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observe the five preceding verses. Glorious testimony! There is no need at all of stumbling at the expressions, “which no man can approach unto" "whom no man hath seen, or can see-please read just now-(I wish you to keep one hand upon the Bible while you read my testimony)-please read the 16th verse of the last chapter in Peter's 2nd Epistle, and remember that God will be God; and if you desire immortality believe in Him that hath abolished death; and seek first the kingdom of God. Now you see, that the same JESUS, which was crucified, is made by God, both Lord and Christ. See Acts, 2. 36. Let no person cavil at this text-remember the Holy Ghost sat on Peter's head, in the form of a cloven tongue, as of fire; and to say one word against the Holy Ghost, procures you eternal despair. God has a tabernacle, and it is called Jesus, for the sake of God's elect; and Christ, for the glory of the Father; and the Lamb of God, on account of the covenant with Abraham; and this Jesus in personal glory, (“having received of the Father in His humiliation,”) exhibited His Divinity, by sending the Holy Ghost upon His waiting church, on the day of the anniversary of the giving of that sacred law, which contains the sign of His second advent to this earth, upon which glorious event depends the keeping of a Sabbath for the elect people of God. For this joy, (that was set before Him in the covenant, ("Hear, 0, Israel, I will declare the Decree” read the sentence of God against the father of lies. Gen. 3. 15; also Psalm 2. 6–12; Psalm 40. 7. 8.; Psalm 45, and Psalm 72, which JESUS kept inviolate, from His baptism in Jordan, to His passion upon the cross,) the lowly Lamb endured the torture. Now, I fully believe, that this glorious manifesta

tion of His raised body, is designed to fulfil the original purpose of His first coming, which was declared by His beloved disciple that “He might destroy the works of the devil” —see 1 E. Gen., John 3. 8. This work is not accomplished. Sin is not destroyed-death reigns by sin; and the grave closes not its mouth. But the vision of Glory will come: in the end of the days (allotted to the Gentiles,) of indignation against Jerusalem, which is

the city of the Great King." See Matt. 5. 35.; the place of His throne, and the place of the soles of His feet”—Ezekiel 43. 7., Daniel 8. 11. Yes, though it may seem to tarry, faith will watch and wait for it; it will speak—it will not tarry. Read Habakkuk 1. 12, 2. 1-4. The result of this Glorious Epiphany of Jesus Christ, and His second Advent into this world, is restitution to God-yea, restitution to God; and in the times of this restitution, it appears that Jesus Glorified, is subject to the Father, as was Jesus in humiliation--that is, God appoints the time-compare Galatians 4. 4. (mark the expressions—"when the fulness of the time was come,” &c.) with Acts 3. 19–21—and to the end of the chapter; then study, with much prayer, the tenth verse of the first chapter of Ephesians; and bear in mind that God hath said:

"Remember the former things of old; For I am God, and there is none like me. Declaring the end from the beginning"-See Gen. 1 c.; also 3, 15. "And from ancient times the things that are not yet done”

(Look at Gen. 12. 3.; Gen. 13. 15; Gen. 17. 8.; Gen. 49. 8-10.;

Deut. 33d chapter.) "Saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure.” Isaiah 46.9,

10. God spake to Abraham; and He spake by Jacob to the twelve patriarchs. The land is sure to Abraham's heirs of promise; and the Shiloh will cer

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tainly have them gathered to Him, as He said-See Matthew 24, Mark.13, Luke 21, and let us never lose sight of that declaration of Jesus Christ, “Heaven and earth shall pass away; but my word shall not pass away. · I fully believe that Christ at His second appear. ing, and Glory, will restore the widow's son--Jerusalem is a widow; and the tabernacle of David is thrown (down. I believe that Christ is the true Moses (preserved,) and He will have poor Joseph's bones carried up out of Egypt-Yea-all Joseph's bones-very many; and very dry-shall be taken to the land of Canaan; and this last mention of Joseph I refer to the Antitype; and “thy dead men” “with my dead body,” (see Isaiah 26. 19.) you may compare with Ezekiel 37. 1-11. and then read to the end of the chapter.

