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Apocalyps, P. L. iv. 2. a revelation, a discovery To appay, P. L. xii. 401. to satisfy, to content Appetance, P. L. xi. 619. carnal, sensual desire To appoint, S. A. 373. to arraign, to summon, to


Arbitress, P. L. i. 785. a witness, a spectatress Architrave, P. L. i. 715. that part of a column

or order of a column, which lies immediately upon the capital, and is the lowest member of the entablature

Arctic, P. L. . 710. northern, lying under the Bear

Ardor, P. L. v, 249. a person ardent or bright, an angel. The Latin ardor implies fervency, exceeding love, eager desire, fiery nature; all included in the idea of an angel

Argestes, P. L. x. 699. the north-east wind
To areed, P. L. iv. 962. to decree, to award

Askance, awry

Asphaltus, P. L. i. 729. bitumen, a pitchy sub


Asthma, P. L. xi. 488. a frequent, difficult, and short respiration, joined with a hissing sound and a cough

To astound, to astonish, to confound with fear or wonder

Atheous, P. R. i. 487. atheistic, godless Atrophy, P. L. xi. 486. want of nourishment; a disease in which what is taken at the mouth cannot contribute to the support of the body 3

Attent, P. R. i. 385. intent, attentive, heedful, regardful

Attest, P. L. i. 37. witness, testimony, attestation To attune, P. L. iv. 265. to make any thing musical

Autumn, P. L. v. 394. for the fruits of autumn Azurn, P. the same as azure, blue, faint blue.


Baleful, full of misery, full of grief, sorrowful, sad, woeful

Bandite, P. a man outlawed

Barbaric, P. L. ii. 4. foreign, far-fetch'd
Barbed, bearded, headed.

Base, P. L. ix. 36. that part of any ornament which hangs down, as housing; from the French bas, low; because housing falls low to the ground To batten, P. to fatten, or make fat, to feed plen teously

Behest, a command, precept, mandate

Belated, P. L. i. 783. benighted, out of doors late at night

Beldame, P. an old woman; generally a term of contempt, marking the last degree of old age, with all its faults and miseries. From the French belle dame, which of old signified an old woman Benediction, well speaking, thanks, P. L. viii. 645. P. R. iii. 127. blessing, P. L. xii. 125

Beryl, P. L. vi. 756. a precious stone of a scagreen colour

Besprent, P. sprinkled

Bestrown, P. L. i. 311. iv. 631. sprinkled over Bevy, P. L. xi. 582. a company, an assembly; of the Italian beva, a covy of partridges Bickering, P. L. vi. 766. fighting, and thence destroying; from the Welch bicre, a contest, a combat. Mr. Johnson thinks it means here quivering, playing backward and forward

Blanc, or blank, white, P. L. v. 656; confused, crushed, dispirited, subdued, depressed, P. L. ix.

890. P. R. ii. 120

Bland, P. L. v. 5. ix. 855.1047. soft, mild, gentle To blank, S. A, 471. to confuse, to damp, to dispirit Blear, P. dim, obscure, or that which makes dim


Blithe, gay, airy, merry, joyous, sprightly, mirthful Bolt, the bar of a door, P. L. ii. 877. lightning, a thunder bolt. P. L. vi. 491. an arrow, P.

To bolt, P. to dart, to shoot, to sift. Mr. Johnson thinks it signifies here to blurt out, or throw out precipitantly

Boreas, P. L. x. 699. the north wind

Bosky, P. woody; from the Belgian bosche, and the Italian bosco, a wood

Bourn, P. a bound, a limit; from the French borne Brand, P. L. xii. 643. a sword. Brando in Italian

too signifies a sword; and the reason of this-denomination seems to be derived from hence, be

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