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the residence of Adam in the character of a living soul, appearing in two forms, male and female, spotless, innocent, and pure, lively figures of Christ and His church, that are One in God, the Father, Son, and Spirit, Jehovah.

It surely is an affecting consideration, that our Blessed Saviour was willing to endure humiliation properly belonging to fallen Adam, while He was a quickening Spirit (see Lazarus, and the widow's son, John 11, 43, 44—Luke 7, 14, 15) in Himself; and very superior to the first Adam, even in being born of a virgin, and not formed of the dust of the ground; for Eve was taken out of “ a living soul" Adam understood her origin, therefore he named her Eve, “ because she was the mother of all living;" even though (by means of the serpent, beguiling her from the simplicity of Christ) she had tempted him, that is Adam, to disobey his God.

It is to be observed particularly, that the sentence pronounced by the Lord God upon Eve, was not the sentence of death ; but of humiliation and distress. In Adam, however, she died, when he committed trespass against the law which was given to Adam, prior to her existence as woman ; she was involved in the decree, “thou shalt surely die," on her husband's account ; for to him was the law addressed ; and man must answer to it; therefore Christ must die; but the holy mother was not crucified with Him. Death reigned from Adam, and not from Eve. Woman presented life to the world ; for she brought forth Christ; and laid Him in a manger, a token of humiliation indeed; but not voluntary on her part-the Blessed virgin was very

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I expect that Christ was born where Eve was made; and this idea does no harm by itself; and if the Lord hath inspired it, He is pleased that I should confess it. We are sure that the blessed Jesus was born in Bethlehem; (the house of bread) and He calls His human form “the living bread which came down from heaven;" and adds, “ the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.” I believe that the blessed Jesus alluded to the original act, by which Adam became a living soul, as well as the Divine inspiration by which He was formed, in the advent which He sustained as the seed of the woman who should bruise the serpent's head. On this wise, I believe that Bethlehem was elected for the place of His nativity, under the law, therefore was it ordered in the providence of God, that His holy mother should endure the fatigue of a journey of seventy-five miles (I think she walked,) just before the Saviour was born, that God's decree, announced in the sure word of prophecy, might be accomplished.

After the Roman soldiers had taken possession of the garments of the blessed Jesus, and had cast lots upon His upper robe, (which was without seam, woven from the top throughout the holy sufferer gave His blessed mother to John, the disciple whom He loved; and this act appears like the last touch upon a picture of Divine Love ; for it directly follows, that Jesus knowing all things were accomplished said I thirst-received the vinegar, cried it is finished; and bowing His lowly head, gave up the ghost ! It is to be noticed, that the same term was used by the dying Saviour, as at the creation, woman; and then the Lord God brought her unto

the man.

The beloved disciple to whom our Lord committed the care of His blessed mother, has a name in the foundation of the Jasper wall of that great city, the holy Jerusalem, which is represented as coming down from God out of heaven; and in this city is the tree of life, yea, in the midst of the street of it. It should be particularly noticed, that Jesus Christ revealed the location of the tree of life, by a title which recognizes the ancient garden; and this He did as the Ancient of Days, yet like unto the Son of man, with the Royal Girdle, and two edged sword. He announces the station of the tree of life, is fixed in the midst of the Paradise of God; and this is the holy city, the heavenly Jerusalem, which is in the prophecy of old time, denominated “the glorious holy mountain, and the mountain of the Lord's house, where the person of Jesus shall be manifested in the Glory of Lord and Christ; and He shall sit upon the throne of David, to reign with His saints and ancients, over the house of Jacob forever, and of His kingdom there shall be no end."

Of Jerusalem it is said in that day, “ Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever;" and of her King that He is the Creator of Israel; of His subjects that they are all righteous, for they are created anew in Christ Jesus unto good works. They shew forth the praises of Him who hath called them out of darkness into His marvellous light. They are baptized into Christ, and they put on Christ, as made of God unto them, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption, accordingly as it is written, he that glorieth let him glory in the Lord, who will turn to His people a pure language, that they may 1 call upon His Name with one consent. 0!

glorious harmony! O sacred unity of worship, the crowning felicity of the tribes of God, in whom they dwell, for God is Love, and His kingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. Let it be remembered that the preaching of this kingdom commenced under the reign of the Holy Ghost, at Jerusalem, and that the visibility of Peter's Divine Teacher was an efficient token of the literality of the doctrine delivered by that inspired apostle of our Blessed Lord; for upon him, and upon all the church of God, the Holy Ghost descended from heaven in a sound as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the place where about one hundred and twenty disciples of Christ were sitting with one accord, to wait for the promise of the Father, which Jesus commanded them to do, after His resurrection from the dead, and just before He was parted from them, and went up to heaven in a cloud. There appeared unto them cloven tongues as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. The Spirit of Power thus outwardly divided is called the Holy Ghost, essentially God the Eternal Existence, whose influence moved upon

the face of the waters, previous to the manifestation of light to render the earth visible, in the beginning of its creation of God. I view the personality of the Holy Spirit, either in the bodily shape like a dove, as upon Christ at His baptism, in Jordan, or in the form of cloven tongues as of fire, sitting upon His apostles, on the day of penticost, as absolute proofs of the Divinity of Christ abstractly considered, without reference to the glory which He prayed for, just before He humbled Himself in the garden of Gethsemane, and became obedient unto death, even the

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death of the cross. I believe every word that is written concerning the humiliation of Jesus Christ, as voluntary, both in taking upon Himself human nature, and submitting to degradation such as was never imposed upon any human being upon earth, while He was pure in body and soul, as Adam in his primitive state was “the image of God," and a living soul. On this ground my soul can rest her hope in the efficacy of the blood which He shed for the remission of sins, knowing that it was pure from human infirmity, though it flowed in human veins, and was Life and is Life, and shall be Life to every soul, and in every soul that truly believes in JESUS, that He is the Christ, and that He purchased the church of God, with His own honorable blood, by which I am justified, and shall be saved from wrath through Him ; for He rose from the dead, therefore being reconciled by His death, I shall be saved by His life. I write these things to show the manner of my hope in the mercy of God, who accepts (in His beloved Son) my soul for the sake of that precious blood, which is called the blood of the Lamb of God, and is originally " the blood of God," being holy blood, and flowed in sacred veins, only for heavenly purposes, and especially for a sacrificial ordinance to God. My honored friends of the house of Israel are hereby informed, that this precious blood has been my confidence for nearly twenty-seven years of my mortal life : in sickness, and in prospect of death, my only refuge and trust. By it I have passed through evil report, and by it obtained victory over the fear of wicked men, of satan, and of death. My triumphant song in my age,

is this Blood :

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