Anthropological Theory

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Routledge, Sep 5, 2017 - Social Science - 592 pages
Anthropological theory has been much discussed in recent years, yet the crucial questions still remain--how can it be defined, how is it developed, how is it to be applied, and how can one confirm it? The editors of Anthropological Theory answer these questions by presenting essays relating to various aspects of anthropological theory. Their selections from widely scattered and often difficult-to-obtain sources present a comprehensive set of writings that describe the current position and issues involved in theory.The development of field work in anthropology generated a tremendous emphasis on empirical data and research. The plethora of information awaiting collection and the enthusiasm with which the field embraced it so immersed anthropologists that they were unable to relate this new information to the field as a whole. Manners and Kaplan believe that this lack of generalization had a profoundly negative effect upon the discipline. Therefore, they look closely into the relationship between field work and theory in an opening essay and go on to present material that demonstrates the value and the necessity of theory in anthropology. Essays by anthropologists and other social scientists deal with ""explanation,"" evolution, ecology, ideology, structuralism, and a number of other issues reflecting throughout the editors' conviction that anthropology is a science, the goal of which is to produce generalizations about sociocultural phenomena.The book provides necessary perspective for examining and evaluating the crucial intellectual concerns of modern anthropology and will therefore be important for the work of every anthropologist.

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The Plan of the Book
On the Concept of Culture LESLIE A WHITE
Science or Metaphysics DAVID
The Difficulties Achievements and Limitations of Social
Past and Present E E EVANS
Social Anthropology and the Method of Controlled
On Explanation JOHN HOSPERS
The Natural Science Ideal in the Social Sciences LEWIS
HISTORY 28 History and Science in Anthropology MARC J SWARTZ
Some Issues in the Logic of Historical Analysis ERNEST NAGEL
IndianEuropean Relations in Colonial Latin America ELMAN R SERVICE
Closed Corporate Peasant Communities in Mesoamerica and Central Java ERIC R WOLF
The Influence of Linguistics on Early Culture
Personality and Social Structure BERT KAPLAN
Behavioral Evolution and the Emergence of the Self
Cultural and Cognitive Discontinuity ULRIC NEISSER

Explanation and Comparative Dynamics in Social
The Phenomenological and Naturalistic Approaches
Understanding and Explanation in Social Anthropology
An Operational
Some Observations and Queries LI ANCHE
Functionalism Realpolitik and Anthropology
Some Criticisms of Cultural Relativism PAUL F SCHMIDT
Observation and Generalization in Cultural
Conflict and Congruence in Anthropological Theory
Limits to Functionalism and Alternatives to It in Anthropology I C JARVIE
Functional Analysis of Change FRANCESCA CANCIAN
Function and Cause RONALD PHILIP DORE
On Social Structure S F NADEL
Specific and General MARSHALL D SAHLINS
Evolution and Process JULIAN H STEWARD
On the Evolution of Social Stratification and the State MORTON H FRIED
Language and Evolution JOSEPH H GREENBERG
The Study of Cultural Ecology
The Frontier in History OWEN LATTIMORE
Ecologic Relations of Ethnic Groups in Swat North
Parallel Process in Acculturation
Sociological Aspects of the Relation between Language
Language Thought and Culture PAUL HENLE
The Views of Benjamin Lee Whorf
Belief and Knowledge GODFREY LIENHARDT
Social Beliefs and Individual Thinking in Tribal Society
The Psychic Unity of Human Groups ANTHONY F C
The Ethnographic Study of Cognitive Systems CHARLES
Gods Truth
Some Comments on Formal Analysis of Grammatical
Structural Analysis in Linguistics and Anthropology
Claude LeviStraussAnthropologist and Philosopher
On the Work of Claude Levi
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