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1890, and February 29, 1892. 3 pamphlets, terra cotta and tea, 9.X.IX5.8. Albany : 1889–1892. Verplanck Colvin, Superin

tendent. North Shore of Massachusetts Bay. Fifteenth edition. Pamphlet, fawn

color, 7.6X.4 X 4.5, pp. 96; map, cuts. Salem : 1893. B. D. Hill. Hawks, J. M., M. D. The East Coast of Florida. A Descriptive Narra

tive. Pamphlet, buff, 6.8X.3X5.1, pp. 137, (2); cuts, map. Lynn,

Mass.: 1887. The Author. California Illustrated. No. 1. The Vacaville Early Fruit District of

California. Second Edition. By Edward J. Wickson. Pamphlet, gray, 10.3X.6X6.9, pp. viii. 166, (2); colored plates. San

Francisco: 1888. California Illustrated Series. Vol. 1, No. 2. California views in natural

colors. By W. R. Nutting. Pamphlet, buff, 6.9X.3X-10.5, pp. 30;

colored plates. San Francisco: 1889. W. R. Nutting. Southern California : an authentic description of its natural features,

resources and prospects, etc. Published by the Southern California Bureau of Information. Pamphlet, buff, 9.X.2X 6., pp. 98; map,

plates. Los Angeles : 1892. California State Board of Trade, Proceedings of the. Aug. 9, Sept. 13,

and Oct. 11, 1892. [Contains] Paper by W. H. Mills on Distribu

tion of Fruit Pamphlet, 9.1X-X5.9. pp. 18, 11. Brown, George S. Yarmouth, Nova Scotia : a sequel to Campbell's

History. Maroon cloth, 9.4X1.3X 6.3, pp. 524. Boston: 1888.

Charles E. Brown. American Congregational Association. Fortieth Annual Report of the

Directors. Presented June 5, 1893. Pamphlet, cream-color, 9.X

X5.8, pp. 22, (2). Boston : 1893. The Association. Cleaves, Henry B., Inaugural Address of, to the Legislature of the State

of Maine, January 5, 1893. Pamphlet, blue green, 9.1X.1X5.7,

pp. 22. Augusta : 1892. Hon. E. B. Mallet, Jr. Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Twelfth Annual Report. 1892. Pamphlet, pale green, 8.3X.1X 5.1. pp. 42. Bostov : 1893. The Society.

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Gardening World.
Orchid Review.
Curtis's Botanical Magazine.
Journal of Botany.

FRENCH. Revue Horticole.

Revue des Eaux et Forêts.
Répertoire de Législation et de Jurisprudence forestières.

Journal des Roses.
BELGIAN. Illustration Horticole.

Revue de l'Horticulture Belge et Étrangère.

Journal des Orchidées.
GERMAN. Botanische Zeitung.
AMERICAN.—Country Gentleman.

Garden and Forest.
Meehan's Monthly.
Agricultural Science.
American Naturalist.
American Journal of Science.


Canadian Horticulturist.
American Gardening.
Amateur Gardening.
Western Garden.
Northwest Horticulturist.
National Nurseryman.
Wiener Illustrirte Garten-Zeitung.
The Mayflower.
Success with Flowers.
American Florist.
Florists' Exchange.
Green's Fruit Grower.
Strawberry Culturist.
Grape Belt.
Forest Leaves.
Botanical Gazette.
West American Scientist.
Maine Farmer.
New England Farmer.

Massachusetts Ploughman.
American Cultivator.
New England Homestead.
Our Country Home.
American Agriculturist.
Rural New-Yorker.
Metropolitan and Rural Home.
Farm Journal.
National Stockman and Farmer.
Farm and Vineyard.
Germantown Telegraph.
Maryland Farmer
Florida Dispatch, Farmer and Fruit Grower.
Prairie Farmer.
Orange Judd Farmer.
The Industrialist.
Pacific Rural Press.
Canadian Entomologist.
Good Roads.
Cottage Hearth.
Boston Daily Advertiser.
Boston Morning Journal.
Boston Post.
Boston Daily Globe.
Boston Evening Transcript.
Boston Daily Evening Traveller.
Boston Commonwealth.
Boston Times.
New York Weekly World.



BUSINESS MEETING, July 1; Additional appropriation for Library Com-

mittee, p. 199; Improvement of Roads, 199; Acceptance of Honorary

and Corresponding Memberships, etc., 199, 200; Three members


BUSINESS MEETING, August 5; Nominating Committee appointed, p. 200;

Invitation from the Australian Association for the Advancement of

Science, 200; Member elected .

BUSINESS MEETING, September 2; Report of Nominating Committee, 201;

Member elected .

BUSINESS MEETING, October 7; Annual Election, pp. 201-203; Further

Report from Nominating Committee, 202; Prize offered by Miss Simp-

kins, 202; Decease of F. L. Ames apnounced, 202; Five members

elected, 202; Three members proposed .

BUSINESS MEETING, November 4; Four members proposed, p. 203; Memo-

rial of F. L. Ames, 203-205; Appropriations for Prizes for 1894, 205;

Vacancy in Finance Committee filled, 205; Four members elected

BUSINESS MEETING, December 2; Partial Reports from Committees on Gar-

deps and Flowers read, p. 206; Reports of Committee on Fruits and

Committee of Arrangements read, 206; Decease of Francis Parkman

announced, 206; Schedule of Prizes for 1894 reported, 207; Book from

E. H. Krelage, 207; Eight members elected .

BUSINESS MEETING, December 16; Committee to prepare unemorial of

Francis Parkman announced, p. 207; Two members proposed, 207;

Schedule of Prizes adopted, 208; Memorial of Ex-President Parkruan,

208; Report of Committees on Vegetables and Library read, 208;

Report of Secretary and Librarian read, 209; Vote in regard to

estimate of cost of extending gallery, 209; Report of Committee on

Flowers submitted

REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON Plants, pp. 210, 211; Prizes and Gratuities



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