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reign to heaven. The man that argues against missions as foreign, is not aware perhaps that his argument assails the mission of the Son of God, and would prove the incarnation to have been an unwise measure. But is it foreign ? What! one spot of earth foreign to another, and man an alien to man! Christianity teaches a different lesson that earth is but one great habitation, and men but one extended brotherhood. O shall we, who have been visited by a benefactor from the skies, think any part of earth too distant for our charity to explore! Jesus thought it not so when he said, “ Go ye into all the world.” If the argument of distance had prevailed with others, we had never heard of Jesus. Was not Britain far off ? Yet Christian missionaries visited it. I wonder that this circumstance should be forgotten. Was that a Quixotic enterprise which resulted in the conversion of our ancestors? If not, how is that Quixotic which undertakes the conversion of a nation now in heathenism? Too distant! There was something forinidable in distance once. But what is distance now? With the star, and the compass, and the sail, and the steam, and man's skill to construct, and courage to dare and fortitude to endure, what, I ask, is distance ? Diminished almost to being annihilated. Whither has not man gone for his own objects ? Whither shall he not go for Christ's ? Shall curiosity, the love of science, the passion for adventure, the iust of gain, carry men farther than the love of Christ shall constrain them to go? O never. There is no force in the objection.

It was, notwithstanding all, a good meeting. Those who were present gave liberally, and with the help of the ladies we shall more than make up the sum we proposed. I know some think these women ought not to labor with us in the gospel. But why not these, as well as

“ those women

" which labored with Paul in the gospel, of whom he makes such respectful mention in his epistle to the Philippians ? Was it proper then to use their aid, and not now? May they not do what they can for Christ as well as their sister whom Christ commended for having done what she could ? Were they not women whom Christ sent on the first errand he wanted done after his resurrection ? “ Go tell


brethren that they go into Galilee, and there shall they see me.” May not such as went on that errand, go on that greater er. rand: “Go ye and teach all nations ? May they not at least promote the going of others ? What are women the followers of Jesus Christ, and may they not, as their Master did, go about doing good ?

80. Why the World Should Have the Bible.

There are a great many reasons why the world shou.d have the Bible. The reasons are so numerous, substantialand urgent, that I wonder any should have doubts about it. And I wonder that we who have the Bible, and think so much of it, and have such means of multiplying and circulating copies of it, do not resolve at once to attempt, within a reasonable period, to give it to the world, since the world can only have it by the gift of those in whose possession it now is. If it is time that they had it--high time, as I suppose no one will deny, it is time we had at least resolved to try to let them have it. I wonder the great national Societies hesitate to resolve to try to fill the world with Bibles within a given period. No individual or society knows what it can do till a trial is made; we can never foresee our ability to accomplish a great enterprise. They must always be undertaken in faith. I consider it quite as hazardous to predict that the world God has created and upholds cannot be put in possession of his Word in some twenty or thirty years, as to predict that it can. This may seem a short time for us to fill the world with Bibles, but it is a long time for them to be without Bibles. I think it is always best to resolve on that which ought to be done, and which greatly needs to be done, especially when one knows that the thing is to be done within some period, and when the resolution is but to make the attempt, and even that is done only in reliance on divine help. A man may resolve on a great deal, when he is authorized to rely, and does actually rely on God to aid him in executing it. He may take on him a great weight of responsibility when he has such support. One can do all things through Christ strengthening him; and cannot some hundreds of thousands of Christians fill the world with Bibles through the same?

Why should not the efforts of the friends of Christ extend as far as do those of the foes of Christ? There is Satan and his associates. They go for the whole world. When the Lord asked Satan whence he came, he answered, " From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it." He had been over the whole ground. And shall not we go over the whole ground ? Shall we not go as far seeking whom we may save, as he “ seeking whom he may devour ?" I know that he is a

very powerful being, and we are weak; but he is not al. mighty, whereas, though we are not, our glorious Ally is.

I know too that the foes of Christ are united, and herein have a great advantage; while the friends of Christ are any thing but united. That desire which the Savior expressed, " that they all may be one," remains to be accomplished: and while that is the case, no wonder the world does not believe that God has sent him. John 17:21. Christ does not seem to have expected that the world would believe, until his disciples were one. Now, they are not one, nor even two, but many. These friends have so many disputes to settle among themselves, that I do not know when they will be ready to proceed against the common foe. No other being ever had such divided friends as Christ. I do not say that all their controversies are unimportant, but I say they are none of them as important as the Lord's controversy with the earth.

But there is another more touching reason why the whole world should have the Bible as soon as possible. My mind has recently laid great stress upon it, and it was for the sake of presenting it that I undertook this article. Every part of earth is a vale of tears, and man is universally a mourner. Afflic. tion is, or is to be, the lot of all. “ Man is born to trouble,” and no one can alienate this birthright. Now the Bible is the mourner's own and only book. There is nothing will do for him but this. Other books have been tried and found wanting. They do not go to the heart like God's. They don't wipe away a tear.

But the Bible tells us of a hand that wipes away all tears from our eyes. And it is the very hand that made us. What a picture the Bible presents ! One everlasting arm underneath a man to support him, and the hand of the other wiping away his tears as they flow! Was ever any thing like it?

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