It is evident that the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken, by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began, open, continue, and end, with the reign of Jesus Christ in His own glorified person, in the character of “Judge of the quick and dead, High Priest over the house of God, King of Israel, and God over all, God blessed forever.The joy set before him, is the accomplishment of the purpose for which He was manifested; and it is plainly this, to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself,” that holiness, and derivative perfection might show forth the declarative Glory of God, which can never be illustrated in the presence, not even the punishment of sin. The essential glory of God is secure in Himself; but His declarative Glory is elicited by the fruits of holiness; “Herein is my Father glorified,” said the Blessed One to His disciples, “that ye bear much fruit. It is perfectly plain from the Scripture testi

mony of Jesus, that His first appearing, and mission upon earth, was the foundation, and His second coming shall complete this work of holiness. The first exhibits a process of good, a course of obedience, and surrender to sufferings; the other glorifies that goodness, obedience and sufferings. I believe that the person of Christ, is equally necessary for His reign of righteousness upon earth, in the times of restitution, as His personal sacrifice by the shedding of His precious blood, was efficient to make atonement for sin. Now Jesus declared after His resurrection that His sufferings were necessary, and likewise His resurrection from the dead, on the day appointed. Luke 24. 46. See now-His birth day was decreed-Gal. 4. 4. His suffering hourJohn 13. 1., and His emancipation from the tomb. Luke 24. 46. His time to return is decreed; and God knoweth the day and the hour of that event; and none else. But the end of certain prophetic days, which intend years, will certainly reveal Him from Heaven, so that the work He is appointed to perform shows the date of the event, viz: "the coming of the Son of man in the clouds of Heaven, with power and great glory,” to gather His elect to sanctify the whole house of Israel, to destroy His enemies, judge the world, and reign till death and and hell are come to their crisis, by the loosing of Satan out of prison; and then judge the dead, sitting upon a great white throne, as God.

I believe that Jesus Christ has four particular characters and relations to act in, after His present return to this earth. He is called “the son of David,” Matt. 1. 1. and 21. 9.; "the son of Abraham,” Matt. 1. 1.; "the son of man” about fourscore times, in the four Gospels. “The son of God." By Gabriel, Luke 1. 35-As David's son'he is de

creed to stand for an ensign to the people, to which the Gentiles shall seek; and His “Sabbath shall be glorious,” Isaiah 11. 10. As the son of Abraham He will receive His elect bride-He will take Israel from a far country-He will bring her into Sarah's tent. Indeed I really believe in the espousals of the Lamb, (in His Glory,) to the spiritual Israel, as truly as I believe, that He will reign over the house of Jacob forever. As the son of man, JESUS Christ will heir the throne of creation; and as the Son of God, He will exhibit His Father's image, as the second Adam. In all these characters, JESUS Christ will be personal and spiritual, in the acceptable year; in the Day of His power-in the times of restitution—at least, so I believe, according to my understanding of the holy scriptures.

Please to observe, that I view the humiliation of my Blessed Saviour, just on a par with the nature of the seed of Abraham, but JESUS came through His probation, with God-like purity; and then submitted Himself to the curse-as though He had deserved it; for He was dumb before His accusers He plead nothing on behalf of the life of His body

He consented to His father's will.He was in great agony while the bitter cup He drained; and His pure soul was made a sin offering. His faith was made perfect through sufferings; and thus the Captain of our salvation conquered the world, the flesh, and the devil, that He might save our souls from death; for in Adam's sin, we are dead, but for the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sin of the world, and did, by the grace of God, taste death for every man. By the perfection of the personal faith of Christ, believers stand justified; they are accepted in Him, The Beloved. The Father looks through Christ upon the penitent, heaven seeking soul; and

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