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442. By 8. and

Overseers Thall


3. c. 30. f. 2. “ To the end place a badge “ that the money raised only for the relief of such as are on the cloaths of fuch poor

“ as well impotent as poor, may not be misapplied and persons as are

“ consumed 'by the idle, sturdy, and disorderly beggars, registered and BE IT FURTHER ENACTED, that every such perfon as receive relief « shall be upon the collection and receive relief of any from the parish. “ parish or place, and the wife and children of any such

“perfon cohabiting in the fame house (such child only

excepted as shall be by the churchwardens and over“ seers of the poor permitted to live at home, in order “ to have the care of and attend an impotent and helpless

parent), shall upon the shoulder of the right Neeve of “ the uppermost garment of every such perfon, in an open “ and visible manner, wear such badge or mark as is “ hereinafter mentioned and expressed, that is to say, A LARGE ROMAN P. together with the first letter of " the name of the parish or place whereof such person “ is an inhabitant, cut either in red or blue cloth, as by “ the churchwardens and overseers of the poor it shall be “ directed and appointed. And if any such poor per“ fon shall at any time neglect or refuse to wear such a “ badge or mark as aforesaid, and in manner as aforesaid, “ it shall and may be lawful for any justice of the peace “ of the county, city, liberty, or town corporate, where

any such offence shall be committed, upon complaint

to him for that purpose to be made, to punish every uc fuch offender for every such offence, either by ordering " of his or her relief or usual allowance on the collection “ to be abridged, suspended, or withdrawn, or otherwise " by committing of any such offender to the houfe of correction, there to be whipt or kept to hard labour for “any number of days not exceeding one and twenty, as “ to the faid justice in his discretion it shall seem most

And if any such churchwarden or overseer of “the poor thall relieve any such person not having or

wearing such badge or mark as aforesaid, being thereof “ convicted upon the oath of one or more credible wit“ nefs or witnesses before any such justice of the peace “ of the county, city, liberty, or town corporate where

any such offence shall be committed, he thall forfeit for

every such offence the sum of TWENTY SHILLINGS, “ to be levied by distress and sale of the goods of every “ such offender by warrant under the hand and seal of

any such justice, one moiety thereof to be to the use “ of the informer, and the other to the poor of the pao rith where the offence shall be committed."

" meet.

443. By

and refused.

443: By 9. Geo. 1. C. 7. “ Whereas by 3. and 4. Will. No justice of " & Mary, 'c. 11. it was provided, that in every parish

the peace Mall

order relief to “ a book or books should be kept, wherein the names of

any poor person “all persons who did or might receive collections shall registered pur“ be registered, with the time when they were first ad. fuant to the 3. “mitted to such relief, and the occasion which brought & 4. Wil'.& " them under that necessity, and that no such person until oath be “should be allowed to have or receive collection at the made before

charge of the parith but by authority or under the such justices, " hand of one justice of peace residing in such parish, ftating a reason.

able ground for "or, if none there dwelling, in the parts near or next

asking such re“ adjoining, or by order of the justices at their quarter-lief, and that “ sessions, except in case of pestilential diseases, plague, application had " or small-pox: AND WHEREAS under colour of the pro- been made ao “ viso in the said act many persons have applied to fome parish-officers “juftices of peace without the knowledge of any officers “ of the parish, and thereby, upon untrue suggestions,

and sometimes upon false or frivolous pretences, have “ obtained relief, which hath greatly contributed to the « increase of the parish rates : FOR REMEDY WHEREOF “be it enacted, that no justice of peace shall order relief "to any poor person dwelling in any parish until oath « be made before such justice of some matter which he « shall judge to be a reasonable cause or ground for having “ such relief, and that the same person had by himself, “herself, or some other, applied for relief to the pa“ rishioners of the parish, at some veftry or other public “ meeting of the said parishioners, or to two of the over“ seers of the poor of such parish, and was by them re“ fused to be relieved ; and until such justice hath fum“ moned two of the overseers of the poor, to sew cause “why such relief should not be given, and the person fo “ summoned liath been heard, or made default to appear “ before such justice; any thing in the said proviso, or

