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THE Lord will come! the earth shall quake,
The hills their fixed seat forsake;
And, withering, from the vault of night
The stars withdraw their feeble light.

The Lord will come! but not the same
As once in lowly form he came,

A silent lamb to slaughter led,
The bruis'd, the suffering, and the dead.

The Lord will come! a dreadful form,
With wreath of flame, and robe of storm,
On cherub wings, and wings of wind,
Anointed Judge of human-kind!

Can this be He who wont to stray

A pilgrim on the world's highway;
By power oppress'd and mock'd by pride?
Oh, God! is this the crucified?

Go, tyrants! to the rocks complain!
Go, seek the mountain's cleft in vain!
But faith, victorious o'er the tomb,
Shall sing for joy-the Lord is come!

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In the sun and moon and stars

Signs and wonders there shall be ; Earth shall quake with inward wars, Nations with perplexity.

Soon shall ocean's hoary deep,

Toss'd with stronger tempests, rise : Darker storms the mountain sweep, Redder lightning rend the skies.

Evil thoughts shall shake the proud,
Racking doubt and restless fear;
And amid the thunder cloud

Shall the Judge of men appear.

But though from that awful face

Heaven shall fade and earth shall fly,

Fear not ye, his chosen race,
Your redemption draweth nigh!



OH, Saviour, is thy promise fled?
No longer might thy grace endure,
To heal the sick and raise the dead,
And preach thy gospel to the poor?

Come, Jesus! come! return again;

With brighter beam thy servants bless, Who long to feel thy perfect reign, And share thy kingdom's happiness!

A feeble race, by passion driven,
In darkness and in doubt we roam,
And lift our anxious eyes to Heaven,
Our hope, our harbour, and our home!

Yet 'mid the wild and wint'ry gale, When Death rides darkly o'er the sea, And strength and earthly daring fail,

Our prayers, Redeemer! rest on Thee!

Come, Jesus! come! and, as of yore
The prophet went to clear thy way,
A harbinger thy feet before,

A dawning to thy brighter day:

So now may grace with heavenly shower
Our stony hearts for truth prepare;
Sow in our souls the seed of power,
Then come and reap thy harvest there!

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