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for His peculiar treasure," Ps. 35. 4.

" Ps. 35. 4. It is the Lord Jesus Christ speaking by Jeremiah (see c. 31.) concerning the restoration of the ten lost tribes of the house of Jacob; and in the 9th verse, He says, “I am a father to Israel, and Ephraim is my first born.” The chapter is perfectly literal; and the vision of its fulfilment, (like Daniel's) is for an appointed time, as may be comprehended from the two last verses of the preceding, or thirtieth chap. “The whirlwind of the Lord," and "the fierce anger of the Lord,” is in other prophets, (see Ezekiel and Zephaniah, 7. 19. 1. 19. as in Jeremiah,) the Day of the wrath of the Lamb; and the testimony of the harbinger to the second advent, answers to the forerunner of the first, viz: Fear God, and give Glory to Him-see Rev. 14. 7., compare with “fruits meet for repentance," and "the wrath to come”See Matt. 3. 7-12. See Luke 3. 4-11; and remember that it is no way to flee this wrath, and escape the fire of torment which never dies, to turn the poor Indians out from their homes, for the sake of the golden dust of their land; neither can the escape be made by murder combined with treachery and lies.

O! OSCEOLA! when thy spirit filed
From earth, did Rachel mourn; refusing comfort
For her children slain! “Thus saith the Lord,”
"Thy voice be hushed from wailing;
And thine eyes from tears; for hope,
The Hope of Israel, and the Morning Star,
Shall bring thy banished seed back to their border,
Israel's promised land.”.






"Whence came the Indians?” Can ye tell, wise men, and great men, strong men, and statesmen, can you tell, “whence came the Indians?”. “Can the rush grow without mire? can the flag grow


water?' Can man grow without a Maker? Is there any thing created without God? When did man first appear; and where is the place of his ori. gin? Who created him? Why was he made? What is the purpose of his existence? What is the purpose thereof? These questions you cannot answer, without that much neglected Book, the Holy Bible. The sluggard is bid to go to the ant, that he may learn wisdom--the infidel is told to repent, and believe the Gospel. Take the sacred volume, then, and study out the red man's pedigree; and the land of his origin. I warrant, the latter is exhibited in the twenty-seventh verse of the fifth chapter of Genesis—so Eden was his first home-If you will faithfully examine the Indians, keep man's track after his exile from the garden of God, by the ancient land mark which the fathers have set, even original, holy prophecy; remove it not from its boundary line, THE Truth of God; for the curse will fall on yoų–Look away from your own preconceived opinions, to the Indians as they were in the times of Columbus, Adair, Penn, Charlevoit, &c.--remember Montezuma with Cortes, Corn Planter with Washington; and Wm. Penn's Treaty of peace-contemplate the traditions of the Chippewas, the former state of Echota, and the war dance of the Osages—Go through the history of the Aborigines, from the days of Noah; for the Mandan Indians say, they were saved from flood in a canoe, -follow them to Jacob, v. 13.--the Chippewas announce their descent from a very great man, whom the Great Spirit loved, and His twelve sons also, and that they became great nations--the Great Spirit loved our fathers, say the Chippewas, and gave them a good land.

But I must insist upon the necessity of studying

the present condition of the Indians, by Israel's Chart, Holy prophecy. They are scattered—(scat. tered is the same as dispersed; and in the original sense, both signify driven out” —the ten tribes are called especially, "her that I have driven out”“her that I have afflicted”-) they are “peeled”— measured out-alas!—what is the measure to them

their own wilderness? God be merciful to me a sinner, and get me out of this cruel country, I pray, before any more autumn leaves fall in the forests, where the red man weeps!!!

By searching carefully, the records of prophecy, it is easy to understand, that Israel, (that is, the outward congregation of the ten last tribes,) must exhibit a spectacle of trouble, in the latter times. “A scattered sheep, with broken bones”—“A smitten reed, shaken in the waters"-of affliction—660

--Oppressed, and broken in judgment”_"destroyed for lack of knowledge". and the very “caul of their heart is rent,” by the execution of that ancient statute, “If Israel walk contrary to me, I will punish them seven times for their sins-repeated thrice -to make it sure, the reckoning enlarges even to a day for a year; and 2,520 years is the turn of their punishment-and, then, Israel must wait till Judah repents; and the house of David mourns for JESUS. Of course, she will be just ready to perish-butIsrael shall never perish; neither can any man pluck them out of their Father's hand.

I leave the subject for all to consider, examine, and ponder- I believe that the Indians, after they were driven away out of the Lord's land, and were carried beyond the river, into Assyria, became wanderers, according to the Word of the Lord; and after roving about all over the eastern world, and very far to the north, God sent them to this land;

and they have wandered from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and all over these two great continentshav. ing no ease, nor any rest to the soles of their feet.

INDIANS-INDIANS I beg you, (in God's holy Name, pray, pray, pray-tell the Lord your troubles-cry to Jesus to come and save you-forgive your enemies--yea, love your enemies. Indians, pray for me also

I am your true friend

A Pilgrim and Stranger in the Earth.






“We do not well; this day is a day of good tidings ; and we hold our peace :-if we tarry till the morning light, some mischief will come upon us ; now, therefore come, that we may go and tell the king's household.”—2 Kings, vii. 9.

- The Lord is at hand.”—Phillipians, iv. 5.




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