The works of the English poets. With prefaces, biographical and critical, by S. Johnson, Volume 60

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Page 79 - It aids the dancer's heel, the writer's head, And heaps the plain with mountains of the dead ; Nor ends with life ; but nods in sable plumes, Adorns our hearse, and flatters on our tombs.
Page 83 - The man who builds, and wants wherewith to pay, Provides a home from which to run away.
Page 12 - Say then, my muse, whom dismal scenes delight, Frequent at tombs, and in the realms of night ; Say, melancholy maid, if bold to dare The...
Page 24 - How empty learning, and how vain is art, But as it mends the life, and guides the heart!
Page 219 - Since great his strength, go trust him, void of care ; Lay on his neck the toil of all the year ; Bid him bring home the seasons to thy doors, And cast his load among thy gather'd stores.
Page 134 - Cries Lyce, on the borders of threescore : Nought treads so silent as the foot of time ; Hence we mistake our autumn for our prime ; 'Tis greatly wise to know, before we're told, The melancholy news, that we grow old.
Page 165 - Of ever losing what she held most dear, How did Britannia, like Achilles, weep, And tell her sorrows to the kindred deep ! Hang o'er the floods, and, in devotion warm, Strive, for thee, with the surge, and fight the storm...
Page 30 - O how divine ! to tread the milky way, To the bright palace of the lord of day ; His court admire, or for his favour sue, Or leagues of friendship with his saints renew...
Page 196 - From wave, from wind, And Fortune's tempest safe ashore, To cheat their care, Of former war They talk the pleasing shadows o'er. In...
Page 217 - And canst thou thunder with a voice like mine? Or in the hollow of thy hand contain The bulk of waters, the...

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