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11. Why all Christians should attend the Month.

ly Concert.

It is a fact well known and deeply deplored, that some professors of religion never attend the Monthly Concert. Perhaps they never attend any of the prayer-meetings of the church. It is not for me to say that such persons have no religion, though I must go so far as to say that I do not see how they can have a great deal. Nor does their religion appear to be of the kind contemplated in the New Testament. They may be Christians, but I am certain they are not primitive Christians. I do not, for my part, see how those who never meet with their fellow disciples for social prayer, can be acquitted of contemning that gracious promise of Christ, “ If two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” What an encouragement to concerts of prayer is conveyed in those words, “ if two of

you shall agree !" How can they be supposed to love the presence of the Savior, who are not desirous to meet himn“ where two or three are gathered together in his name!" If such disciples had existed at that time, of course they would not have attended the meetings for prayer which preceded the memorable day of Pentecost. They would not have gone to the "upper room.” Perhaps they would have made some ex

cuse for their absence. Perhaps not. One might have said that he could not bear the air of a crowded room. Another, that he did not see why he could not pray as well at home. There were no such despisers of the prayer meeting among the primitive disciples. They all frequented the upper room, " and all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication.” O that it were so now! Fellow disciples of the blessed Jesus, listen to a few plain reasons why we should all attend the Monthly Concert.

1. It is a meeting of Christians. Should you not meet with Christians ? God has made you social beings; and Christians are the best company. Should you not cultivate that kind of society on earth, with which you are to be associated for ever in heaven? The same class of persons—they that feared the Lord-used to meet together in the days of Malachi; and the Lord noted it down. Come then to the Concert.

2. It is a meeting of Christians for religious worship. The Concert is a sacred assembly. It invites not merely to mutual intercourse, but to intercourse with God and heaven. In it we meet one with another, that we may together meet the Lord; and if he kept a book of remembrance for them who feared him, and who met for conference with each other, will he not much more for those who meet for communion with himself?

3. It is the most interesting kind of religious meeting. It is a prayer meeting. Its exercises consist in prayer interspersed with praise. The song of gratiiude and supplication of blessing ascend alternately. O it is good to be there! What Christian but loves the prayer meeting !

4. It is the most interesting of all prayer meetings. . I had rather be absent from any other than from this. Think how large a concert it is—how many voices join in it, and hearts still more! From how many lands-in how many languages they pray, yet with one desire, and for a single object. Think of that object—its unity, its grandeur, its benevolence-a world lying in wickedness—the speedy conversion of that world to God! In the Monthly Concert Christians meet to express together to their God this one great benevolent desire. And ought not you to be there?

But what gives the greatest interest to the Concert is, that Christ himself in substance established it. Yes, he has taught us so to pray. His disciples asked him how they should pray, and he answered that they should pray socially for the conversion of the world, viz. that they should meet under circumstances which would justify the use of the plural number, “Our Father," &c. and thus met, that they should pray together, “ Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Now, is not this just what we do in the Monthly Concert ? We put in practice that lesson of Christ on prayer.


That is the amount of it. The missionary concert has then the sanction of the Master, however some of his professed disciples may regard it. Is it so ? Then I ask not; will you come to the Concert, but how can you stay away? 5. It is good to draw near to God in prayer

for guilty and dying world. Christians find it so. If they benefit no others, yet they benefit themselves. God bestows blessing on them while they implore blessing for others.

6. It is kind to the poor heathen thus to meet once a month and pray that they may possess the same Gospel of the grace of God, which has brought salvation to us.

If we were in their situation, and knew what it was to be in such a situation, we should wish Christians to pray for us. And shall not we, being Christians, pray for them? The gol. den rule requires it. The love of Christ constrains to it. How shall we not pray for them? How shall I be able to answer for it, I say not to God, but to my poor pagan brother that I shall meet before the bar of our common Judge, if I let him go into eternity without even praying that the light of the Gospel may illuminate his dark mind? How shall I be able to bear his reproachful recognition of me as a Christian? I will take care not to lie under the accusation. I will pray for him.

7. Nothing so cheers the hearts of our missionaries, and nothing so encourages them in their work,

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as when they hear of well attended Concerts. So they tell us; and they write back that nothing they meet with on the field of their labors depresses and discourages them so much as the intelligence they receive from home that Christians neglect the Monthly Concert, and few of the churches meet to pray for them. They know that they cannot succeed with. out God, and they know that it is prayer which engages God to work effectually with them. O, if we could but send them word by the next ships that go, that Christians in crowds come up to the missionary prayer meeting, and the place of the Monthly Con cert is thronged; they would be able, I have no doubt, to send us word back, perhaps by those very ships returning, that the heathen in crowds gather around them inquiring the way of salvation, and that many have gone even unto Christ, and become partakers

But in vain shall we expect to hear very cheering intelligence from them, while the intelligence they receive from us is no more cheering. O, it is base treatment of our missionary brethren and sisters, as well as gross dereliction of the duty imposed by the Savior's last command, not to meet and

of his grace.

pray for them.

But why should I multiply reasons ? Will you not attend henceforth? If, after all, you will not, I can only say I am sorry-sorry on two accounts --sorry for the heathen, and sorry for you.

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