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• In God the great Lawgiver's glorious name,
' I judge thy foul to everlasting shame.
No flesh can by the law be justified ti
Yet darest thou thy legal duties plead ?
As Paul appeal'd to Cesar, wilt thou fo,
Unto the law? then to it shalt thou go,
And find it doom thee to eternal wo.
What! would ye have us plung'd in deep de-

spair ?
Amen; yea, God himself would have you there.
His will it is that you despair of life,
And safety by the law, or legal strife;
That cleanly thence divorc'd at any rate,
His fajrest Son may have a faithful mate.
Till this law-sentence pass within your breast,
You'll never wed the law-discharging Priest.
You prize not heav'n till he through hell you


Nor love the gospel till you know the law.

Know then, the divine law most perfect cares.
For none of thy imperfect legal wares ;
Dooms thee to vengeance for thy sinful state,
As well as finful actions finall or great,
If any fin can be accounted fmall,
To hell it dooms thy soul for one and all.
For sins of nature, practice, heart, and way,
Damnation-rent it fummons thee to pay.
Yea, not for sin alone, which is thy shame,
But for thy boasted service too so lame,
The law adjudges thee and hell to meet,
Because thy righteousness is incomplete.
As tow'ring flames burn up the wither'd flags,
So will the fiery law thy filthy rags.

+ Rom. iii. 20.

Direction given with reference to the right use of

the means, that we rest not on these instead of
Christ the glorious Husband, in whom qur belp
, art *

thou now?
Oh! art thou saying, Sir, what shall I do?
I dare not use that proud self-raising strain,
Go help yourself, and God will help you then.
Nay, rather know, O Isróel, that thou haft
Deltroyéd thyself, and can't not in the least,
From sin nor wrath thyself the captive free,
Thy help (fays Jesus) only lies in me 1.
Heav'n's oracles direct to him alone;
Full help is laid upon this mighty One.
In him, in him complete falvation dwells;
He's God the helper, and there is none else.
Fig-leaves wont hide thee from the fiery show'r,
'Tis he alone that saves by price and pow'r.

Must we do nothing then (will mockers say) But rest in floth till Heav'n the help convey ? Pray, stop a little, finner, don't abuse God's awful word, that charges thee to use Means, ordinances, which he's pleas’d to place, As precious channels of his pow'rful grace. Restless improve all these, until from Heav'n The whole salvation needful thus be giv'n. Wait in this path, according to his call, On him whole pow'r alone effecteth all. Would'st thou him wed, in duties wait, I say, But marry not thy duties by the way. * Gen. iii. 9.

+ Mark X. 17 Hof, xiii. 9. § lsa xlv. 22.

Thou'lt wofully come short of saving grace
If duties only be thy reiting place.
Nay, go a little further through them all,
To him whose office is to save from thrall.
Thus in a gospel-manner hopeful wait,
Striving to enter by the narrow gate*.
So strait and narrow, that it won't-admit
The bunch upon thy back to enter it.
Not only bulky lufts may cease to press,
But ev'n the bunch of boafted righteousness.

Alany, as in the sacred page we see,
Skall Arive to enter but unable bet:
Because, miftaking this new way of life,
They push a legal, not a gospel-Itrife :
As if their duties did Jehovah bind,
Because 'tis written, Seek, and ye shall find S.
Perverted scripture does their error fence,
They read the letter, but neglect the sense.
While to the word no gospel-gloss they give,
Their seek and find's the same with do and live,
Hence would they a connection native place,
Between their moral pains and saving grace:
Their nat'ral poor efsays they judge won't miss
In justice to infer eternal bliss.

Thus commentaries on the word they make Which to their ruin are a grand mistake : For through the legal bias in their breast, They scripture to their own destruction wreft. Why, if we seek we get, they gather hence : Which is not truth, save in the scripture-sense. There Jesus deies with friends, and elsewhere These seekersonly speed that askin faith ll. [faith, Song. iii. 1, 4.

* Mat. vii. 13. 14., + Luke xiii. 24. g Mat. vii. 7.

James i. 6.

The prayer of the wicked is abhorråd,
As an abomination to the Lord *.
Their fuits are fins, but their neglects no less,
Which can't their guilt diminish, but increase.
They ought, like beggars, lie in grace's way;
Hence Peter taught the forcerer to pray 1:
For though mere nat'ral mens address or prayers
Can no acceptance gain as works of theirs,
Nor have, as their performance, any sway;
Yet as a divine ordinance they may.
But spotless truth hath bound itself to grant
The suit inone but the believing faint.
In Jesus, persons once accepted, do
Acceptance find in him for duties.too.
For he, whose Sun they do in marriage take,
Is bound to hear them for their Husband's fake.

But let no Chriftless foul at pray’r appear,
As if JEHOVAH were obliged to hear :
But use the means, because a fovéreign God
May come with alms, in this his wonted road,
He wills thee to frequent kind wisdom's gate,
To read, hear, medirate, to pray and wait;
Thy spirit then be on these duties bent,
As gospel means, but not as legal rent.
From these don't thy falvation hope nor claim,
But from JEHOVAH in the use of them.
The beggar's fpirit never was fo dull,
While waiting at the gate call'd Beautiful,
To hope for succour from the temple-gate,
At which he did fo daily careful wait;
But from the rich and charitable fort,
Who to the temple daily made refort.
Means, ordinances, are the comely gate,
At which kind Heav'n has bid us conftant wait:

* Pory. XY J. xxvül. 9. Acts viii. 22.

Not that from these we have our alms, but from
The lib'ral God, who there is wont to come.
If either we these means shall dare neglect,
Or yet from these th' enriching bliss expect,
We from the glory of the King defaik,
Who in the galleries is wont to walk;
We move not regular in duties road,
But base, invert them to an idol-god.

Seek then, if gospel-means you would essay,
Through grace to use them in a gospel way:
Not deeming that your duties are the price
Of divine favour, or of paradise ; ;
Nor that your best efforts employ'd in these
Are fit exploits your awful judge to please.
Why, thus you bafely idolize your trash,
And make it with the blood of Jesus clash.
You'd buy the bleffing with your vile refuse,
And fo his precious righteousness abuse.
What! buy his gifts with filthy lumber? nay;
Whoever offers this must hear him say,
Tby money perish with thy soul for ay*.

Duties are means, which to the marriage-bed Should chastely lead us like a chamber-maid ; But if with her instead of Christ we match, We not our safety, but our ruin hatch. To Cesar what is Cesar's should be giv'n, But Cesar must not have what's due to Heav'n; So duties should have duties roon, 'tis true, But nothing of the glorious Husband's due. While means the debt of close attendance crave, Our whole dependence God alone must have. If duties, tears, our conscience pacify, They with the blood of Christ presume to vie,

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