any law to the contrary notwithstanding." 444. By 9. Geo. 1.c.7.1.2. “It is enacted, that the person Persons ordered whom any such justice of peace shall think fit to order to to be relieved, “be relieved, shall be entered in such book or books fo to to be entered in

the parish " be kept by the parish, as one of those who is to receive

collection, as long as the cause for such relief conti

nues, and no longer ; AND THAT no officer of any pa“rih Thall (except upon sudden and emergent occafions) “bring to the account of the parish any monies he shall

give to any poor person of the same parish, who is not registered in such book or books to be kept by the said

parish, as a person intitled to receive collection, on pain Penalty on of. " of forfeiting the sum of FIVE POUNDS, to be levied by ficers relieving « distress and sale, by warrant of any two or more jur- persons not so

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"tices of the peace of the same county who shall have
“examined into, and found him guilty of such offence;
« which said fum shall be applied to and for the use of the
" poor of the said parish, by direction of the said justice

“ or justices of the peace,"
Churchwar- 445. By 9. Geo. I. c7. f. 4. " For the greater ease of
dens, &c. with a parishes in the relief of the poor, BE IT ENACTED,
consent of pa-
rillioners, may wardens and overseers of the poor, in any parish,

“ 'That it shall and may be lawful for the churchcontract for the çmplaying and “ town, township, or place, with the content of the maintaining the " major part of the parithioners or inhabitants of the p.or.

“ fame parish, town, township, or place, in veftry or other

parish or publick meeting for that purpose assembled,

or of so many of them as 1hall be so allembled, upon “ usual notice thereof first given, to purchase or hire

any house or houses in the fane parish, township, or

place, and so contra&t with any person or persons for
" the lodging, keeping, maintaining, and employing any
" or all such poor in their respective parishes, townships,
« or places, as shall desire to receive relief or collection
“ from the same paridh; and there to keep, maintain, and
"employ all such poor persons, and take the benefit of
" the work, labour, and service of any such poor person
“ or persons who ihall be kept or maintained in any such
“ houte or houses, for the better maintenance and relief
“ of such poor perton or persons who lhall be there kept

or maintained."
Poor persons re- 446. And by 9. G?0. 1. c. 7. f. 4.

In case any poor fusing to go into « perfon or persons of any parish, town, township, or the workhouse

place, where fuch house or louses hall be so purchased fall be put out or Wired, thall refuse to be lodged, kept, or maintained

« in fuch house or houses, such poor person or persons
“ so refusing thall be put out of the book or books
" where the names of the perfons who ought to receive

collection in the faid parih, town, townthip, or place,
« are to be registered, and thall not be intitled to ask or
« receive collection or relief from the church wardens and
“overseers or the poor of the fame parith, town, or town.

if one parisa he 447. And by 9. Geo. 1.c.7.2.4. “Wbcreany parish, town
too small for the s or township Thall be too {mall to purchase or hire fuch
purchase of a uhoule or houses for the poor of their own parish only,
Work wufe, twódcs it thailand may be lawful for two or more such parishes,
paritha s mij

« towns, or townthips, or places, with the consent of the
mujer part of the parishioners or inhabitants of their

“ respective

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« respective parishes, town, township, or places, irr vestry,

or other parish or publick meeting for that purpose af“ sembled, or of so many of them as shall be so affembled, ka

upon usual notice thereof first given, and with the ap"probation of any justice of peace dwelling in or near "any fuch parish, town, or place, signified under his hand « and feal, to unite in purchasing, hiring, or taking such “ house, for the lodging, keeping, and maintaining of the

poor of the several parishes, townships, or places to uni

ting, and there to keep, maintain, and employ the poor " of the respective parishes so uniting, and to take and “have the benefit of the work, labour, or service of any “poor there kept and maintained, for the better mainte“nance and relief of the poor there kept, maintained, and a employed.”

