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CHAPTER V. An Act to revive and continue an Act, entituled, An Act to provide for the Appointment of Returning Officers for the several Counties within this Province."

CHAPTER VI. An Act for making a temporary Provision for the Regulation of Trade between this Province and the United States of America, by Land or by Inland Navigation (Governor in Council may establish ports of entry,

and make regulations).





MET AT YORK, 28TH MAY, 1801.


An Act to continue an Act passed in the 37th Year of His Majesty's Reign, entituled, An Act for the better securing the Province against the King's Enemies,” (continued for two years, &c.)

CHAPTER II. An Act for the further Regulation of the Militiu of this Province, and for the more effectual Punishment of Offenders against the Militia Laws.


An Act to empower the Commissioners of the Peace for the Midland District, in their Court of General Quarter Sessions assembled, to establish and regulate a. Market in and for the Town of Kingston, in the said District.

CHAPTER IV. A Bill to ratify and confirm certain provisional Articles of Agreement entered into by the respective Commissioners of this Province and Lower Canada, at Quebec, on the 2d Day of February, 1801, relative to Duties, and for car. rying the same into Effect; and also to continue an Act passed in the 39th Year of His Majesty (to continue four years).

CHAPTER V. An Act for granting to His Majesty, his Heirs and Successors, to and for the Uses of this Province, the like Duties on Goods and Merchandize brought into this Province from the United States of America, as are now paid on Goods and Merchandize imported from Great Britain and other Places (Cornwall, Johnstown, Newcastle, York, Niagara, Queenston, Fort Erie Passage, Turkey Point, Amherstburgh, and Sandwich, declared ports of entry. Collectors to be appointed by the Governor, &c.; and they may appoint deputies. Collector's salary £50 per cent. on duties, till the same amount to £100, and no more).

CHAPTER VI. An Act to remove Doubts with respect to the Authority under which the Courts of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace and other Courts have been erected and holden, and other Matters relating to the Administration of Justice done in the several Districts of this Province, and also to fix the Times of holding the Courts of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace in and for the same.

CHAPTER VII. An Act to authorize the Governor, LieutenantGovernor, or Person administering the Government, to appoint Inspectors of Flour, Pol and Pearl-Ashes, within this Province (Inspectors to charge 3d. per barrel for flour, and Is. for every cask of pot and pearl-ashes inspected).

CHAPTER VIII. An Act to prevent the sale of Spirituous Liquors and Strong Waters in the Truct occupied by the Moravian Indians on the River Thames, in the Western District (for the comfort of the Moravian Indians).

CHAPTER IX. An Act the better to adapt the Establishment of the Court of King's Bench to the present Situation of this Province.

CHAPTER X. An Act to regulate the Statute Labour to be done upon the Roads in the Tract occupied by the Huron Indians, in the County of Essex, in the Western District.


An Act to prevent the Acts of the Legislature from taking effect from a Time prior to the passing thereof (by indorsing on every act, immediately after the title, the day, month, and year, when the same was passed).

CHAPTER XII. An Act for granting to His Majesty a certain Sum of Money out of the Provincial Fund, to defray the Payment of the Salaries of the Officers of the Legislative Council and House of Assembly (including the Commissioners to Lower Canada), and to defray the contingent Expenses thereof; and further to appropriate the Supplies and provide for the Payment of the same hereafter (2255). 5s. granted).





MET AT YORK, 25TH MAY, 1802.

CHAPTER I. An Act the better to ascertain and secure the Titles of Lands.

CHAPTER II. An Act to provide for the Administration of Justice in the District of Newcastle.

CHAPTER III. An Act to declare and ascertain the Rates which the Receiver-general shall take and retain to his own ('se out of the Monies passing through his Hands, which are subject to the Disposition of the Parliament of this Province.

CHAPTER IV. An Act to enable the Governor, Lieutenantgovernor, or Person administering the Government of this Province, to appoint one or more additional Port or Ports, Place or Places of Entry, within

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