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In the summer of 1831, I read the glad tidings of our Lord's second Advent to take place in the year 1847, according to a chronology of Jewish dates, elicited by that eminent Hebrew Christian and scholar, JOSEPH WOLFF, Missionary of the holy cross to Jews, Mahom. edans, Pagans and Christians, of every name under heaven. I received his testimony with great joy, and am established in belief of it unto this day. Impressed with the idea that it was my happy privilege to re-publish Mr. W.'s letter, and that the contents might be useful to the afflicted Indians, I issued two thousand copies, and gave to my pamphlet the lovely title of MILLENNIAL TIDINGS, No. 1. In the spring of 1832, I left Philadelphia to go on pilgrimage to the western wilderness, desiring to comfort my afflicted brethren, the oppressed outcasts of the Lord, my God. At Cincinnati, I wrote and published a Second Number of MILLENNIAL TIDINGS. And now, I present the Third Number, which is particularly dedicated to the Indians; and I hope for patronage to this labor of love. My acquaintance in this city of Brotherly Love, are requested to pay me for two copies, and leave one in my care for the Indians. Every person who does this, may give a cup of cold water to

“ little one” that belongs to Christ, who will pray for the donor's welfare. I shall not multiply words upon the subject. Only say, that I hope for the best. May the Lord revive His work in Philadelphia, and throughout the world, before the Man of Sin shall commence his literal reign. Amen.

HARRIET LIVERMORE. Philadelphia, August 1st, A. D. 1838.




"Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.”

St. John's Gospel, vi. 12,

This command of the Blessed One was addressed to His disciples, upon a memorable occasion, which typified the care of God for His ancient people ; and the words - Gather up"_" the fragments" “that remain,” are more applicable to the Indians, in the nineteenth century of the Christian era, than a majority of the professed followers of the Holy Jesus, in this country may allow ; for the literal accomplishment of the original prophecies, is not an article in the popular religious creeds, at the present day. New Testament religionists, are ready to own so much of the Word of God literal, as promotes their pleasure; hence a multitude of voices unite to ascribe a final victory to the Lamb, when all nations, kindreds, tongues and languages, shall worship at His feet, with one heart, and one way: Millennium, or thousand year's reign of peace, (when the sword shall become a ploughshare, and the spears pruning hooks; when“ nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more, but every man shall sit under his own vine and fig-tree, and none shall make them afraid,") is confessed to be a reality, while the

grand scriptural object is rejected, “ The Glory of Israel,” the person of Jesus Christ, upon the throne of David, to order and establish, and reign over the house of Jacob, &c. To deny this doctrine, is one and the same thing, to my view, as to sweep off truth from the platform of the Gospel, and leave it naked and bare in the sight of Infidels ; indeed, it seems like taking the Lord out of the sepulchre, and laying Him, I know not where. It surely is forgotten, by spiritualizing millenarians, that Mary wept while she supposed the dead body of her Lord was removed from the new tomb; and she plead to be informed where He was placed, that she might bring him to Joseph's sepulchre again. Mary Magdalen was a type of the ancient church in two very different states. 1. Possessed with unclean spirits. 2. Redeemed by the Son of Man. Mary was the first human being that saw the body of Jesus after His resurrection. She knew Him-her eyes were not holden, as we read of the male disciples. So shall it be with His ancient church; as it is written, “ Thine eyes shall see the King,” &c. Mary did not bear to the male disciples, a message contrary to the doctrine they had hcard from the lips of their Master. She told them, she had seen the body, and she had listened to His voice. So shall His elect behold His body upon earth ; for “ He will come in the clouds of Heaven, with power and great glory; and will send His messengers to gather together His elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the earth to the uttermost part of Heaven.” These words spake Jesus, concerning His second coming into this world ; and their

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