448. And by 9.. Geo. I. c. 7. f. 4. “If any poor per - Poor perfons re"fon or persons in the respective parishes, townships, or fusing such proplaces fo uniting, fhall refuse to be lodged, kept; and vision, to have

no relief. “maintained in the house hired or taken for such uniting “ parishes, townships, or places, hethe, or they fo refu

fing shall be put out of the collection book, where his, “her, or their names were registered, and shall not be « intitled to ask or demand relief or collection from the “churchwardens and overseers of the poor in their rew spective parishes, townships, or places.

449. And by 9. Geo. 1. c. 7. f. 4. « It shall and may The overseets of " be lawful for the churchwardens and overseers of the the poor of one poor of any parish, township, or place, with the confent parish wher: a

workhouse is “ of the major part of the parishioners or inhabitants of erolled, may · " the faid parih, township, or place, where such houfe or contract with " houses is, are, or shall be purchased or hired for the pur- any other pa.

poses aforesaid, in veftry, or other parish or publick ith for main" meeting for that purpose aisembled, or of so many of taining the pour. < them as shall be to assembled, upon usual notice " thereof first given, to contract with the church wardens “and overseers of the poor of any other parish, towITfip, or place, for the lodging, maintaining or emra

ploying of any poor person or persons of such other “parish, townthip, or place, as to them shall seem meet.”.

450. And by 9. Geo. 1. C.7. 1.4.« in case any poor per- And in case any ki son or persons of such other parish, township, or place, poor person "hall refuse to be lodged, maintained, and employed in mail refuse to be « such house or houses, he, she, or they so refusing shall Me or they ihall u be put out of the collection book of such other pa- be put out of the a rith, townhip, or place, where his, her, or tieir names colleâ

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were registered, and shall not be entitled to ask, demand, « or receive any relief or collection from the church" 'wardens and overseers of the poor of his, her, or their

respective parish, township, or place.”

Provilo. 451.-PROVIDED ALWAYS That no poor person or per

“ fons, his, her, or their apprentice, child, or children, ihall
“ acquire a settlement in the parish, town, or place, to
“ which he, the, or they are removed by virtue of this act;'
" but that his, her, or their fettlement shall be and re-'
" main in such parish, town, or place, as it was before
"such removal, any thing in this act to the contrary
s notwithstanding.

Jurices may 452. By 16. Geo. 2. C. 18. “ Any justice or juftices of
act respekting “ the peace for any county, riding, city, liberty, franchife,
the relief and

“ borough, or town corporate, may, within their respec-
ordering of the
poor, riotwith- “tive jurisdictions, make, do, and execute all and every
Standing they « act or acts, matter or matters, thing or things apper-
are charged “taining to their office as juftices of the peace, lo far as
with the rates. « the same relates to the relief, maintenance, and settle-

“ment of poor persons, &c. notwithstanding they are
"rated to or chargeable with the taxes, levies, or rates
« within the parish, township, or place affected by any
« fuch act or acts of such justice or justices aforesaid."

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Overseers may 453. By 17. Geo. 2. c. 38. “Overseers of the poor act alone for the “ within every township and place where there are no relief of the

"churchwärdens, thall from time to time do, perform, poor, where there are no “and execute all and every

the acts, powers, and authochurchwardens. 64 rities concerning the relief of, and other matters res

" lating to the poor as churchwardens and overseers may
“ do, &c.”

Overfeers Thall

454. By 9. Geo. 3. c. 37. f. 7." If any churcianot relieve the “ warden, or overseer, or other person authorised or inpoor in other “ trusted by them to make payments to the relief of the than the good "poor, shall wilfully and knowingly make any fuch and lawful payment in base or counterfeit money, or in other than ney of Great Britain.

« lawful money of Great Britain, he thall, on conviction,

« forfeit a fum not less than ten shillings, nor more thair (a) Vide ante,

twenty shillings (a)." shap. 4, fe&, 2.

II. For what and by whom an or der may be made.

Several orders

455. Eaton Bridge v. Wefterham, Hilary, 11. Will. 3. made on ta. Salk. 487.-An order was made at the quarter-feffions for sutes passed for different purposes are bado


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