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Hen it was told David after the defeat of Ab

solom, chat Ahimaaz the Sonne of Zadok came running, the King said, He is a good man, and cometh with good tideings. I may truly say so

of these Sermons, and the reverend Author of them, He is a good man, and therefore we may be sure that he bringeth good cydings with him. He is a right Nathannel, a true Israelite, without guile, an able Preacher, a vigilant Governour, a faithfull friend, a bountifull distributer, to whom much of the Character of Aristotles magnanimous man doch exactly agree, pancegur G , parceion, rj a 674, και αναλεω φανερώς , παρρησιαστικός, αληθωτικός, who dares openly το Jove a friend, when others rejea him, and openly to disprove the faults of those whom others feare and fatcer. As is the man and his Communication, such is his doctrine ,, sound, wholsome, favory, edifying, not meerly notionall and suited onely to the fancy , but properly calculaced for the Conscience and conversation , unto which the more any doctrine is fitted, the more it is according to the mind of the spirit of Christ speaking in the Word, and to the direction of his Apostles, who used great plainnesle of specch, and such demonstration of the Spirit and power, as might manifest the truth to every mans conscience in the light of God, who gave instruction unto others whom they had separated to the work of the Gospell, to hold fast the wholfeme forme


of sound words, by found doctrine to Exhort and convince gainsaiers, to shew in doctrine incorrupinesse, gravity, sincerity, found speech which cannot be condemned, to speak, to rebuke, to exhort with all Authority, to teach men to maintaine good workes for necessary uses, to preach such things as are good and proficable unto men. Though I have not had opportunity to peruse all these Sermons, yet having been an hearer of many of these, and finding in those which I have read the same even and serious spirit, and withall

great variety of profitable matter, I may Tafely commend them to the Christian Reader as Sermons drawn according to these prescripcs of the Apostle, and consequently very usefull unto publick edificacion, unto which all our studies, labours, and writings should be subservient.

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The contents of the first Decad.

Or. c. 2. verf. 2. For i de-

The Deatrine propuended. That it's
termined not to know any thing a choice fruit of wisduine to winne
aming you save Jesus Christ and him Soules untc God, pag.51.
crucified. p. 1.

Mithid pr.pounded. I the proofe The Text divided, p. 3: and hands of the Pont, pag.52.53. led. 1 Concerning knowledge in Gení 2. 4 Arguments for confirmation, rall, p. 4. 5. 6. 2 Concerning the p.53.54,55. 3. Two Characters knowledge of Christ, pag. 7.8. And of him that is lik.liift to winne foules, this knowledge hath 3 characters; Fun- pag. 56.57.58,59, 60, 61. damentall excellent and soule-Saveing, 4. Applic. i. For Humiliation. pag. 9. 3 Cautions concerning the pag. 63. 3. For Direction in 7 para use of humane learning, pag. 11. 12. ticulars, pag. 66.67. 3 Concerning the knowledge of Christ crucified, pag. 13. 14. Applic:

SER M. IV. what Ministers must teach, pag. 14. 15,16. 2 f. Atch : 13. 45, 46. pag.


Again the Kingdome of HeaSERM: JI.

ven is like unto a. Merchant man, feea Er: 45. v. 5. And feekeft thou king godly Pearles, who wrben hee had

great things for thy selfe ? seek found one Pearle of great price, hee went them not?

and fold all that hee had co bought it. Text devided, pag. 22. Severall The Context epined, pag. 69. 70. forts of seekers, pag. 25. 26,27,28, The Text divided, pag. 71.72. Two 29, 30.

Doctrines raised, pag. 73, Doct: I. The Perfon seeking, p.31.32,33. That every true Believer is a Mer

Applic: Vse 1. For exposition, pag. chant of goudly Pearles. 34.35,36, 37. Use 2 For direčtiin

Method propounded. 1. By illuin 4 Particulars , pag. 38. 39, 40, 1 strating the similitude in seven parti41. Use 3 For exhortation in 4 Con- culars. pag. 73.74. 2. By applying siderations , pag. 42. 43,44,45,46, the properties of a Merchant in 6 par

ticulars,p. SERM.. HII.

Doct.2.That every Spirituall Mir

chant-venturer must sell all for the PRoy.

Rov. 11. 30. Hee that winseth purchase of the pearle of price. p. 83. foules is wise.

Mechod propounded 'ne Text divided, pag.50.51.

I The Doctrine illustrated by exami

16. 17, 18.

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ples, p. 83,84. 2 Proved by Pračepts frations , pag. 112.
p. 84. Confirmiá by s. Reasons,p.85,
86,87,88. 4 Applyed 1 for reproofe

SERM. VI. of ignorant, iali, coverous, profane perfons, pas: 88, 89,90; V 2. For Hab. 2003Fritha vifionis yie

3 Queries , p. . for an appointed time, but at the Vse 3. For exhortation in 6 farsicu- lind, it shall speak and not lye : though lar drties, pag. 91,92,93. Vse 4. it tarry, wait for it, bicause it will For Direction in s Particulars, pag. Surely come: it will not tarry, pag.113. 93, 94.

The context opined, pag. 113,

114, 115. The Text divided and SERM. V.

expuunaed, pag. 116, 117, 118.

Doct. That in troublesome times PHIE

1. 29. For unto you it is gi- when the vision is darke, and seemes Vin in the behalfe of Christ, nor in- to tarry, then in a peculiar manner, ly to believe on him, but also to suffer ; we should wait upon God for the acfor his sake.

complishment theriof, pag. 118. Text divided, pag. 96.

Method of handling the Doctrin. Doitrine raised. That it's the Du- 1. IVhat it is to wait ? Anf: in ty of true Believers not only to believes Particulars , pag. 119, 120, on Christ, but likewise checrefully and 121, 122, 123, 124. 2 Tbe da readily to suffer for him, when he cals Etrine is illuftrated by examples, pag. them thereunto.

121, 122, 3. The doctrine demonMethod propounded. 1. By way Atrated by 3 Arguments, pag. 125, of illustration, pag. 67, 98, 99. 126, 127, 128, 129. 4 The Do2 Thi DvEtrine confirmed by 4 Rea- Etrine applyed. 1. For Reproofe,pag. fins, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104. 130,131. Use 2. For exhortation 3 The Doćirine applyed. 1 For reproof wherein 8 Propositions are commended, and Discovery of 6 forts of Persons pag. 132, 133, 134, 135.Use 3. for which will ni Soffer , pag. 104, 105. Direction ise 6 Particulars, pag. pag. 106, 107.. Use 2 For Exami- 135, 136, 137, 138. Vse 4. For natich in 6 Particular Notes of Try- | Consolation, pag 138. all, pag. 107, 108. Ule 3 For Exhortation in 4 Preparatives, pag.

SERM. VII. 109, 110. Use 4 For Direction in two cases.

Mos 5.15. Hate the evill and to suffer. A. In three cases, p. 110,

2 How must wee Sreffir? A. ment in the gate : It may be that the 6 Sezerall wayes, pag. 111, 112. Lord God of hosts will be gracious to 5. For Gonfolation in 4 Conside


I whin have wee a cal

! A loob she good, and establish Luder


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