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whom the lions have driven away; first the king of Assyria, and last “this Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.” This remains to be fully accomplished just before the opening of the times of restitution, “which God hath spoken by the mouth of all the holy prophets since the world began,” &c. The Lord is represented as an injured, jealous husband, giving a bill of divorce unto Israel, and putting her away out of His sight, when He used the Assyrian as the rod of His anger; and pronounced their power to be His indignation. But, let all remember this very striking, and remarkable circumstance, that the Lord still owns His covenant with Israel, as a marriage forever, although he gave her a bill of divorce, and sent her away out of his land, and out of His gracious presence. And lest any person should harbour an idea that Israel shall cease from being a nation, he exhibits the restoration of both houses at once, and positively declares “ that He will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king to them all; and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all.”

It is very apparent in the holy Scriptures, that the restoration of Israel and Judah shall take place immediately after the time of trouble, such as never was before, neither shall be again; and it is called “the day of Jacob's trouble,” out of which he is to be saved. In these predicted tribulations, (which seem to have commenced already) Rachel is represented as in great sorrow, and Ephraim is heard bemoaning his desolate state. Both are addressed by the Lord as objects of His pity and care: the

first assured, that her children shall come again to their own border; and the last that he shall have mercy from the Lord. Yea, at the very time of the sounding of the seventh trumpet which is the third woe, the Lord proclaims Himself the God of all the families of Israel, and declares that all that spoil them shall be a spoil, and their oppressors shall be destroyed. Here I shall observe, that the judgment of Babylon pourtrayed in the fistieth chapter of Jeremiah, takes place at the time when the Redeemer of Israel awakes for the deliverance of His people, when “He shall thoroughly plead their cause;" and He mentions Israel as the sheep that was driven away by the king of Assyria. This scattered sheep is mangled at last by Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and while He is taken and punished, Israel is healed, comforted, and restored to the sacred fold.

At this time, when the conclusive sign of the near approach of a glorious event, styled “the coming of the Son of Man,” is given in the putting forth of leaves upon the fig-tree,* the remembrance of Israel, or the ten lost tribes, must necessarily revive in the heart which is awake to the subjects of unfulfilled prophecy; and the inquiry, Where is that fock, that once beautiful flock, given to David, the son of Jesse, and promised to Jesus, the root and offspring of that favored being ? spontaneously rises in the devoted soul of a truly circumcised and spiritually minded lover, of Jerusalem's Great King. Where

* I allude to the Jews at Jerusalem, who are now lcoking for their David to appear, and expect him daily.

are they, blessed Shiloh? O! where is thy outcast divorced wife, thy Rebecca, thou Joy of Abraham, who first wore the nose-jewell in the day she consented to become thy bride? Where is Joseph, and his branches ?-A tinkling of sheep bells is heard in the wilderness of America ; and the testimonies of Adair, Charlavoux, Boudinott, Smith, and Penn, revive in their sound. The sentiments of these great men are cherished by a few persons who are “ grieved for the afflictions of Joseph,” and the sight of their eyes affects the heart; for the memorable nose-jewell is visible again. Viewing the subject in this light, we are constrained to cry,

“Ho! Land of the overshadowing wing,
6. That is beyond the rivers of Cush,
6. That sendeth ambassadors by sea
“ In vessels rushing upon the waters,

Saying, go ye swift messengers

“ To a people terrible from their beginning,” &c. Why will you provoke the Lord God of Israel to send upon you swift destruction ? ....

The people of this land may realize in a few years, the fulfilment of the prophecy contained in the memorable chapter, from which the call above cited is copied on this page; for the words “peeled, meted out, trodden down,” evidently belong to the work of this government against the Indians; and the fate of the Cherokees especially, is a potent omen of the crisis being near, which will result in the destruction of Babylon and his king. You will say then that I recognize my country as Babylon; and predict her ruin under the head of Millennial Tidings. As to the first, I reply, that Babylon is upon many waters; and as to the other, I predict

nothing aside from the holy Scriptures. I appeal to every righteous person in the United States, whose eyes may glance over these pages, if the compulsive measures enforced upon the Indians who desired to remain upon their lands, must not be recognized by Almighty God, as oppression, which involves the terms extortion, violence and tyranny ? I ask, What does the Word of God declare concerning these crimes ? “ Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with God, which frameth mischief by a law ?" Is God deaf in these last times that He cannot hear the decisions of this government concerning the Indians, and their groans because of oppression? Is God blind that He cannot see their afflictions, and the triumph of their enemies? Nay. God is still speaking in His Word as ever He did to Moses out of the burning bush. He has seen the oppressions wherewith the red men have been, and are still oppressed; and their cries ascend into the ears of the Lord God of hosts-yes, He knows their sorrows. No people upon the face of the earth, have ever been abused to such an extent as the Indians, not even the Jews. The Scriptures of the Old Testament pourtray their condition in prophecies that concern only the outcasts of Israel; and even one abominable sentiment expressed in the Hall of the House of Representatives but a few weeks ago, by a Delegate from Florida, illustrates this opinion. “I confess that I cherish a hatred against the Indians, &c.,” and pronounced his

on account of their color.” This taunt, this reproach reminds me of a sentence pronounced

ainst Israel, by the Lord to one of their prophets:


“ And ye shall be unto me, O Israel, like unto the children of Cush:"-black?-not quite-like the children of Cush, neither one thing or another. No matter by what means their color is changed: it is done; and their enemies mock at the woe; but God will avenge them. It is not probable that the Indians will be allowed to take any part in the infliction of punishment upon their enemies. It appears they are to continue in a suffering state till the coming of the Lord : of course this country will not be punished till after that great event shall have taken place. I believe, however, that the characters mentioned in the second chapter of Zechariah, and the second clause of the ninth verse, are the same that Micah calls “ The remnant of Jacob,” in the sixth verse of the fifth chapter of his prophecy.

It is well to observe great caution upon a subject so awful in the result, as the points here set down, and highly important to know that they can be firmly supported by testimony of sacred Writ, which cannot be misunderstood, if truth is the object of our search therein; but timidity, or fearfulness concerning consequences that may follow the application of particular declarations in the Word of God, when they are perfectly plain to the eye

of reason, and common sense, must not be heeded in such a day as this, when infallible signs of the dissolution of the age are before us. It is highly necessary, at all periods of time, to know what God hath spoken, whether to the fathers, by His holy prophets, to elect apostles, by His beloved Son, or by those inspired messengers of His Word to the church of Christ, that we understand the things

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