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Indentures to be " prentices; all which indentures are hereby directed to registered, and «« be registered, and certificates thereof given and transprotections given for the

“ mitted by such collector at the said several ports where Isid three years.

“ such apprentices already have become so bound, or that “ hereafter shall so bind themselves, iv manner and form as “aforesaid; upon receipt of which faid several certificates, “ protections Thall from time to time be made and given “ for the laid first three years of their feveral respective “ apprenticeships, without either fee or reward for the « faine."

Wherè appren.

814. By 2. & 3. Ann. c. 6. f. 17. “Where such aprices are impres. « prentices shall be impressed, or voluntarily enter themfed, their maf. “ selves into her majesty's service, the said owners or ters (hall have keaman's wages.

“ masters of such apprentices, their executors, admini“ strators, and afligns, shall be entitled to able seaman's “ wages for such of their apprentices as fhall, upon due “ examination, be found qualified for the fame, notwith

standing their indentures of apprenticeship." Penalties and 815. By. 2. & 3. Ann. c. 6. f. 18. “ All the penalties forfeitures how “ and forfeitures directed by this act shall, by warrant levied.

“ under the hands and seals of any two or more juftices “ of the peace of the same county, city, borough, or town“corporate, be levied by distress and sale of the goods “ and chattels of the offender ; which fale shall be good

“ in the law againft such offender." No master of 816. By 4. Ann. c. 19. 1. 16. “And whereas by 2. & 3. Ship to take ap- « Ann. c. 6. provision is made for putting out of pariih prentice onder thirteen years

“ children apprentices to inafters of trading ships and old.

““ veffels at the age of ten years, IT IS HEREBY ENACTED, " That no such master shall be obliged to take any such

apprentice under the age of ihirteen years, or who fhall " not appear to be fitly qualified both as to health and “ strength of body for that service; and any widow of * the matter of such thip or vessel, or the executor or ad* ministrator of such matter, who shall have been obliged " to take such parish boys apprentice to them, shall have " the same power of alligning over such apprentices to

any other masters of ships or vessels who have not their

complement of apprentices required by the faid recited "act, to be entertained by them, as is given by the said " act to such persons as have taken children apprentices “ in pursuance of the statute 43. Eliz.c. 2."

817. By

817. By 4: Ann. c. 19. 1. 17. " AND WHEREAS all No apprentices “ such persons who in pursuance of the said a&t have to the sea-service “ voluntarily bound, or hereafter shall to bind, them-old, &c. are exe “ selves apprentices to such masters or owners as therein empted fro:n 6 is expreffed, are exempted from her majesty's service service in the " for the term of three years, fronı the date of their re- royal navy. “ spective indentures: and whereas such exemptions from “ her majesty's sea-service for the term of three years, " which was intended for the encouragement of landmen “to bind themselves apprentices to the sea-service, hath « been manifeftly abufed for the exempting and protect« ing of scamen from the said service, who having bound " themselves apprentices, have claimed such exemption, “ and demanded prote&tions accordingly, to the great “ hinderance and prejudice of her majesty's sea-service ; “ BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED, That no person or per* fons of the age of eighteen years shall have any exemp“tion or protection from her majesty's sea-service, who “ shall have been in any sea-service before the time they “bound themfelves apprentices; any law or itatute to " the contrary thereof in anywise notwithstanding.".

818. By 13. Geo. 2. c. 17. f. 2. “Every person who, Apprentices “ not having been ufed to the fea, shall bind himself ap- who voluntarily “prentice to serve at fea, shall be freed and exempted bind themselves “ from being impressed for the full space of three years, vice thail not be

to be computed from the time of his binding himself impressed for “ apprentice as aforesaid :"_" and the commissioners of three years. “ the admiralty, on due proof of the circumstances, shall

grant a protection to every such person to secure him “ from being impreffed ; all which protections shall be

granted without any fee or reward to be taken for the Á same.”

819. By 2. Geo. 3. C. 15. 1. 22, &c. “ The apprentices, Apprentices to not exceeding four, of masters or owners of fishing mariners and

fishermen ex“ vessels of thirty ton burthen or upwards, and not ex

empted from “ ceeding two to every vessel under thirty tons, during being impressed. " the time of their apprenticeship, and until the age of twenty, they continuing for the time in the business of “ fishing only; AND Also the apprentice to every fishing “ veffel of ten tóns burden or upwards, employed on the " fea-coaft during the continuance of his fervices, Thall

respectively be freed and exempted from being impressed "into the king's service.”

XI. Of

XI. Of apprentices bound by PUBLIC CHARITIES.

The monies

820. By 7. Jac. I. c. 3. 1.-—- FORASMUCH as the true given to the " labour and exercise of husbandry, and the bringing up charitable pouda“ of apprentices of bosh sexes in trades and manual ocing poor boys “ cupations, are things very profitable in the commonand girls ap

“ wealth, and acceptable and pleafing unto Almighty prentices Mall

“ God, there being already great sums of money freely remain and be “ given, and more in time to come like to be given, by ployed for luch

“ divers well-difpofed persons, unto the corporations of purposes. " divers cities, boroughs, towns corporate, and unto

