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"1st, He had to convince government of the advantages to be derived from the scheme, and induce them to furnish the means of defraying the expense; 2d, to procure the consent of all the numerous, and in some instances turbulent, bodies of local trustees, upon an extensive line of road; and, 3d, to arrange the sea communication between Holyhead and Dublin; for which purpose the harbour of Holyhead was improved, in a manner which has rendered it serviceable as a harbour of refuge, far beyond the immediate purpose of protection of the packets; and a harbour has also been made at Howth, northward of the city of Dublin. All this he has effectually accomplished, and by extending his services beyond the usual duties of a parliamentary commissioner, and therein devoting much of his time to the personal inspection of practical operations, he has acquired so perfect a knowledge of road-making in all its branches, as has enabled him to produce the most valuable Treatise which has appeared in England, on the history, principles, and practice of that species of national improvement."

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