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which Manasseh set in the house of God. At any rate, the Lord gave Judah the space of seven sabbaths in Jerusalem, after the transgression of desolation took place; and the vision of judgment opened upon that devoted city almost twenty-three hundred years gone by; so, that Mr. Wolff must be correct in his belief, that the Glory of Israel will reflect His holy image upon the covenant church of the living and true God, in the year of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, eighteen hundred and forty-seven; for the whole lapse of the twenty-three hundred years, finishes the indignation; and the word of God is sure, which saith, THEN shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” “Judah is God's sanctuary; and Israel is his dominion.” Psalm, 114. 2. 66 The earth shall tremble at the presence of the Lord.”

I have written a longer preface than I intended; and shall now close, saying, that the signs of the times are faithfully warning us all to be diligent in preparing to meet our Judge. Jesus saith, “Behold, I come quickly, and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be." I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last." 6Blessed are they that do his commandments."

Let us search and try our ways, and turn to the Lord-I mean the King of Glory-believing that He will come quickly in the clouds of heaven, to Him be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

A Pilgrim and Stranger in the Earth.

Philadelphia, February 17, A.D., 1839.

D To the Jews, Remember Jerusalem.

U To the Indians-Gather yourselves to the wilderness, and God will bless you.

U To the Gentiles—"How is it that ye discern not this time."

The first number of Millennial Tidings was prepared for the press in very great haste, as the situation and feelings of the publisher rendered it necessary and unavoidable. Joseph Wolff's letter appeared to me at that time more precious than all the mines of Peru, as it contained the proclamation of my Redeemer's second advent in 1847; an event that I still declare, with all sincerity of soul, is the crown of my rejoicing in the Lord. Little did I think that my effort to rescue that letter from oblivion, and my endeavours to awaken the attention of professing christians in North America, to an event so glorious, would be treated with cold contempt. Alas! its reception betrays the state of professors of religion-Christians! you are false hearted toward him, whose name you bear. If you truly loved Jesus you would hail his personal appearing with rapture, you would cry aloud come Lord Jesus, come quickly.” My object in publishing an abstract of the early memoirs of Joseph Wolff, also extracts from his journal, and the testimony of others concerning him, was this:

I thought that Joseph Wolff was not generally known; and that, an understanding of his origin, experience, character and career, was a necessary appendage to his unequivocal declarations and cen

I therefore laboured to introduce him as a substantial witness for the Lord.


My own remarks on the second advent I offered with ardour, but I know they are marked by infant weakness.

Henry Drummond's Universal Warning, led by the question "who is coming,” is profitable for doctrine, for instruction and reproof.

Mr. Irving's description of “Albury Conference,” contains useful matter, and I am not sorry that it occupies five pages in No. 1, Millennial Tidings.

I do not regret that I have published Joseph Wolff's letter under the name of Millennial Tidings. I regret the coldness, the ingratitude, and scepticism of professing christians toward the subject of his letter. I have meditated on the wonderfultheme day and night, for twelve months. I have read, studied, and have searched the scriptures, and have cried to the Lord, “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” My prayers are answered from day to day-God, my Saviour, hath applied the “key of David” to my understanding, and the prophecies are manifestly "lively oracles” to my soul, even the Oracles of Redemption by Jesus, unto the glory of his purchased possession of this earth for himself.

I discover daily an increase of evidence concerning the literal meaning of the promises and threatenings, set forth in the word of God. It is in their fulfilment-past, present, and anticipated. The past adds pungency to the present—the present premonishes of the future. I look back on ages gone, and behold God's words fulfilled so far to the letter.* I pause to view the world as it is, and they are coming to pass, while signals are presented of events approaching that will expound more fully his sovereign decrees on a world lying in wickedness, and lost in sin.

* The state of the Jews, Jerusalem, and many revolutions,

I have endeavoured to stretch my views exactly on the line of scripture truth, jealous of a bound circumscribed by my natural conception of the fitness of things, and anxious to repel any imagination that flows in the channel of self. Teach me, O Lord, thy spirit is good, lead me in the way of truth, is certainly my hearty prayer. And I believe, that in answer to my supplications, the compassionate Saviour, (in whom I trust, to whose name all within me bows, confessing that Jesus is Lord, to the glory of God the Father,) hath inducted me into the heavenly study of millennial prophecy. It is a blessed privilege-how far beyond my deserts, I have no language at command to express. It is a privilege I intend to try with all my powers to improve. Help me, O my Saviour! Make thy strength perfect in my weakness. Use me if thou pleasest, and use me as thou pleasest, and send me where thou pleasest; direct, command, and control me, thou always good and just, thou ever merciful, and altogether lovely, Holy and Blessed One! Let my poor, foolish, fallen nature never, never interfere with any demand of thine upon a soul thou hast redeemed by thy blood! Suffer not men or devils to frighten or allure my mind from pursuing the study of thy word! And 0, give me assurance boldly to testify that thou wilt shortly bruise the serpent's head, and throw about him that chain of Almighty power, which he knows is cast in the mould of thy righteous furnace, for him and his fallen confederate usurpers. Help me to testify of thy glory, that will follow, and if thou wilt have me die for so doing, 0 do thou but grant me grace to meet the flash of a pistol, or the point of a sword, with “Lord Jesus receive me.”



“Give us your entire views of the Millennium," is cried in my ear, very frequently, since I have borne public testimony in Cincinnati. “The doctrine is new and strange to the people, they do not understand it.”

I will endeavour to give my views of the Millennium. Blessed Jesus, I believe thou wilt help me! And rather than leave room for unbelievers in the orthodox, scriptural, and reasonable scale of redemption completed, and universal restitution made, by the personal appearing of Jesus Christ to reign on the earth one thousand years, to cavil at my testimony after I leave the United States, and am gone to the wilderness, I will venture on farther expense, hy issuing a second number of Millennial Tidings. Blessed Jesus I will trust in thee, and go on.

And 1. My view of the subject itself is, that as to its age, millennium in scripture record is only six days younger than this terrestrial globe. «God blessed the seventh day, and hallowed it.”—2. As to its being “new and strange” to the people, I believe it is their own fault.

But persons say, “we believe in Millennium as much as you do; but we believe it is a “spiritual affair.'»

Answer. So do I. I sincerely believe that “God is a Spirit, and must be worshipped in spirit and in truth.” I believe too in his triune manifestations, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; and “these three are ONE. I believe in the second manifestation of God, even the Son, that he is the centre of unity in the Godhead; and that in him is hid all the trea

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