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Means are his vassals ; shall we without grudge
Discard the master, and espouse the drudge?
The hypocrite, the legalist does fin,
To live on duties, not on Christ therein.:
He only feeds on empty dishes, plates,
Who dotes on means, but at the manna frets.
Let never means content thy soul at all,
Without the Husband, who is all in all *.
Cry daily for the happy marriage-hour;
To thee belongs the mean, to him the pow'r.


SECT. III. A CALL to believe in Jesus Christ, with some

hints at the act and object of faith. 'RIEND, is the question on thy heart en

grav’d, What Mall I do to be for ever sav'dt? Lo! here's a living rock to build upon; Believe in Jesus $; and.on him alone For righteousness and ftrength thine anchor drop, Renouncing all thy former legal hope.

Believe (say you !) I can no more believe, · Than keep the law of works, the DO and

LIVE.' True; and it were thy mercy, didft thou see Thine utter want of all ability. New cov'nant graces he alone can grant, Whom God has given to be the covenant 1; Ev'n Jesus, whom the sacred letters call Faith's object, author, finisher, and all ; In him alone, not in thy act of faiths, Thy soul believing, full salvation hath. * Col. iii. 3. † Aas xyi. 30. Ø Ver. 31. Ifa. xlii. 6.

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In this new cov'nant judge not faith to hold The room of perfect doing in the old. Faith is not giv’n to be the fed'ral price Of other blessings, or of paradise : But Heav'n, by giving this, strikes out a door At which is carried in ftill more and more. No finner must upon his faith lay stress, As if it were a perfect righteousness. God ne'er affignéd unto it such a place ; 'Tis but at best a bankrupt begging grace. Its object makes its fame to fly abroad, So close it gripes the righteousness of God; Which righteousness receiv'd, is (without strife) The true condition of eternal life. But still, say you, pow'r to believe I miss.

but know you what believing is? Faith lies not in your building up a tow'r Of some great action by your proper pow'r, For Heav'n well knows, that by the killing fall No pow'r, no will remains in man at all For acts divinely good; 'till sovereign grace By powʻrful drawing virtue turn the chafe. Hence none believe in Jesus as they ought, 'Tillonce they first believe they can do nought, Nor are sufficient een to form a thought*. They're conscious, in the right believing hour, Of human weakness, and of divine powór. Faith acts not in the sense of strength and might, But in the sense of weakness acts outright. It is (no boafting arm of powór or length), But weakness acting on almighty strength t. It is the pow‘rless, helpless finners flight Into the open arms of saving might :

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'Tis an employing Jesus to do all
That can within falvation's compass fall;
To be the agent kind in ev'ry thing
Belonging to a prophet, priest, and king ;
To teach, to pardon, fanctify, and save,
And nothing to the creaturéés pow'r to leave.
Faith makes us joyfully content that he
Our Head, our Husband, and our All should be ;
Our righteousness and strength, our stock and

Our fund for food and raiment, grace and glore.
It makes the creature down to nothing fall,
Content that Chrift alone be all in all.

The plan of grace is faith's delightful view,
With which it closes both as good and true.
Unto the truth, the mind's agent is full,
Unto the good, a free consenting will.
The Holy Spirit here the agent chief,
Creates this faith, and dashes unbelief.
That very God who calls us to believe,
The very faith he seeks must also give.
Why calls he then? say you. Pray, man, be
Why did he call dead Lazarus to rise? [wise;
Because the orders in their bosom bear
Almighty pow'r to make the carcase hear.

But Heav'n may not this mighty pow'r display.
Most true ; yet still thou art oblig'd t' obey,
But God is not at all oblig‘d to ftretch
His faving arm to such a sinful wretch.
All who within salvation-rolls have place,
Are fav‘d by a prerogative of grace;
But vessels all that shall with wrath be crammód,
Are by an act of holy justice damn'd.
Take then, dear foul, as from a friendly heart,
The counsel which the foll'wing lines impart.

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SECT. IV. An Advice to finners to apply to the sovereign mer

cy of God, as it is discovered through Christ, to the highest honour of justice, and other divine attributes, in order to further their faith in him unto salvation. O, friend, and at JEHOVAH's footstool bow;

Thou know'st not what a fovéreign God Confess, if he commiserate thy case, [may do. “Twill be an act of powʻrful sovóreign grace. Sequestrate carefully some solemn hours, , To shew thy grand concern in secret powʻrs. Then in thé ensuing strain to God impart, And pour into his bosom all thy heart.

O glorious, gracious, pow'rful, fov'reign Lord, * Thy help unto a sinful worm afford; • Who from my wretched birth to this fad hour

Have still been destitute of will and pow'r • To close with glorious Chrift; yea, filld)

with spite * At thy fair darling, and thy faints delight, • Refifting all his grace with all my might. 'Come, Lord, and sap my enmity's strong tow'r; 'O haste the marriage-day, the day of pow'r: • That sweetly, by refiftless grace inclin'd,

My once reluctant be a willing mind. 'Thou spak'st to being ev'ry thing we see, When thy almighty will faid, Let it be. Nothings to being in a moment pass : 'Let there be light, thou saidft; and so it was * 'A pow'rful word like this, a mighty call, 'Muft tay, Let there be faith, and then it shall.

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* Gen. i. 3.

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• Thou seek'st my faith and flight from fin and

guilt; • Give what thou seek'st, Lord; then seek what

thou wilt. • What good can issue froni a root fo ill! • This heart of mine's a wicked lump of hell; < 'Twill all thy common motions still refift, * Unless with special drawing virtue bleft. 6. Thou calls, but with the call thy pow'r con

vey ; • Command me to believe, and I'll obey, • Nor any more thy gracious call gainsay. • Conmand, O Lord, effectually command, • And grant I be not able to withstand; * Then powórless I will stretch the wither'd

hand. * I to thy favour can pretend no claim, • But what is borrow'd from thy glorious name; • Which though most juftly thou mayóst glorify, • In damning such a guilty wretch as me. • A faggot fitted for the burning fire • Of thine incensed everlafting ire :

Yet, Lord, since now I hear thy glorious Son, • In favour of a race that was undone, • Did in thy name, by thy authority, • Once to the full ftern justice fatisfy ; • And paid more glorious tribute thereunto • Than hell and all its torments e'er can do.

Since my salvation through his blood can raise • A revenue to justice' highest praife,

Higher than rents, which hell for ever pays: " These to tremendous juftice never bring • A satisfaction equal and condign. • But Jesus our once dying God performs, • What never could by ever-dying worms :

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