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beholds the faith of Jesus, as seed of the Kingdom, dropping from the breast of dying Love, into ground prepared to receive it: if we would be saved, we must-I say emphatically, we must believe IN JESUS. Rightfully to apprehend our personal interest in the faith of Jesus, is a very nice point; and being brought to this, we are crucified with Him, nevertheless we live; and the life we live in the flesh, is by the faith of the Son of God, who loved us, and gave Himself for us—By the same faith (Christ living in us) we embrace the Hope of Glory; and the Spirit of Christ exhibits to our understanding of the scriptures, His second appearing, Advent and power, and reign of Blessedness upon earth.

I will not say that all Millenarians are in this case. I believe that tradition, an over-weening fondness for literality, and strong prepossessions in favour of the scriptural election, and covenants of God, may so eclipse the true and original Glory, of the prophecies, which centre in God our Saviour, that we are in danger of denying Christ crucified, and so doing, we shall eventually be rejected of Him, who said, "except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink His blood, ye have no life in you." How honest, impartial, and devoted was Paul, to the faith of Jesus! How pure the doctrine He preached, from partiality to His elect nation! Deeply He lamented their fall! Strong was His love for their souls-firm his belief in their restoration-pointed his declaration of their superiority by election of God, especially, that "unto them were committed the Oracles of God;" and the apostle asks this question too, "what if some of them did not believe?-Shall their unbelief alter God's

covenant-God forbid, cries Paul-yea, let God be true and every man a liar. He ardently loved the ancient covenant, but it was in Christ—and never did Paul's zeal for the truth shine brighter, than in those forcible expressions, “If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maranatha”-I am convinced that impartiality in regard to outward distinctions, is a mark of true wisdom; and the reverse is folly. Let us endeavour then to watch against every encroachment upon the faith of JESUS; and see that our affections are not set upon things that are to take place on earth; but fixed on Christ, who is the believer's life, that when He shall appear, we may not be ashamed before Him, at His coming.

My subject (in these pages) has been enlarged under the motion of my pen, beyond any intention, or expectation in my mind I cannot pursue it farther in the present No. of Millennial Tidings—the work is in the press-—My head is almost overcome by loss of sleep-circumstances have compelled me to spend many night hours in writing. " I find I must stop; or peradventure rue the consequences of over-much exertion. If the Lord please, I shall finish my testimony, in Number four.-I left the rain-bow Sign, to speak of Him, who is the Antitype—and have only presented as it were, the very last particle of a drop, from the unfathomable Ocean of sacred Glory, Jesus Christ, ("He is Lord of all,”) of whom, I know so little, that shame might well cover my face, “While His dear cross appears," yet O! I may glory, and I will, and I do glory, in that faithful apostolic, and acceptable saying, that “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief”-I shall add likewise,

that I am enabled fully to believe that He will come again, and that soon, to which my spirit responds Amen “Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly.”


H. LIVERMORE. Philadelphia, February, A.D., 1839.




“TRIBES of a secret,”—what is your origin? is a question that I would exchange millions for, if I had them, to have it answered by the Aborigines of America, in the joyful strain, we are Joseph's “branches, that have run over the wall.” Gen. 49. 22. But why am I so ardent on this subject? Why? Surely an answer is ready. It is this. I view the Indians as a people “scattered and peeled, a people meted out and trodden down, of whom I read in God's holy word, that they are to be brought as a present “to the Lord, to the place of the name of Jehovah of hosts Mount Zion.” Please to study the eighteenth chapter of Isaiah's vision; and pray to the Lord to give you a thorough understanding of his address to America, that relates to the chil. dren of the west."

John McDonald, pastor of the Presbyterian church in Chapel street, Albany, has presented to the public “A new translation of the eighteenth chapter of Isaiah, with critical notes and explana

tions.” Bishop Lowth, of London, has also published, on the other side of the Atlantic, a similar work; and *““Horsley, late Bishop of St. Asaph, a scholar and critic of a superior order, dissatisfied with the common translations of this prophecy, gave a new version, accompanied with notes. These he published in a letter; and Faber, with just encomiums, has since added the translation and notes to the second edition of the prophecies. Horsley, with his Ithuriel spear (writes McD.) smites the sealed vision, the seals burst open, and, for the first time, revealed, though obscurely, the real treasure.”

McDonald's annotations and notes are beautiful; but his application of the words, "a nation scattered and peeled,” to the Jews, is inapplicable as it respects the “northern wing," or these states. Jews, here, are generally wealthy; and, as citizens, enjoy many privileges with Gentiles" people terrible from their beginning hitherto,” is another feature unlike the Jews in North America. The new translation increases the dissimilarity—“a people under terror in the very extreme. In the command, “Go, ye swift messengers to a nation scattered and peeled,” McDonald supposes the American clergy are addressed. I believe it is better to turn over the gospel of Matthew, and read the tthirty-first verse of the twenty-fourth chapter; and let the “fig-tree” remain a type of the Jews.

It appears very plain, that McDonald is a servant of God; and that he was divinely directed in his application of the words, “land of overshadowing wings,” to the two vast continents of North and South America. His notes and annotations on this wonderful vision of prophecy are very precious, ex

* McDonald's Introduction to his translation. +"And he shall send forth his angels," &c.

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