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Do mortal damps invade thy heart,

And deadness seize thee fore?
Rejoice in this, that life t'impart

Thy Husband has in store.
And when new life imparted seems

Establish'd as a rock,
Boast in the fountain, not the ftreams;

Thy Husband is thy stock.
The streams may take a various turn,

· The fountain never moves: Cease then, o'er failing streams to mourn,

Thy Husband thus thee proves.
That glad thou mayst, when drops are gone,

Joy in the spacious sea :
When incomes fail, then still upon

Thy Husband keep thine eye.
But can't thou look, nor moan thy ftrait,

So dark's the dismal hour?
Yet, as thou’rt able, cry and wait

Thy Husband's day of pow'r.
Tell him, though fin prolong the term,

Yet love can scarce delay :
Thy want, his promise, all affirm,

Thy Husband must not stay.

Christ the Believer's enriching Treasure.
IND Jesus lives, thy life to be

Who mak'st him thy refuge ;
And, when he comes, thou'lt joy to see

Thy Husband shall be judge.
Should passing troubles thee annoy,

Without, within, or both?


Since endless life thou'lt then enjoy,

Thy Husband pledg'd his troth.
What won't he, even in time, impart

That's for thy real good?
He gave his love, he gave his heart,

Thy Husband gave his blood.
He gives himself, and what should more?

What can he then refuse?
If this won't pleafe thee, ah! how före

Thy Husband doft abuse !
Earth's fruit, heav'n's dew he won't deny,

Whose eyes thy need behold:
Nought under or above the sky

Thy Husband will withhold.
Doft losses grieve? Since all is thine,

What loss can thee befal?
All things for good tu thee combine *.

Thy Husband orders all.
Thou’rt not puft up with barren leaves,

Or dung of earthly pelf;
More wealth than heav'n and earth he gives,

Thy Husband's thine himself.
Thou hast enough to stay thy plaint,

Else thou complain'st of ease;
For, having all, don't speak of want,

Thy Husband may fuffice.
For this thy store, believing, take

Wealth to the utmost pitch:
The gold of Ophir cannot make,

Thy Husband makes thee rich.
Some flying gains acquire by pains,

And some by plund'ring toil !
Such treasure fades, but thine remains,
Thy Husband's cannot spoil.

* Rom. viii. 28.


Christ the believer's adorning garment.



EA, thou excell'st in rich attire

The lamp that lights the globe ;
Thy sparkling garnient heav'ns admire;

Thy Husband is thy robe.
This raiment never waxeth old,

'Tis always new and clean;
From summer-heat, and winter-cold..

Thy Husband can thee screen.
All who the name of worthies bore,

Since Adam was undrest,
No worth acquir’d, but as they wore

Thy Husband's purple vest.
This linen fine can beautify

The foul with fin begirt :
O bless his name that e'er on thee:

Thy Husband spread his skirt.
Are dunghills deck'd with flow'ry glove

Which Solomon's outvie?
Sure thine is infinitely more,

Thy Husband decks the sky.
Thy hands could never work the drefi,

By grace alone thou’rt gay;
Grace vents and reigns through righteousness,

Thy Husband's bright array.
To spin thy robe no more doit need

Than lilies toil for theirs ;
Out of his bowels ev'ry thread

Thy Husband thine preparesor


CHRIST the believer's sweet Nourishment.

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CHY food conform to thine array

Is heav'nly and divine ;
On pastures green, where angels play,

Thy Husband feeds thee fine.
Angelic food may make thee fair,

And look with chearful face ; The bread of life, the double share,

Thy Husband's love and grace. What can he give or thou desire,

More than his flesh and blood ? Let angels wonder, faints admire,

Thy Husband is thy food. His flesh the incarnation bears

From whence thy feeding flows; His blood the satisfaction clears

Thy Husband both bestows.
Th' incarnate God a facrifice

To turn the wrathful tide,
Is food for faith that may fuffice

Thy Husband's guilty bride.
This strength’ning food may fit and fence

For work and war to come ; Till thro' the croud, some moments hence,

Thy Husband brings thee home. Where plenteous feasting will succeed

To scanty feeding here: And joyful at the table-head

Thy Husband fair appear.

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The crumbs to banquets will give place,

And drops to rivers new :
While heart and eye will face to face

Thy Husband ever view.


Containing the MARKS and CHARACTERS of

the Believer in Christ; together with some farther privileges and ground of comfort to the Saints.



Doubting believers called to examine, by marks

drawn from their love to him and his presencez
their view of his glory, and their being emptied
of self righteousness, &'c.
OOD news! but, fays the drooping bride,

Ah! what's all this to me?
Thou doubtft thy right when shadows bido.

Thy Husband's face from thee.
Through sin and guilt thy fpirit faints,

And trembling fears thy fate;
But harbour not thy groundless plaints,

Thy Husband's advent wait.
Thou fobik, “O were I sure he's mine,

This would give glad'ning ease;"
And say'#, Tho' wants and woes combine,

Thy Husband would thee please.
But up and down, and feldom clear,

Inclos'd with hellish routs;
Yet yield thou not, nor foster fear :

Thy Husband hates thy doubts.

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