Studies in Theism

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Phillips & Hunt, 1879 - Theism - 444 pages

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Page 415 - MAY I join the choir invisible Of those immortal dead who live again In minds made better by their presence : live In pulses stirred to generosity, In deeds of daring rectitude, in scorn For miserable aims that end with self. In thoughts sublime that pierce the night like stars, And with their mild persistence urge man's search To vaster issues.
Page 163 - Did the thought which now ran back to it simply return to its primeval home ? If so, had we not better recast our definitions of matter and force ? for if life and thought be the very flower of both, any definition which omits life and thought must be inadequate, if not untrue.
Page 217 - Life is not a bully, who swaggers out into the open universe, upsetting the laws of energy in all directions, but rather a consummate strategist, who, sitting in his secret chamber, before his wires, directs the movements of a great army.* 223.
Page 275 - It is not too much to say that every indication of Design in the Kosmos is so much evidence against the Omnipotence of the Designer. For what is meant by Design? Contrivance: the adaptation of means to an end.
Page 204 - ... the universe. Its stupendous reach spans all orders of existence. Not only does it govern the movements of the heavenly bodies, but it presides over the genesis of the constellations ; not only does it control those radiant floods of power which fill the eternal spaces, bathing, warming, illumining and vivifying our planet, but it rules the actions and relations of men, and regulates the march of terrestrial affairs.
Page 202 - ... planetary spheres, but also molecularly, or throughout its most intimate structure : thus every alteration of temperature produces a molecular change throughout the whole substance heated or cooled ; slow chemical or electrical actions, actions of light or invisible radiant forces, are always at play, so that as a fact we cannot predicate of any portion of matter that it is absolutely at rest.
Page 221 - If we could view the Universe as a candle not lit, then it is perhaps conceivable to regard it as having been always in existence ; but if we regard it rather as a candle that has been lit, we become absolutely certain that it cannot have been burning from eternity, and that a time will come when it will cease to burn.
Page 365 - Shall gravitation cease when you go by?" may be a just rebuke to any one who should be so silly as to expect common human morality from nature. But if the question were between two men, instead of between a man and a natural phenomenon, that triumphant apostrophe would be thought a rare piece of impudence. A man who should persist in hurling stones or firing cannon when another man "goes by," and having killed him should urge a similar plea in exculpation, would very deservedly be found guilty of...
Page 204 - The scientific idea of force is the idea of as pure and mysterious a unity as the one of Parmenides. It is a noumenal integer, phenomenally differentiated into the glittering universe of things." It would be easy to fill pages with such dazzling matter; but volumes of it would give no information, and we content ourselves with one overwhelming glory from the pen of Dr.
Page 202 - ... actions, actions of light or invisible radiant forces, are always at play, so that as a fact we cannot predicate of any portion of matter that it is absolutely at rest. Supposing, however, that motion is not an indispensable function of matter, but that matter can be at rest, matter at rest would never of itself cease to be at rest; it would not move unless impelled to such motion by some other moving body, or body which has moved. This proposition applies not merely to impulsive motion, as when...

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