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the other work; for the Holy Ghost is God, and Christ is God. As you grant the first verse literal, I expect your faith holds good to the middle of the fourteenth verse—there, you and I part asunder. I believe that Paul said true, "all things were made for him, (i. e. Christ) and Christ is the former of all things; and without him was not any thing made that was made. And He is before all things—the head of the church—first born from the dead—that in all things He might have the pre-eminence. Colossians, 1. 16–18; John's Gospel, 1. 3. By Him prophets spake, and of Him they testified from Enoch to John, as well as from Moses to Malachi. It pleased God, by the Word of His power, which was made flesh, to create the sun, and lend him to earth for to lighten and nourish it; also to command him for a sign, for seasons, for days, and years. But I shall not gain upon you in this way. Tied up as many are, to the post of unbelief, by mysticism, I shall fail to convince, though I may worry some of them. By the way, what do you think of the flood? Do you say it was spiritual? Peter did not. He declared that the world Noah was born into“being overflowed with water, perished; and Peter adds, that the one we inhabit, is, "by the same Word,” (the Word of God) “reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.”. -God, who spake all things into existence, is as able to burn up the whole world as a few cities. Who can set bounds to His power?

How great are his signs! and how mighty are his wonders!” What is your opinion of the rainbow? Is that literal in the Scriptures? Did God ordain that most beautiful of all objects that our eyes ever beheld in the heavens, for an outward sign of his covenant with Noah, "for perpetual






generations," that he would not destroy the earth again by water? Here is a gulph of difficulty for the mystifiers of God's word, in relation to signs and wonders. It is impossible to avoid literality on the subject of God's ordination of outward tokens in the heavens, if the Scripture account concerning the rainbow is believed; and the denial of so plain and positive a passage, as the thirteenth verse of the ninth chapter of Genesis, that it is literal, and the word of God, amounts to infidelity: it is an outrage upon the sacred declaration of Jesus Christ, recorded in the tenth chapter of John, and the thirtyfifth verse, “THE SCRIPTURE CANNOT BE BROKEN”.

I am entirely convinced that my religious theory must be right or wrong, sound or unsound, according to my views of Christ. “Other foundation can no man lay,” &c. See 1st Corinthians, 3. 11. Now my heart, as the seat of belief, is not to be trusted upon this all important and most sacred concern; nor my conscience, as the soul's opinion, &c. No. My heart, as the seat of affection, must not be trusted at all; nor as the fountain of action: my conscience, (as the soul's opinion of her own state, and of the holy Scriptures, that they are the words of God, &c.) should be strictly attended to, comparing it with the Scriptures; for without the latter, I can make out nothing satisfactory to my mind, which, I know, is operated upon by an irresistible power, which compels me to reflect upon “a judgment to come” for all the human

I am constantly inspired with full and certain belief of a state beyond the silent grave. But for this inspiration, my body would neither move, nor speak, nor act. My body is a debtor to her tenant, the soul; and the soul to a Power which inspires it.


In this situation, I find I am needy,

I want Lifethe Grave will not give it to me--except an angel opens it; and every breath I draw brings nearer my death gasp. What shall I do?-I have the Bible in my hand-its contents have been preserved for many ages—it is the oldest of all visible objects, except the sun and moon, and stars; and the rainbow, with earth, and sea, &c. The Bible reveals to me the meaning, as well as the cause of my sensations, my desires, hopes, fears, anticipations, &c. It tells me what I am -What I should be, &c. I know it is true—it is an expositor of my mysterious being-animal, spiritual, accountable—yet a worm -in my own bosom, by some power over which I have no control, there is fixed a belief that the Bible is true. It is a mysterious book; and it is a plain Book. It condemns me; and it justifies me.

