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this conclusion, we must derive assistance from the manner in which the 400 years mentioned in Gen. xv. 13 is calculated; which comprehends much more than the time of the actual captivity in Egypt, and begins, as is generally admitted, from the birth of Isaac. So, in calculating the seventy jubilees, we must advert to the principle laid down in Levit. XXV. 23, that the children of Israel, in their former possession of the land, had it only as pilgrims and strangers. It is only when they receive it after their final return that it shall be theirs "for an everlasting possession.”


The word occurs but twice in the holy scriptures; and only in the last Book, which is entitled

The Revelation of JESUS Christ.The title plainly testifies the entire character of the Book, that it is an exhibition of the great and dreadful Day of the Lord, and this commences (in the visions that John saw,) with a great voice as of a trumpet” (1. 10.) and the manifestation of “the Son of man,” in a style of majesty, yea "terrible majesty”—(Job 37. 22. Psalm 45. Isaiah 2. 10.) that surpassed what John saw of his Master in the holy mount-(See Matt. 17. 2. Mark 9. 3.) so much, that the apostle fell as dead at the feet of the Great King. N.B. The golden girdle about His loins announces Royalty; but in great mystery; and we have only to aeknowledge that the personality of the God of Israel” in the reign of our Lord JESUS Christ, over the house of Jacob, is incomprehensible to us,

as the doctrine which He taught in the time of His humiliation, of a resurrection from the dead, was to His apostles, they never having seen or known any such thing. Mark 9. 10.

The second manifestation of God, in personality, (that John saw in his visions of the Lord's Day," 1. 10.) was the Holy One of Israel upon a throne in heaven; and His glory is compared to a jasper and a sardine stone, the first is of various colours, and was the twelfth stone in the breastplate of the High Priest: it had Benjamin written upon it. The other (sardine or sardius) of a bloody colour, and was the first in Aaron's breastplate, which was called "the breastplate of judgment. According to verse 21. in Num. 28. C., Reuben must have been inscribed upon this stone. John saw a Rainbow round about the throne, "in sight like unto an emerald, the most beautiful of all precious stones—according to genealogy, the emerald is Judah's; and of his tribe comes the Lion, the Root of David, who alone can open the Book of judgment; and thus the third manifestation of Israel's Holy One, which John saw, is the Lamb of God; and in His possession is all power, (seven horns-seven eyes) and this earth the footstool of Israel's Holy one, is the place of His reign, as the Son of man.

The fourth manifestation of the Great Mystery of godliness, John pronounced "a mighty angel;" and he descended from heaven in a cloud, with a rainbow upon

His head, His face was as it were the sun, and His feet as pillars of fire. By carefully and with solemn prayer, comparing the tenth chapter of Rev. with the tenth and thirteenth verses of the eighteenth Psalm, and the sixteenth verse of the first chapter of Zechariah, also Daniel 10. 5, 6. & 12. 7. we may discover, that the glorious epiphany, or sign of the Son of man, and His descent from heaven, is

in the form of an angel, with the original sign of God's covenant, (with Noah for the earth) upon His head. John first saw the sign about the throne out of which came lightnings, and thunderings, and voices; and afterwards he beheld the rainbow upon the head of the Mighty Angel, whose “face was as it were the sun, (see Mal. 4. 2.) and His feet as pillars of fire.” See chap. 1. 15, 15.-In His right hand is a little Book open-compare this with the fifth chapter, 1. 5. and 7 ver., also with Deut. 33. 2; and Hab. 3. 4. Compare verse 3. with the expressions and his voice as the sound of many waters” -Chap. 1. 15.-alsa with Daniel, “the voice of His words like the voice of a multitude." Chap. 10. 6. The mighty angel's fearful cry is responded by seven thunders uttering their voices. These were sealed up, but not written; and to attempt an illustration of these thunders, appears to me like sacrilege. It is sufficient to note the effect of the roar of the mighty angel, as the Lion of Juda, and Messenger of the covenant, and His solemn ordinance which followed the result of His loud cry; for this concerns us particularly, as the signs of the close of Gentile times, with the lapse of prophetic days appointed to God's offending, but elect people, plainly show; and our solemn inquiry should be, are we prepared to stand before the judge of quick and dead? Is Christ our life now, by faith? Do we believe that He is the minister of the circumcision for the truth of God, to confirm the promises made unto the fathers? Do we believe that the Lamb of God, is the Lion of Juda? And that as "the root of David, He is God manifest in the flesh, the latter, at His first advent, being David's son, and heir to David's throne? It is time that we should be able to answer that question of our Blessed Saviour, “What

ye of Christ?” I am willing to declare what


I think of Him-I think He is God; and as God I think He is “The Holy One of Israel.” I think He is man, and as man, I think He is the minister of the circumcision, &c. I think he is the Son of God, begotten in God's eternal Day; and the son of man, being born of a holy virgin, who extolled God her Saviour, and magnified the Lord, her Redeemer. I think that Gabriel bore true testimony to Mary, that her Son JESUS, should have David's throne; and reign over the house of Jacob. 'I think also, that when Christ is seated upon David's throne, and is reigning for God, in righteousness, (with His glorified saints who come with Him,) over the house of Jacob, which is Judah and Israel united in one kingdom forever, that the Gentiles will be converted, "and they shall show forth the praises of the Lord.” See Isaiah 60. 3. 6. 14. Acts 15. 17.

To return to the Rainbow. It is to be considered that the Almighty Maker of heaven and earth, instituted this beautiful sign of his covenant with Noah “for perpetual generations, and He said, “I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token between me and the earth, that the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh. “1 do set my bow," &c. Believing, as I do, that by the devil's great power, anti Christ will exhibit “great signs and wonders, to seduce if it were possible, even the elect," it is no small consolation to me that my Blessed Master condescended to speak of signs in the heavens, which the devil cannot prevent; and that the usurper anti Christ, though he may say“I am God," and appears “full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty”—wiser than Daniel, so that no secret can be hid from him," cannot persuade "the little ones," (who believe that Christ will descend from heaven in a cloud, with the sign of the covenant upon His head,) to worship the image, nor receive the mark,

nor subscribe to the number of his name, who rises out of the bottomless pit, and will deceive all the rest, except a remnant of Jews at Jerusalem. AntiMessiah cannot have power from the devil to imitate signs in the sun, moon and stars, and he has no bow to set in the cloud. It

appears to me, that unbelievers in the literal word of God, that it shall be fulfilled, are the certain prey of satan, the father of lies, who now is reasoning in their thoughts concerning signs and wonders, that it is folly to believe in the literality of any such things; and by this teaching, satan is preparing a host for his son, (i. e. son of perdition,) who “is king over all the children of pride,” in the days of evil; and present scoffers at the literality of the holy kingdom, as superstition and folly, delusion and madness, shall fall by these very opposites to the sublime truths of the sure word of prophecy, which represents the judgment of the quick by JESUS Christ, at His second appearing, who is to take the kingdom, and personally reign upon Mount Zion, Jerusalem, the capital city of the promised land.

To professors of christianity, and especially teachers, I must say, if you deny the literality of the Bible doctrine of Christ's personal reign upon earth, you mock at His sufferings upon the cross, when you attend the sacrament, which Paul declares shows His death till He comes; for you profess to believe that His body was crucified for you; and yet you crucify Him afresh by rejection of the glory of that body, which is the first fruit of the resurrection from the dead. As to those professors and teachers of religion who despise the outward ordinances, you are in worse case than all others; for your sentiments of spirituality. smother the Holy Child, who was named (by the angel Gabriel) JESUS, which is Saviour, as there is no confession of his person in your worship of God.

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