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face of the earth, (which is called by Micah the Assyrian, by Jeremiah, Isaiah, and John, named Babylon) is set up by the power of Satan, in the personal opposer of Christ, the King of Israel: of course the decrees of the Beast will elicit full rebellion against the law of God; and may be described as follows, viz:

Thou shalt confess to no other God but me.

Thou shalt make of my likeness a graven image and bow down thereto; for I am God, and there is no other.

Thou shalt blaspheme against the name of an invisible God.

Thou shalt not keep the Sabbath day.

Now observe 1. "u vile person (was Pharoah a person? was Nimrod a mighty hunter? was Sisera a captain? was Goliah a Philistine? was Senacherib a king? was Herod the husband of Herodias?) to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom”_"the Jews require a sign." 1 Cor. 1. 22; Matt. 16. 1; 2. the vile person obtains the kingdom by flatteries; 3. the vile person makes a league with the rival powers, after which he works deceitfullyis a great hypocrite—after some cruel wars, and Egypt shall not escape, he will plant the tabernacle of his palace between the seas (Mediterranean and Dead Sea) in the glorious holy mountain, and this I suppose is the image of the Beast, “the abomination of desolation,” the last effort of Satan to destroy all the elect nation, over whom, the God of Israel, in the glorified person of Jesus Christ, hath decreed that He will reign-What a silly shepherd indeed, is anti Christ-raised up for judgment—the second woe upon Jerusalem, since she rejected her rightful king. The instruments of this foolish shepherd are cruel as the grave; yet he is to prosper until the end of the 2,300 days (prophetic calculation) decreed


against Jerusalem for the sin of Manasseh, who "polluted the sanctuary of strength,” i. e. placed an idol to worship in the house of the Lord.

We are ready to exclaim, with awful surprise, is it possible, can it be, that the whole world (including Jews, Christendom, and all the pagan nations, with the remnant of the Moslem delusion) shall unite as the heart of one man, to worship the image of a revolutionary king, in these last days?— Dreadful prophecy! It stands recorded in the Book of the Revelation of JESUS Christ our Lord, and He sent and signified by His angel, unto His servant John, who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he

Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein; for the time is at hand.' 1. 1-3.

My red brethren of the Cherokee nation, (late of Georgia, now in the wilderness, one quarter of a century has elapsed since Missionaries first visited you, with the Bible in their hands; and desired to instruct you how to read our hard and stammering language. Some of you are well acquainted with it; and to such I would humbly address my fervent request, that your attention may be devoutly paid to the subject now laid before you; and that you will search the Scriptures, setting your hearts unto the testimony of Jesus, wherever you open the Oracles of God; "for it is not a vain thing for you; because it is your life,” as Moses said to the children of Israel, when he had made an end of speaking all the words” of his celebrated prophetic song, which is recorded the 32 of Deut.; and was delivered on the same day that the law was deposited in the side of the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God, for a witness against Israel, when they should

turn unto other gods, and provoke the Lord by departing from his testimony and law.

When the Jews at Jerusalem "sought the more to kill Jesus,” because He had not only healed the impotent man at Bethesda's pool, on the Sabbath day, but defended that act of sovereign mercy, by saying, “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work, (John 5. 17,) the Blessed One delivered to them this memorable testimony:

DO PO“Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust. For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me; for he wrote of me.John 5. 45, 46. Read the prophetic song, (Deut. 32:) the testimony of Moses which concerns the falling away, (vers. 5. 15—18:) the reign of anti Christ, (vers. 31–33:) the judgments of God, (vers. 19–25:) the wrath of the Lamb, (35. 42, 43:) the redemption of Zion brought forth in the day when “The Lord shall judge His people," and He calls to them with the voice of Almighty sovereignty, (v. 39, 40:)—

"See now, that I, even I, am he,
"And there is no god with me:
"I kill and I make alive:
"I wound, and I heal:
"Neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand.”
"For I lift up my hand to heaven,

“And say, I live forever.” "Lazarus, come forth!” let us remember that JESUS had two voices: in one He spoke to the living; with the other He cried to the dead. See John's Gospel of our Lord, 11. 39, “take ye away the stone;" and verse 43, “Lazarus come forth.” Both prevailed the voice of the Lamb and the voice of the Lion6then took they away the stone,” v. 41.

66 And he that was dead came forth,” &c. V. 44. Oh, in that day which is near, (it hasteth greatly,)

when the great, the awful conspiracy against Jehovah and His Anointed by the revelation of that mystery “the way of a serpent upon a rock”) shall have accomplished the work of“that Wicked,” “the Beast," to scatter the power of the holy people, the voice of that Man, of whom Pilate said, “Behold your king," shall be heard in the thunder of God, the God of glory; and by the voice of that Man, of whom John said, “Behold the Lamb of God,” shall “that man of sin,” whose flesh is so firm (by satan's gift of “his power) that "the sword, the dart, and the habergeon” hath no power to hold out against his infernal life-yes, shall be overcome, and his vile body (he and his followers) be given to the burning flame. And when the Lord shall bring to pass that notable prophecy, which He spake by Ezekiel, (20. 33—44,) “and he shall say, where are their gods, and the Rock in whom they trusted,” (Deut. 32. 37,) not one can answer Him, of all the tribes of Israel; for they remember their ways, and are ashamed of their doings, “even because they despised the oath of God in breaking His covenant. So much for rejecting the Name and the person of Jesus Christ. "God shall send them strong delusion,” said Paul, and it seems that unbelievers “are snared by the work of their own hands.”

As it is written in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, that “all the world wondered after the beast,” (as John saw in the Spirit,) we are led to suppose that his coming "after the working of satan," is so marvellous, beyond all human conception to anticipate and understand; that involuntary surprise will even cause the faithful remnant to exclaim, "upon earth there was never his like;" and it may be possible for them to be sore amazed, and very heavy,” for salan's "power of darkness” is allied to his "great wrath;" but it certainly is clear

also, that a seventh part of the Christian church shall not deny the Name of the holy and true;". of course they refuse to worship the Beast, whose power and works caused amazement in their minds, but no approval of his signs, nor obedience to his wicked laws. I mean the angel (or ministry) of the church of Philadelphia; and refer to the 8 and 10 verses. The expressions in the seventh verse, she that hath the key of David,” announce the speaker's royal character; and the objects of His favour (while the cry continues “behold the bridegroom cometh," &c.) are assured that He who openeth and shutteth the door of the kingdom of God, (look at the 13 c. of Luke, 24-30,) as Sovereign and Judge, will keep the ministry of brotherly Love from the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.The "holy and True” condescends to assign a reason for this grace, which He promises to the angel of the church in Philadelphia, “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience;” v. 10. I understand the word of His patience, who hath the key of David, to signify belief in the covenant and oath of God, which He sware to David, that of the fruit of his loins according to the flesh, God would raise up Christ to sit upon David's throne; and likewise obedience to the Divine command, “wait ye upon me, until the day that I shall rise up to the prey”-go not after any other Christ"wait on the Lord, and put not your trust in princes, in whom there is no help.” “Blessed are all they that wait for Him” who hath the key of David. See the word of His patience recorded in the twentyfourth chapter of Matthew, 14 verse. “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness, and then shall the end come." “Watch and pray.” “This is my commandment,

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