It describes me wicked-it describes me righteous. It tells me of so many things that I realize in myself are facts, that I can receive all its mysteries, and reverence what I cannot comprehend; for my experience, my observations, and even reason, decide that mystery is a matter of which mortals in the present state of their existence, have evidence of its being, though its nature is incomprehensible to created intelligent beings. If we were indeed, (what we call our race) if we were, I say, rational beings, there would be no scepticism, nor disrespect towards the Holy Bible. It is degrading to man, for whose instruction in righteousness, and comfort, and joy, the Scriptures were written, to say, that "the Bible is a mystery, which he cannot understand;" and to sport with its sayings, or dispute them, is going beyond Satan himself. It is written that the wise shall understand;" (in the days of Antichrist) “but the wicked shall do wickedly; and

none of the wicked shall understand.” Dreadful text! The time of its execution is nigh at hand; yea, at the door. I beg of you to compare the 10th verse of the 12th chapter of Daniel, with verses 11th and 12th of the 2nd chapter of Paul's 2nd Epis. to Thess., and 11th verse of Rev. 22nd chapter; and, Oh! take heed-take warning-be wise now, and you will understand, and escape the awful pit—the horrible snare! “Be wise concerning Good; and simple concerning EVIL.

I will now present my own views of Christ, and refer wholly to the lively oracles, as I read them in my native tongue. I believe that He is God, from everlasting to everlasting. See Isaiah, 45th chapter. Christ addresses Cyrus as a type of Himself; and Jesus, in his human nature, is addressed by the Divinity. . Prophecy is not_single. Remember, that "LORD," in the Old Testament Scripture, means Christ; for it is rendered in the ancient Targum. The Word, see 1st Epist. Gen. of John, 5. 7; and study, with prayer, the 6th verse; and ponder the 9th and 10th verses. JESUS Christ is the "true God; and eternal LIFE.” Yes. He is that Spirit; and He is; and He was; and He is to come. Rev. “The same yesterday, to-day and forever.” Paul to the Hebrews. Immutable, Infinite, Eternal. I, the Lord, change not, therefore, ye sons of Jacob, are not consumed. See Malach. 3. 6. “Great is the Lord, and of great power: His understanding is infinite. See Psalms, 147. 5. “Before Abraham was, I AM. His own blessed testimony. Compare with the prayer of Moses the man of God, recorded the 90th Psalm.

"Lord, thou hast been our dwelling-place
Through all generations.
Before the mountains were brought forth,

As even Thou hadst formed the earth and the world,
Even from everlasting to everlasting,

Thou art GOD." The manifestation of Christ, in human nature, is a glorious mystery. I sincerely believe that he took upon him the nature of the seed of Abraham. Heb. 2. 16. Now Paul presents this doctrine with the note of greatest certainty, as His Divine Master used it, in teaching Nicodemus, the spiritual truth of the new birth, into the kingdom of God. See John's Gospel, 3. 3-5. I believe that Paul intended the nature of faith; nor do I credit any doctrine which carries Jesus lower than faith; I do believe that the words "likeness of sinful flesh”.

-see Rom. 8. 3.; also the words and was made in the likeness of men”-Philippians 2. 7.; are all exactly true and correct-and the 10th verse of the 2nd chapter of Hebrews should be carefully observed; for it is plain as day, that the divinity in the Man perfected the latter through sufferings, so that the cry "It is finished”-with the act of bowing His head, and giving up the Ghost, meekly resigning His human soul, to the Divinity, His Father, (as man being conceived by the Holy Ghost) is a declaration of victory over death, because His faith was perfected by obedience unto death; and His human nature had the reward of being brought unto Glory. 1. Of a resurrection. 2. Of ascension. 3. Of exaltation at the right hand of God. 4. Of a Mediator. 5. Of an Advocate—"Jesus Christ, the Righteous”-see 1st Epist. Gen. John, 2. 1. 6. Of an Intercessor. “I will pray the Father” —see John's Gospel, 14. 16, compare with Heb. 7. 24, 25. 7. The glory of immortality which his father Adam lost by transgression, not enduring temptation, when solicited by his beguiled rib-see 1st Epist. Timothy, 6. 16, and

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