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Glory of glories, light of lights is he,
Who once hung bleeding on the accursed tree-
The Prince of princes, King of kings, Most High,
Riding in majesty along the sky.
His sacred feet on Olive's mount shall stand,
Surrounded by his host, a heavenly band;-
Judah shall bow, with Israel, and confess,
This is the Lord our peace and righteousness
And Gentiles who have feared his holy name,
Shall in the Lion see the suffering Lamb.
Hasten, O Jesus, the auspicious day,
Unfurl thy banner, and thy power display-
Come, reign in Ariel, sit on David's throne,
And let there be One Lord, his Name be One.



K To the Philanthropic inhabitants of Philadelphia.

The publisher of Millennial Tidings is desirous of sending “the swift messengers,” to the Aborigenes of America, believing that they are the very people spoken of by the prophet Isaiah, in the eighteenth chapter of his prophecy. The American churches are called upon to attend to this long afflicted people; and to prepare themselves for the glorious object that meets their view in the chapter above referred to, even of “the present to the Lord of hosts, of a people scattered, &c.” O, America! Thou blossomed wilderness, the honor is conferred on thee, to have God's elect (Israel mine elect, see Isaiah, xlv. 4.) people within thy borders.

The day is at hand, when it shall come to pass that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, &c................Isaiah, 11th chapter. O that this nation would not wait till judgments come for disobedience; but obey the Almighty call, and relieve his poor Indians—i. e. the ten tribes of Israel.

I wish to send this book--and shall give twentyfive copies myself. Any person who may feel free to assist the object may deposit their money with me, and I shall consider the books as a sacred deposit for my Lord and Master.

This Book is neither a catch penny, nor money making business, as to the motives and object of the publisher. All persons who know me, know that I am poor, and that I am sickly too—I am ready to do all I can toward “supplying my own necessities, as well as to help others"--and I read that a willing mind is first accepted.”

I shall sell the books at a reasonable price: the whole expense of publishing rests upon me.

Fancy that sweetly airy voice,
Declares the Indian will rejoice
To hear that Christ is coming,
They'll clap their hands and joyful sing,
Glory and praise to Indian's King,
He'll come in-




No. II.

we do not well; this is a day of good tidings; and we hold our peace:—if we tarry till the morning light, some mischief will come upon us; now therefore come, that we may go and tell the king's household.”—2 KINGS, 7, 9.

“The Lord is at hand.”—PHILLIPPIANS, 4, 5.




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