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mouth forever. It is a dreadful thought! They have preached to others—and afterwards become castaways.

I have studied the message recorded in the 3d chapter of the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, 14-22 verses, and it appears to me that the ministry of Laodicea is void at once; but the ministers themselves (male or female) are still objects of divine mercy. Preachers are warned and counselled first; and afterwards the people. It does not appear to me that in that time the preachers will possess any influence at all as teachers. “It shall be, as with the people, so with the priest.” This I believe is implied by the threat, “I will spue thee out of my mouth;”, that is, thou shalt not use my word to teach by.

The lukewarm ministry of Laodicea, is more odious in the view of God, than we can conceive; but the state of their souls he pities; and offers to sell them salvation. I fear that they will refuse the offer, or humbling counsel, of the Amen; for he appears to proceed to the members, see "any man,” verse 20. I say, I fear-and it is on account of their desperate state, as represented by the Amen, or faithful and true Witness, poor, blind, naked, wretched, and miserable; and yet are so deluded as to say, (I must suppose they think so,) “I am rich and increased with goods, and have need of nothing.” “Pride goeth before destruction; and a haughty spirit before a fall." I leave them to prove their character in the terrible hour! Happy they whose message evinces them members and ministers of the Philadelphian church. Such teachers are spiritual martyrs on earth; and pillars in the temple of God, in the kingdom of glory.

Now I am constrained to say, that no man woman is obliged to own this garment, if it does not


fit them. Remember a wounded bird always flutters. If persons deny that the seven churches addressed by the "voice that spake to John in the Isle of Patmos,” are representatives of the "times of the Gentiles," I ask them how they can claim the promises contained in the three last Epistles, which surely is done in our day? *And how do you get rid of the number, seven? And, finally, what do you understand by the “Revelation” of Jesus Christ? Was it intended as a gift to the servants of God in Asia only? Or is it a book of prophecy that covers its sacred title; and extends to the last and general judgment of God; and is entrusted to the Gentile churches, for their profit, reproof, and instruction in righteousness, able to make them wise unto salvation, through faith in Christ Jesus?

The 18th and 19th verses in the last chapter of the Book of Revelations, express the mind of the Spirit, concerning its sanctity and its verity. By these verses we are solemnly warned. In the 16th verse, the author presents his copy-right of the work; and declares both his Manhood and his Godhead. Let us study these verses with much prayer; and conform to the Book with all sincerity of mind. Let us remember that the number seven is a complete number; and is a type of very great importance. Ask the Lord, ye sincere hearted remnant of the family of Christ, who believe in him, and aim to follow him through evil and good report: who fear him, with a godly fear, and “tremble at his word:” ask him to prepare you to launch into the pure stream of prophecy, and bear you along to the land of Emmanuel. On the soft waters of Shiloah, you may walk safe with your eyes fixed on

* See Isaiah, 4th chapter and ist verse.

the Morning Star. Let nothing divert your attention from the sacred study; or remit your prayers for an understanding of the sacred Word. 'Never let the words “mystery," "sealed book," "dead letter,” or “new and strange things,” discourage you from studying the legacy of your Redeemer to his Gentile disciples; I mean the Apocalypse. * Remember that “Jesus sent his angel to testify unto you, the things that must shortly come to pass. Short is your time, and great the work that is before you. Improve every moment of your probation; for the Master is returning to reckon with you. May you be fully prepared to receive him.

One thing more, and my exhortation is done. The Church of Sardis will call you ill names. “Crazy and hypocrite, deluded and fanatic,” will often sound reproach in your ears. If you reprove them, they will say you are mad. If you entreat them to renounce the system of a spiritual reign, to the exclusion of the person of Christ, they will perhaps count you an enemy that would lead them into “dangerous heresies" and "wild theories,” that must end in the shipwreck of faith, and perdition of soul.

"Finally, you may be accused of apostacy and blasphemy, witchcraft, and devil-possession; and be cast out of the Synagogue; and be omitted as a cipher, or spoken of as worse than a heathen. Let none of these things move you. Remember your first setting out in religion, when you resolved to seek for Heaven at the loss of all things. The name of Jesus was your treasure. Trust in that dear

Trust and be not afraid. Call upon him day and night. Cry to Jesus; for he is Lord and


* See Revelations, Ist chapter, 4th and 5th verses.

Christ: and be sure to pray,—"Come, quickly come, thou Holy One, and gather Jacob's children home.”-Amen.



THE foregoing pages, entitled “Millennium,” are presented as an honest abstract of very important parts of the testimony which comprehends or includes the substance of seven typical passages of Holy Scripture.

First. Genesis, the second chapter, first, second, and third verses.

Second. Song of Songs, which is Solomon's, 6. 13.

Third. Gen. 8. 11. "And the dove came to him at EVENTIDE,” &c.

Third. “And *the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which men builded.” Gen. 11. 5.

Fourth. 1 Samuel, 17. 46. “That all the earth may know,” &c.

Fifth. Song of Songs, which is Solomon's, 3. 9.
Sixth. Song of Songs, 3. 11.
Seventh. Song of Songs, 2. 12.

There are many more besides these, that foreshow the same glorious realities, even whole chapters in the books of the Old Testament, that speak of nothing else. I will mention Psalm seventy-second, t the eleventh chapter of Isaiah, the fourteenth of

* In the ancient Targum, or "Translations of the Jews,"? Lord is rendered, "the word of the Lord,” which is our Saviour. See A. Clarke.

† Also, the 45th, 46th, 47th, 48th, 68th, 930, 96th, 97th, 98th, 99th, and 113th Psalms. Also, the 24th, the 18th, and the 2nd Psalms. All these are full, and completely to the point; and I believe will shortly be fulfilled.

Zechariah; also, the twenty-fourth, forty-ninth, and sixtieth chapters of Isaiah, and from thence to the conclusion of his visions. Oh! could the men and women of this generation but realize their privilege that God, the Saviour, hath bestowed on them; and would, even now, at this late hour of the Gentile era, give him glory by acknowledging “the testimony* of Jesus,” in ancient prophecy, with deep abasement and humble dedication to his holy will, I do believe that their souls would be refreshed beyond all the consolations that forgiveness of sins, acceptance with God, and evidence of their adoption hath ever administered in personal experience hitherto. It is the crown of piety; for it exalts the man of sorrows, it sustains the person of Jesus, it exhibits the reward of his sufferings, and glorifies his wonderful name, Emmanuel, that was announced with the prophecy of his birth. To all who receive the words of the Lord, and implicitly believe them, that they will be fulfilled in the person, acts, and offices of Jesus Christ, as Prophet, Priest, and King, upon this globe, it may be said that they have "set to their seal” “THAT GOD IS TRUE!!!"

And of unbelievers in this doctrine, it may be asked, “Is it a small thing for you to weary men; but will ye weary my God also?"

Suffer this word of exhortation:

“Heart ye, and give ear; be not proud, for the Lord hath spoken. Give glory to the Lord, your God, before he cause darkness, and before your feet stumble upon the dark mountains; and while ye look for light, he turn it into the shadow of death, and make it GROSS DARKNESS!”

Suffer also this question:

* See Revelations, 19. 10.

+ Jer. 13. 15, 16,

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