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OLLENDORFF First Lessons in French,

Or, Elementary French Grammar, Introductory to Ollendorff's Larger

Grammar. By G. W. GREENE. 16mo 50 cents. This little volume is intended as an Introduction to “ OLLENDORFF'S COMPLTEE FRENCH METHOD,” and is published in accordance with a very general demand made for a more elementary work than the larger Grammar.

" It is believed that the student who shall take the pains to go carefully chrough this volnne, in the manner suggested in the Directions for studying it, will come to the study of the Complete Method' with a degree of preparation which will render his subse quunt progress easy and agreeable."

" It seems admirably suited in all its parts for its intended purpose. In a series of exercises, combining vocabularies and rules, it presents an elenientary view of the whole subject of the French Grammar, teaching and at the same time illustrating every thing essential, both in the forms and in the syntax of the language. We have been particularly struck wijh the nice and exact manner in which the rules are stated, and the differences pointed out between the English and the French Idiom. The book is particularly designed for younger scholars; but persons more advanced will do well to use it before coming to the study of the Complete Method' of Ollendorff. It is the best of the kind with which we are acquainted, and, we loubt not, will soon win its way to general adoption.”—Providence Journal.

PROF. GEORGE W. GREENE. Companion to Ollendorff's New Method of

Learning to Read, Write, and Speak the French Language. 12mo. 75 cents.

"The present work, as its name imports, forms a very appropriate companion to the new edition of OLLENDORFF by M. VALUE. It comprises a series of ninety-two dịalogues, carefully selected, so as to familiarize the student with an extensive range of subjects, and to enable him to converse upon them with ease and fluency.

"The dialogues are followed by a valuable chapter on differences of idioms, in which those peruliarities of the language which cannot be classified under general rules, are clearly exhibited, accompanied by grammatical hints and useful suggestions.

" Nearly one half of the book is taken up with a vocabulary of words arranged according to subjects, presenting at a single glance all the principal terms relating to any particular art, profession, or branch of science. Among other improvements, we notice the French names of all the principal countries, cities, towns, islands, seas, rivers, mountains, &c., in the world-names of the principal nations and races of men, and the proper names of men and women. These tables are indispensable to the French student, and alone are worth the price of the book.

“ In Mr. Green's reputation as Professor of Modern Languages in Brown University, we have a sufficient guaranty of the accuracy of the work."- Commercial Advertiser.

“We commend this volume as a Vade-mecum to all students of the French tongue. The dialogues are simple in construction-yet they embrace a wide range of subjects. The idiomatic hints supply a desideratum that has boen long needed by the student, as those who have atterapted to render French colloquy according to grammatical rules, know too well. The vocabulary preceding each conversation is a convenience, if not a novelty; it precludes the necessity of frequent reference to a more ponderous work."Literury Union.

OSTERVALD'S FRENCH TESTAMENT. La Nouveau Testament de Notre Seigneur JesusOLLENDORFF. New Method of Learning to Recd, Write, and

Christi. D'apres la version revue par J. F. OSTERVALD. Editio stereo. type a l'imprimerie de l'Université d'Edenbourg. 32mv.

*** A very neat Edition of a critically corrected text.

Speak the French Language: with an Appendix, containing the Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers, and full Paradignis of the Regular and Irregular, Auxiliary, Reflective, and Impersonal Verbs. By J. L. JEWETT. One volume 12mo. $1.

IA KEY TO THE EXERCISES, in a separate volume. 75 cents. “NEW METHOD OF LEARNING THE FRENCH LANGUAGE.-This Grammar must su. persede all oties now used for instruction in the French language. Its conception and Arrangement are admirable,-the work evidently of a mind familiar with the deficiencies of the systems, tie place of which it is designed to supply. In all the works of the kind that have fallen under our notice, there has been so much left unexplaineü or obscuro, und so many things hi e been omitted-trifles, perhaps, in the estimation of the author, but the cause of great e harrassment to the learner-that they have been comparatively valueless as self-instructors. The student, deceived by their specious pretensions, has not proceeded far before he has felt himself in a condition similar to that of a mariner who should put out to sea without a compass to direct him. He has encountered difli. culty after dificulty, to which his Grammar afforded no clue; when, disappointed and discouraged, he has either abandoned the study in disgust, or if his means permitted, has resorted to a teacher to accomplish what it was not in his power to effect by the aid of his "self-instructor.'

“Ollendorff has passed his roller over the whole field of French instruction, and the rugged inequalities formerly to be encountered, no longer discourage the learner. What were the difficulties of the language, are here mastered in succession; and the only sur. prise of the student, as he passes from lesson to lesson, is, that he meets none of these lions in the way.'

“ The value of the work has been greatly enhanced by a careful revision, and the addition of an appendix containing matter essential to its completeness either as a book for the use of teachers or for self-instruction."--New-York Commercial Advertiser.


New Method of Learning to Read, Write, and


Speak the French Language : with the Lessons divided into Sections of a Proper Length for Daily Tasks, and numerous Corrections, Additions, and Improvements, suitable for this country, by V. VALUE; to which is added Value's System of French Pronunciation; his Grammatical Synopsis ; a New Index, and Short Models of Commercial Correspondence. One volume 12mo. Price $1.

A KEY TO THE EXERCISES, in a separate volume. 75 cents. “Mr. Value has taught practically Ollendorff's system for many years, and has bee stowed much thought and labor on the improvement of this edition. The longer les Bons have been judiciously subdivided; much attention has been bestowed upon the arrangement of the exercises relating to the subjunctive mood: besides the system of pronunciation, we have an excellent grammatical synopsis, which appears to us, ons brief oxamination, very happily constructed and of great value. In his preface the author mentions several minute corrections made in this edition, which show the care and accuracy bestowed upon it."--Churchman. MESSRS, D, APPLETON & Co.: “ Gentlemen,

“I have carefully perused your new edition of Ollendorff by Mr. Value, and find It contains alļ the improvements the original work so much required. It is evidently the result of long research, time, and labor, founded upon experience and a thorough knowledge of the system, and in my estimation far superior to any work of the kind which I have yet met with. I intend adopting the use of it in my classes.

"Yours, respectfully,

"J. ROEMER, " Professor of the French Language in the N. Y. Free Academy.'

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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1853,

In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern

District of New York.

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