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Finally, all classes of anti-millenarians are rejectors of Christ, the Lord of Glory; and their location is Babylon, (the confusion of Vanity Fair), which mounts the Wild Beast in the days of evil, to ride in the wilderness, even a land of pits and drought, a land of gloom, where no song of the turtle dove will ever be heard; but only the cry of the satyr, the screech of the great owl, and roar of beasts of the desert of the sea. "0! my soul, come not into their secret!”

To poor souls who are partly convinced of the truth, but sit on the fence; looking each way alternately, and seem anxious to travel, if they knew which way to go, I would say, study literality of God's holy Word by the Rainbow. 1. It is declared by the Maker of Heaven and earth, to be the token of His covenant that He would not destroy the earth by water a second time. 2. God says, it is His bow. Now we know that “the bow in a cloud in a day of rain” is a witness for God in our minds when we behold it; and the object is a declaration of literality, which may be set down for A in the alphabet of Truth's pure language, which speaks of God manifest in the flesh, as well as of God justified in the Spirit; of God seen of angels, as well as preached unto the Gentiles, and of God believed on in the world, as well as God received up into Glory. This testimony of the Great Apostle Paul is wholly of Jesus, the son of Mary, and it is certain that by Him only can we believe in God, who raised

up JESUS (I mean the body which was crucified) from the dead, and gave Him glory, so, that "the man Christ Jesus” is “God our Saviour;” and therefore Paul says, “without controversy great is the mystery of godliness." See 1 Tim. 3. 16, and Rev. 10. The two natures (divine and human) unite in Christ; and by the first He is the Mediator

with God, for the last, as well as by means of His obedience unto death, His human nature (glorified) is “entered into heaven itself, to appear now in the presence of God, the only Mediator of the New Testament, for the redemption of the transgressions that were under the first covenant; and this “more excellent ministry,'

5* is to last till “the times of restitution” arrive; and then will “the Son of man” come out of heaven, and descend in a cloud (as He went up. Acts 1. 9-11) "The Messenger” (angel) of the New Covenant (or Covenant renewed) to His people upon earth, as before He hath been the Mediator of that Testament which He sealed with His own blood. Depend upon it that the Covenant Angel, the man Christ Jesus, and God the Father are One God in the kingdom, power and Glory of this Testament; and Jesus never leaves the right hand of the Father, (see Heb. 10. 12), for God brings Jesus and His saints with Him, at the last day, even as He brought Him again from the dead, “through the blood of the everlasting Covenant." See Heb. 13. 20. 1 Thess. 4. 14. It is written that “the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout” (with the voice of the arch angel” and with the trump of God. 1 Thess. 4. 16.

In the day when all the nations shall drink of the wine cup of the fury of the God of Israel, (see Jer. 25. 15—28) it is written that “the Lord shall mightily roar upon His habitation; He shall give a shout, as they that tread the grapes, against all the inhabitants of the earth. A noise shall come even to the ends of the earth (of course America will hear it) for the Lord hath a controversy with the nations: He will plead with all flesh, &c.—Read the whole of the chapter, Jer. 25; and tremble for the oath of the rainbow angel. Rev. 10. 6, 7.

* Than Moses had.

Here drops my pen for the present. The theme is inexhaustible. My head is shaken, “the flesh is weak”_Seek ye out of the Book of the Lord and read: no prophecy shall fail--not one shall want her mate; for the mouth of the Lord hath commanded, and the Spirit of Christ shall gather them. Isaiah 34. 16. "The wise shall understand”-“The wise shall inherit glory; but shame shall be the promotion of fools.” Let us, who profess that we love the truth, examine ourselves, and Watch unto prayer.

H. LIVERMORE. Philadelphia, April, A. D. 1839.


The subject is pre-millennial; but it is necessary to bear testimony concerning it, as an opposite event to the open victory of Truth. Much has been written and published already upon the awful, the soul sickening theme. Learning and zeal have united their influence to display the cause and the effect of a mysterious agency of spiritual darkness and moral death in the intellectual system of Adam's race, by which man is wholly degenerated into a mere animal, and literally confesses himself to be, what the Scriptures declare of those who deny revelation of God, and immortality, "like the beasts that perish.” In these evil days I seem to be like the Moabitish damsel, sent out by myself into the Great Man's field, to reap for the widow of Elimelech, (“My God is King,'') and my gatherings after the reapers should not be despised, although but an ephah of barley. Simple truth is now offered concerning that very puzzling subject, The reign of the Animal, or “Wild Beast,” called anti Christ.

In the first place, I declare, that the sentiments and conduct of opposers to the Holy Bible exhibit a pattern of this very individual character, according to their measure of ability to act for the original father of lies, in the several stations occupied by them in any part of the world. It is, however, a very different thing to be a small member of a single foot upon a man's body, such as a toe, and to be One Head, in which concentrates all power to sway and govern the whole body. Such is the literal anti Christ—He is the Head of the serpent, which is the Devil, as Christ is the Head of Truth, which is God. In Christ dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. In the Beast, the anti Christ, centres the full power of the Devil, each character in their respective manifestations, exhibited by contrast, one to demonstrate the power of evil, the other to demonstrate the Sovereignty of God. It is impossible to discover the why, and the wherefore, of Almighty sufferance of iniquity in any shape or degree, since the infinity of Power is fectly a balance to the purity of the Divine Original and Supreme Existence, called God. But the whole length and breadth, the depth and height of the great and universal deception, which is denominated the reign of anti Christ, must be unexplored by us, while Paul, inspired immediately by the Holy Ghost, leaves it the mystery of iniquity. I feel my mind at perfect liberty to say as much as this, however, that I am satisfied that the victory of Satan, (that old serpent the devil,) by man, as his head, in the last time, "over all that is called God” is but the cap on the climax of evil, which originated in Satan, the first intelligent being of creative power; and a moral agent of highest order, among the stars of God, till he fell from his first estate, and left his own habitation (the celestial spheres) to intrude


upon the terrestrial world, which His Almighty Sovereign was pleased to speak out of nothing, and pronounced it Good. But this rebellion against the Maker of heaven and earth, insured the utter destruction of its original perpetrator, who, (with all his accomplices or adherents, which fell with (him, is “reserved (by the Lord) in everlasting chains under darkness, unto the judgment of the great day.” I do not know a parallel of the short epistle in which this declaration is made, for decision upon the subject of Satan's punishment, and the character of his last brood of vipers upon the earth, the latter being worse than the sinners of Sodom and Gomorrah, Balaam, Korah, and Cain, because they are of the Gospel age. Oh! how dreadful the act, to tread under foot the Son of God, to count His blood an unholy thing, and by rejecting Him who died and rose again, (without seeing corruption,) to do "despite unto the Spirit of Grace.” The Apostle Paul adds, “we know Him that hath said, vengeance belongeth unto me,” &c.—also, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

I have spoken of satan as the original of sin. Observe that sin means erring, wandering from Good. It was permitted—No more can be said — nor less. It is a fearful mystery. None but God will unravel it-none but God manifest in the flesh can destroy it. He will do it, who conquered death by dying. He will destroy the devil and all the works of the devil, in the Glorious epiphany of His Advent to reign upon earth, "the King of kings, and the Lord of lords.”

Previous to this certain work of Jesus Christ, sin (which is a fretting sore in the souls of the children of men) will form a crisis, by a descendant from fallen Adam, who is the son of Lueifer, as Jesus is

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