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Could I believe what God has spoke,

Rely on his unchanging love, And cease to grasp at fleeting fmoke, **No changes would my mountain move. But when, how soon the frame's away,

And comfortable feelings fail; Sa foon my faith falls in decay,

And unbelieving doubts prevail: This proves the charge of latent vice,

And plain my faith's defects may show; I built the house on thawing ice,

That tumbles with the melting snow. When divine (miles in sight appear,

And I enjoy the heav'nly gale ; When wind and tide and all is fair,

I dream my fạith shall never fail : My heart with false conclusions draw,

That strong my mountain shall remain; That in my faith there is no flaw,

I'll never never doubt again. I think the only rest I take,

Is God's unfading word and name; And fancy not my faith so weak,

As e'er to trust a fading frame. But, ab! by sudden turns I see

My lying heart's fallacious guilt, And that my faith, not firm in me,

On sinking fand was partly built : For, lo! when warming beams are gone,

And fhadow's fall; alas, 'tis odd,
I cannot wait the rising. Sun,

I cannot truft a hiding Gode
So much my faith's affiance seems

Its life from fading joys to bring,

That when I lose the dying streams,

I cannot truft the living fpring. When drops of comfort quickly dry'd,

And fenfible enjoyments fail : When cheering apples are deny'd,

Then doubts instead of faith prevail. But why, tho' fruit be fnatch'd from me,

Should I diftrust the glorious Roots And still affront the ftanding Tree,

By trusting more to falling fruit ? The smalleft frials may evince

My faith unfit to ftand the fhock, That more depends on fleeting fenfe,

Than on the fix'd eternal rock. The fafest ark when floods arise,

Is stable truth that changes not: How weak's my faith that more relies

On feeble fenfe's floating boat? For when the fleeting frame is gone,

I straight my fate in question call; I droop and kink in deeps anon,

As if my frame were all in all. But though I miss the pleasing gale,

And Heav'n withdraw the charming glance; Unless JEHOVAH's oath can fail,

My faith may keep it countenance. The frame of nature fhall decay,

Time-changes break her rufty chains ; Yea, heav'n and earth shall pafs away;

But faith's foundation firm remains. Heav'n's promises so fix'dly ftand,

Ingrav'd with an immortal pen, In great Immanuel's mighty hand,

All hell's attempts to raze are vain.

Did faith with nonte but truth advise,

My steady soul would move no more, Than stable hills when tempests rise,

Or folid rocks when billows roar. But when my faith the counsel hears

Of present sense and reason blind, My wav'ring spirit then appears

A feather toss'd with ev'ry wind. Lame legs of faith unequal crook :

Thus mine, alas! unev’nly stand, Else I would trust my stable Rock,

Not fading frames and feeble fand. I would when dying comforts fly,

As much as when they present were, Upon my living joy rely.

Help, Lord, for here I daily err.




Heaven and Earth.


The Work and Contention of Heaven.
N heav'nly choirs a question rose,

That ftirr'd up strife will never close,
What rank of all the ransom'd race
Owes highest praise to fov'reign grace?
Babes thither caught from womb and breast;
Claim'd right to sing above the rest ;
Because they found the happy shore
They never saw nor fought before.
Those that arrive at riper age
Before they left the dusky stage,

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Thought. grace deserv'd yet-higher praise, That wash'd the blots of num'rous days. Anon the war more close began, Whạt praising harp should lead the van? And which of grace's heav'nly peers Was deepest run in her arrears? “ 'Tis 1, (said one,) 'bove all my race, “ Am debtor chief'to glorious grace." 64 Nay, (faid another,) hark, I trow, as I'm more oblig'd to grace than you. “Stay, (faid a third,)I deepest share “ In owing praise beyond compare : “ The chief of finners, you'll allow, “ Must be the chief of fingers now.”

Hold, (faid a fourth,) I here protest

My praises must outvie the best ; " For I'ın of all the human race “ The highest miracle of grace."

Stop, (laid a fifth,) these notes forbear, “Lo! I'm the greatest wonder here; " For I of all the race that fell, 66 Deserv'd the lowest place in hell." A soul that higher yet aspir'd, With equal love to Jesus fir’d, « 'Tis mine to fing the highest notes • To love, that walh'd the foulest blots.” “ Ho! (cry'd a mate,) 'tis mine I'll prove, “ Who finn'd in spite of light and love, “ To found his praise with loudest bell, 66 That say'd me from the lowest hell." " Come, come, (said one,) I'll hold the plea, “ That highest praise is due by me; 6 For mine, of all the sav'd by grace, “ Was the most dreadful, desp'ratę case.”

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Another rising at his fide, As fond of praise, and free of pride, Cry'd, “ Pray give place, for 1 defy, That you should owe more praise than I: “ I'll yield to none in this debate; " I'm run so deep in grace's debt, " That sure I am, I boldly can

Compare with all the heav'nly clan," Quick o'er their heads a trump awoke, • Your songs my very beart have spoke ; “ But ev'ry note you here propale, "Belongs to me beyond you all." The list ning millions round about With sweet resentment loudly shout;

What voice is this, comparing notes, " That to their song chiet place allots ? " We can't allow of such a sound, " That you alone have highest ground “ To fing the royalties of grace; “ We clain the fame adoring place. What! will no rival-finger yield He has a match upon the field ? " Come, then, and let us all agree " To praise upon the highest key." Then jointly all the harpers round In mind unite with folemn found, And strokes upon the highest string, Made all the heav'niy arches ring : Ring loud witb hallelujah's high, To him that fent his Son to die; And to the worthy Lamb of God, I bat lov'd and wulh'dihem in bis blood. Free.grace was fov'reign empress crown'd In. pomp, with joyful thouts around:

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