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by white persons, and partly by intelligent colored persons. It is languishing now for want of teach

There were present some twenty-five or thirty females, and only two female teachers. I wondered to see no more than two there of those who were last at the cross and first at the sepulchre. I thought it a little out of character. One of these told me that often there had been forty present, but as two could not attend to them all, they had gradually become discouraged, and had dropped off one after another. They found they must give up learning to read, though they wanted very much to learn to read the Bible. Some large classes of fine looking boys sat there without any teacher. No man cared for them. I said it was a pity, but I thought it was a shame. The church with which this school is connected, abounds in able-bodied professors of religion, who could easily supply this want. But they don't do it. They say they can't; but the truth is, they wont. I know some have an antipathy to the colored; but, as I suppose, they are comprehended in that “world” of which we read, John, 3:16, that God loved it, and certainly in that “whole world,” of which we read, 1st John, 2 : 2, as connected with Christ's pro. pitiation, I have none. As for those, however, who are so much more fastidious than their Lord, there are white children enough to employ them.

But I hear one say, “ I was once a teacher;" and do you not blush to own that you

became weary in

this species of well-doing? “But I think I taught long enough." How long did you teach? Till ' there were no more to learn ? Till


could teach no longer ? Are you dead? If not, you are resting from your labors rather prematurely. This excuse resembles one which I heard of, as from a lady of wealth, who, having for several years been a subscriber to the Bible Society, at length ordered her name to be stricken off, alleging that she thought she had done her part towards disseminating the Bible ! The world was not supplied; O no, not even the country; and her means were not exhausted. But she had done her part. Had she done what she could ? The woman whom Jesus commended had “ done what she could." But this is a digression.

But one says, “ I want the Sabbath for myself, for rest and for improvement.” And who does not ? Are you busily employed all the week? So are some of our most faithful teachers. You ought to be " diligent in business” during the days of the week. Six days shalt thou labor." But is there any rest in Sabbath School teaching ?" The soul finds some of its sweetest rest in the works of mercy, and often its richest improvement in the care to im


prove others.

But perhaps you say, though with some diffidence you express this objection, that you belong to a circle in society whose members are not accustomed to teach in the Sabbath School. Do you mean

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you are above the business? You must be ex'ceedingly elevated in life to be above the business of gratuitously communicating the knowledge of God to the young and ignorant. You must be exalted above the

very throne of God itself, if you are above caring for poor children. “But I should have to mingle with those beneath me in rank.” Ah, I supposed that Christianity has destroyed the distinction of rank, not indeed by depressing any, but by ele. vating all. Should Christians, all cleansed by the same blood and spirit, treat other Christians as common?

“But I am not qualified to teach." If you are not in reality, you should undertake teaching for the sake of learning. The best way to learn any thing, is to teach it. If you only think yourself not qualified, your very humility goes far towards qualify

ing you.

O, it is too laborious. There is so much selfdenial in it" And do I hear a disciple of Christ complaining of labor and self-denial, when these are among the very conditions of discipleship? Is the disciple above his master? Can you follow Christ without going where he went ? And went he not about doing good? Pleased he himself?

Ah, I know what is the reason of this deficiency of Sabbath School teachers, and I will speak it out. It is owing to a deplorable want of Christian benevolence in them who profess to be Christ's followers. They lack the love that is necessary to engage one in this labor of love. They have no heart for the work.

10. Do you attend the Monthly Concert?


I would like to have this piece read, though I know very well that


of those I ask to read it, could themselves write a hetter 'article on the same subject. I am a little afraid that some who do not attend the Monthly Concert will read the heading of the article and then turn to something else, presumed to be more interesting. As that, however, will look very much like a desire to evade the light, and an unwillingness to hear why we should attend the Concert, I hope they will, through dread, of that imputation, conclude to read the whole ar. ticle. I cannot doubt they have their reasons for not attending, and I promise that if they will have them printed, I will carefully read them, provided they will read my reasons in favor of atterrance.

I put a question. I put it not to every Jody. I ask it not of the world, for the world is the object of the Concert, and cannot be expected therefore to join in it. I put it to the professor of religion-the reputed disciple of Christ. I ask him if he attends


Pr. Thoughts



the Monthly Concert ? He knows what I mean by that phrase—the meeting for prayer attended by. Christians on the first Monday in each month, in which they offer their social supplications for the success of missions, the spread of the Gospel, and the conversion of the world to God. All the members of the church do not attend it. The half do not. No.

The Concert has not yet secured the majority of the church. Even “the sacramental

are not as yet in favor of the conversion of the world, if attendance on the Monthly Concert may be made the test, as I think with the utmost propriety it may; for surely he cannot have much of a desire for the world's conversion who will not meet once a month to express it in concert with other Christians. And this, I suppose, is the principal reason why the world is not converted, because the prayer-meetings of the church bear testimony that even she is not heartily in favor of it. O, when will the question, “Shall the world be converted ?" be put to the church, and carried in the affirmative? There will be joy in heaven when that result is reported there; and then the work of the world's conversion will go rapidly forward, and nations be born in a day. Now, do you join in the concert, or are you one of those who make discord ?

Many professors can say they do attend. glad so many can say it. You attend, but let me ask, do you love to attend? O! if

I am


leave your

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