great, where Greek and Jew must meet :
Who wake not in the resurrection first,
Must then awake, and meet their Judge, the Just!

Ye Gentile people ! hasten to obey
The Saviour's Word, and search it day by day,
Praying that scales and beams may leave your eyes,
That you may see by faith, by faith may rise,
On eagles wings to hail the approaching hour,
When Christ shall come in majesty and power ;
For come He will, and soon his cloudy car,
Will sweep the heavens of every glittering star ;
His presence shame the sun, confound the moon,
While round his brow there shines eternal noon.

• See Isaiah 24th chap. last verse.

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