“ divers persons in fundry towns not corporate, and “ parishes within this realm of England, to be continu

ally employed in the binding out, as apprentices, of a

greater number of the poorest fort of children unto “ needful trades and occupations; the experience where“ of hath brought forth very great profit and com“ modity unto those cities, towns, and parishes, where

any parts of the said monies have been so given and “ employed, and so no doubt there will constantly ensue " thereof the exceeding good of the commonwealth in “ general: and for that the moft part of the poorer forts “ of children would (as heretofore) without such good “ care and aliiftance be brought up in idleness, and dif" ordered kinds of life, to their utter overthrow, and to " the great prejudice of the whole commonwealth : and “ for that it is very likely that many other well-disposed

people will be the better encouraged willingly to fol“ low the like good example, in bestowing also good " sums of movies to the same good and godly purpotes, “ if it might be so provided, that such monies as have been already so freely given, or as hereafter shall be “ given, for the binding out of such poor children ap

prentices, may continually hereafter remain, and be wholly employed accordingly :"

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app entices

How money

821. By 7. Facel. c. 3. f. 2. “ IT IS ENACTED, That given for the « all sums of money so freely given, at any time withirr binding out of “ three years laft paft, or hereafter to be given to any poor children

“ person or persons, to be continually employel for the shall be embinding out of apprentices as aforesaid, shall

, for ever, ployed, and hy " from henceforth continue, and be from time to time whom. " uted and emploved, to such uses, intents, and purposes

only, and by such perfons, and in such manner and “ form, as thall be hereafter by this present act specified " and deciared, except the fame hath been, or thall be


* otherwise ordered or disposed by the givers thereof; “ THAT IS TO SAY, That all corporations of all cities,

boroughs, and towns corporate, by what name or “ names foever they shall be known or incorporated, and “ in towns and parishes not incorporate, the parlon or “ vicar of every such town or parilh, together with the “ constable or constables, the churchwarden or church“ wardens, collectors, and the overseers for the poor for « the time being, or the most part of them, where any “ fuch sum or sums of money are already given, or shall “ be hereafter given to be fo employed, shall, from " time to time, within the said several cities, boroughs, towns, and parishes respectively, have the nomination " and placing of such apprentices, and the guiding and

employment of all such monies as have been heretofore “ so given, or which hereafter shall be given, to and for " the continual binding forth of such and so many aps prentices, and in such fort, as is already, or Thall here“ after be so given and appointed, either by the last will “ and testament, or by any writing or writings under 66 the hands and seals of any person or persons which “ hath already, or hereafter all fo give any fum or « sums of money unto the good and godly purposes and s intents aforesaid.”

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822. By 7. Jac. 1. c. 3. f. 2. "And if the corporations of the forfeiture

any fuch cities, boroughs, or towns corporate, by what of not employ" name or names foever they shall be called or incor- ing the monics “ porated, or any the person or persons in the other “ towns and parishes above mentioned, appointed by “ this act to have continually the guiding and empley

ment of such fuins of monies so already given, or “ hereafter to be given, to the intents and purposes « aforesaid, shall at any time hereafter wilfully forbear " or refuse, according to their duties in this behalf, to

employ such sums of money so given or to be given « as aforesaid for the binding out of such apprentices, “ by means of which wilful forbearance or refusing “ the said money shall not be employed accordingly, “ they and every of them, so offending contrary to this

act, shall forfeit for cvery such offence the sum of “ three pounds fix thiliings and eight-pence lawful “ English money, the one half thereof to be given to the

poor of the town or parish where luch default or of« fence shall be done or committed, the other moiety

to the party that shall fue for the fame; and every

man that will, may and shall be admitted to sue for “ the same moiety, for the use and benefit of the said


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pay it.

“ poor, and shall be also admitted to sue for the forfeit“ ure of the other moiety, in any of the king's majesty's “ courts of record, to his own benefit and behoof, by " action of debt, bill, plaint, or information, wherein no “ protection, wager of law, or effoin, Ihall be admitted

or allowed.” The party which 823. By 7. fac. 1. c. 3. f. 3. " And for that all monies fo receiveih the “ given may the better continue to and for the purpose money Mall be « aforesaid, be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, bound with

“ That the master, mistress, or dame, of every such apsureries to re

“ prentice or apprentices that Thall receive any such fum wor sums of money as aforesaid, shall become bound “ with one or two sufficient sureties, by bond or obli

gation, in double the sum which they and every of “ them shall so receive with such apprentice or appren“ tices as aforesaid, unto the corporation of any such “ city or town corporate, by what name or names soever “they shall be called or incorporated, or to such person

or persons in the other towns and parishes not incor“ porated, appointed by this act to have continually the “ guiding and employment of all such sums of money fo “ already given, or hereafter to be given, to the intents “ and purposes aforesaid respectively; upon condition to “ repay such sums of money as he or she shall receive with such apprentice or apprentices, at the end of “ seven years next ensuing the date of the said obli

gation, or within three months next after the end of “ the faid seven years: and if such apprentice thall hap

pen to die within the faid space of seven years, then “ within one year after his or her faid death and if the “ master, or mistress, or dame, to whom any such ap“prentice or apprentices shall be bound, thall happen to “ die within the said space of seven years, then within

one year next after bis or her death ; so as the faid “ monies may be again employed for placing such ap

prentice with some other person of the same trade, to “ serve out the residue of the years of his or her former

apprenticcthip, by the discretion of the said person “ trufied as aforesaid.".

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Within what 824. By 7. Jac. 1.c. 3. f. 4.“ And be it further enactod by time the money “ the authority aforciaid, That every such sum or fums thall be put

“ of money so given or to be given, in manner and form, forth.

“ and to and for the good uses and intents aforesaid, ~ fall always be put forth and employed by the parties « aforesaid that by this act shall have the disposing and “ employment thereof, within three months at the far

“ theft

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