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The first edition of No. II., Millennial Tidings, was published in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, in the autumn of 1832, and was delivered to me at the time when that most appalling and very strange pestilence, styled Asiatic Cholera, was “walking in darkness” through the western states of “the land of the overshadowing wing.” At Cincinnati the alarm was dreadful indeed; but I dared not quit my post until this pamphlet had come from the press. After a few copies were folded and stitched, I felt my conscience bestir me to move on toward the wilderness, whither my poor oppressed red brethren were marching by thousands,

"With toil-worn steps," —and I went forth, “not knowing what might befall me,” in so perilous a pilgrimage for a sickly woman, who had no visible protection, and scarce any money; but I was determined (by the grace of God) to put my whole trust in the name of the Lord. Ah! yes-thou ever Blessed and Glorious Saviour, I clasped thy precious name to my trembling heart

_“İt charmed my fears as with a magic spell;"> and by thy power (through faith) I was preserved then, and am kept until this day safe in thy gracious hand.

I issued in 1832 a small edition of this number, for I could not pay for a larger number than 500. Of these I was very liberal, giving them with cheerful readiness to many that were able to purchase, when I could not sell. This is, however, a poor

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plan, for persons who can afford to pay for this small book, will scarce value the contents as a free gift; and, perhaps, few persons that refuse to buy, will read the pages they receive as a token of the pilgrim's belief that she is instructed to teach them. Indeed, I have reason to believe, that many persons who purchase my books, and some who pay me liberally too, neglect to peruse them. Indeed, if my own eyes may be trusted as witnesses, this is a fact, since the opening of leaves in a pamphlet, not trimmed, is necessary to reading the pages. Number II. was neglected on account of the persons I employed fleeing away (as they hoped) from the fearful cholera.

No circumstance has to this time been suffered to destroy my confidence in the testimony I have constantly borne for eight years and six months, that the present generation must witness the wrath of the Lamb, and the triumph of Judah’s Lion over all His foes. Surely, "the time is at hand, the day draweth near,” when “the enemies of the Lord shall be as the fat of lambs: they shall consume, into smoke they shall consume away.” Horror shall cover the wicked; shame shall overwhelm the despisers of Jesus's Gospel. Destruction shall come suddenly upon them; and they shall perish from His presence, and the Glory of His power. “Mischief (even now) cometh upon mischief, and rumour upon rumour; and this will awfully increase till the breaking forth of the fire that shall never be quenched.” Who shall be able to stand? Certainly none can abide the day of His coming, and pass through the flames to meet Him safe, whose sentimental doctrine, during the time of their probation, is understood by the Holy Ghost,"We will not have this Man to reign over us.”

O! ye spiritually proud mystifiers of the plain, positive, and literal words of the Lord, who turn your Bibles upside down, and set your backs, and not your face, towards the risen and glorified body of Him who shed His precious blood for the remission of your sins; surely, you are neither mother, nor sister, nor brother, nor servant of Jesus Christ. It appears to me that your works are altogether in the dark; and of course your wisdom must perish; for your understanding is hid from the face of eternal truth, therefore your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter's clay, unfit for any place in the Kingdom of God, because unformed and unprepared for the service of praise and glory to Emmanuel. Oh! that you would enter into your closets, and try to bend your knees before the God of Mercy, while He waits to be gracious to your souls. Perhaps it is long since you have done this; and your limbs may be somewhat stiff; but heed it not; better even break a joint, in trying to perform a duty which is to serve your most precious privilege, than to be broken upon the wheel of judgment, when Christ is revealed from Heaven with His mighty angels, in flaming fire, taking vengeance upon all that obeyed not His Gospel.

It is a very great satisfaction to me, at this very late hour (certainly the *ninth) of the time of Gospel mercy, by the Spirit, that I never opposed the doctrine I now so zealously declare. I thank the Lord that He mercifully preserved me from so fearful an error; for to hold the spiritual, and cast off the literal part of redemption by Christ Jesus, is the

* The eleventh hour must be the reign of Anti-Christ. The twelfth brings the Saviour.

same as dividing the living child, or even crucifying the Son of God afresh, putting Him to open shame. It is saying to Him, there was no necessity for a resurrection of your flesh and bones. We do not choose to believe that you are really the second Adam; and that this earth is the footstool of Jesus, in the character of Lord and Christ.

As I have exposed my weakness in expressing the pleasure afforded me by reflection that I never denied the literality of God's Holy Word, I must also confess my utter unworthiness of such grace from my Heavenly Father; and I am as willing to own this, as to breathe the air of Divine Mercy; and readily proclaim, as the chorus of my highest praise to the love which redeems me from moment to moment, that God's sovereign grace is the seal of His goodness to me, a worm-a mean worm-in myself less than nothing, and vanity. Chorus.-To whom He will His grace is given,

To whom He will is mercy shown;
The weakest thing He calls to Heaven,

And glory gives to Christ alone. Exodus 33. 19. Romans 9. 14, 15. 1 Cor. 1. 27-31. Of the goodness of God I have a right to boast. I know His long-suffering, merciful, gracious name; it is proclaimed continually in my soul: Jesusthis is the name of the Lord God; and I experience that He is abundant in goodness and truth. I know nothing in religion but Christ and Him crucified; for He rose from the dead, which justifies my faith in His blood; therefore I am sure that Jesus my Saviour, is the Christ of God, and being God's Anointed, Jesus is the heir of all things in a new creation of light and glory, by which, restitution is made of all things which God hath spoken for, by the mouth of His holy prophets since the world began.* The atonement I have received by faith in Jesus Christ: that is the poor sinner's portion. I claim it: it is mine. See Romans 5. 6—21. By the death of Christ, by the shedding of His precious blood, as the Lamb of God, I am redeemed from the curse. Jesus groaned and wept: He prayed and agonized suffered and died for me. I glory in His cross as my portion; and confess His glory, that as He rose from the dead, ascended to Heaven, and sent down the Holy Ghost from the Father, I am bound to believe, that every word spoken concerning Him, by Moses, or in the Psalms, or by the Prophets, and His Apostles, shall all be fulfilled to the very letter. If I neglect this, I crucify the Son of God afreshyes-over and over, just for the sake of self—always be killing him--and praise His blood; but deny his body. This would not answer to Paul's confession of Christ and Him crucified. Paul knew that the anointed of God abideth for ever; and the great apostle gloried in the cross, as His Master did suffer and die, that sin might have an end, and death itself be destroyed. In an eternal and unchangeable priesthood, (after the order of Melchisedec,) Paul knew Christ crucified, that by presenting his own precious blood as a sacrifice for the sins of his people, he obtained the excellent glory of entering into the holiest of all, in a living body, raised from the dead, and destined to locality-first, (by ascension,) to the throne of the Father; and afterward to the throne of David, which is upon earth.

Paul gloried in the cross of Christ, as his Master endured it and despised the shame; for he was aware that the resurrection of His body with all the marks and scars

* After the flood.

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