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will be restored in two great divisions. 5. The first of these divisions will be restored in a converted state by the prevailing protestant maritime power of the day. 6. The second will be restored in an unconverted state, and in opposition to the views of the maritime power, by a confederacy consisting of the Roman beast under his last head, the false prophet, and the vassal kings of the earth or Latin empire. ' 7. The confederacy, one member of which is certainly the atheistico-papalking, having sanctified their war by proclamation, will successfully invade Palestine by land, will occupy Egypt, will return and sack Jerusalem, and will plant the curtains of their pavilions between the seas in the glorious holy mountain. 8. Their triumph how, ever after this last exploit will be but short. As sembling themselves together at Megiddo, they, will suddenly be overthrown by the Divine Word of God, and will be agitated by such a preter, natural confusion as to draw every man his sword against his fellow: so that the bulk of this mighty northern army shall miserably perish between the seas of Palestine; and the infidel tyrant himself come to his end, none being able to help him. 9. The Latin city will be divided by an earthquake into three parts at the first effusion of the seventh vial; the earthquake, the expedition of Antichrist, and the rout at Armageddon, being equally comprehended under the same vial. 10. Two ont of three parts of the bestial confederacy will be destroyed at Megiddo. 11. The power of the beast and the false prophet will be for ever broken by their last decisive overthrow ir, the valley of the Lord's judgment. 12. The third part of the bestial confederacy will be spared and converted.


it is manifest, that those times will begin to be fulfilled, so soon as the 1260 years shall have expired, and that they will be completely fulfilled, when the Antichristian confederacy is broken and when the Jews are wholly restored. Thus wonderfully do both these prophecies harmonize with St. John's description of the final battle of Armageddon and the vintage; as well as with the parallel predictions of Joel, Zechariah, and others of the ancient prophets. The fulness of the Gentiles, mentioned by St. Paul as the era of the restoration of the Jeres, must therefore mean their attaining to that height of zwickedness, which should mark the period when their times should be fulfilled (Rom. xi. 25.). The ground of this interpretation of the fulness of the Gentiles is stated at large in my Work on the restoration of Israel and the orerthrow of Antichrist.



This third part will be scattered among the nations, and will be instrumental in preparing the way for the restoration and conversion of the ten tribes. 14. The ten tribes will be restored and will be for ever united with the tribe of Judah, so as to form with it only one nation. 15. At the end of 75 years, after the termination of the 1260 years, the season of millennian rest will commence *.


* Though I am unable to assent to the ingenious Mr. King's scheme of apocalyptic interpretation, his remarks upon Palestine, considered as the centre of the millennian empire of Christ upon earth, are highly worthy of notice. "How ca“ pable this country is of a more universal intercourse, than

any other, with all parts of the earth, is most remarkable ; « and deserves well to be considered, when we read the nu.



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All these matiers are clearly predicted by the prophets. The manner, in which they will be agcomplished, affords a vast field for conjecture: but their accomplishment itself is no vain speculation: in God's own good time, that must take place: how it will take place, we know not beyond what is revealed. Respecting the yet future and mys

terious merous prophecies which speak of its future splendour and “ greatness, when its people shall at length be gathered from

all parts of the earth unto which they are scattered, and be restored to their own land. There is no region in the " world, to which an access from all parts is so open. By

means of the Black sea, and the Mediterranean, there is an easy approach from all parts of Europe, from a great part of Africa, and from America. By means of the Red

sea, and the Persian gulf, and the well-known roads from is thence, there is an approach from the rest of Africa, from o the East Indies, and from the Isles. And lastly, by means “ of the Caspian, the Lake or Sea of Baykall, and the near “ communication of many great rivers, the approach is faci- litated from all the northern parts of Tartary. In short, if a skilful geographer were to sit down to devise the fittest “ spot on the globe for universal empire; or rather, a spot, “'where all the great intercourses of human life should unia

versally centre; and from whence the extended effects of " universal benevolence and good-will should flow to all

parts of the earth; and where universal and united homage * should be paid, with one consent, to the Most High ; he « could not find another so well suited, in all circumstances, " as that which is with emphasis called The Holy Land. These " observations perhaps may not deserve great weight, but " they ought not to be wholly neglected; especially when it “ is considered, how many passages of Scripture there are, « which plainly declare, that the time shall at length come, ", when Zion shall be the joy of the whole earth." Note to Hymns to the Supreme Being, p. 126. Vol. II.


terious Millennium, the less that is said upon the subject the better. Unable myself to form the slightest conception of its specific nature, I shall weary neither my own nor my reader's patience with premature remarks upon it. That it will be a season of great blessedness is certain : further than this we know nothing definitely. The secret “ things belong unto the Lord our God: but “ those things which are revealed belong unto us " and to our children for ever, that we may de “ all the words of this Law*."

* Deut. xxix. 29,




Recapitulation and Conclusion.

FROM what has been said we learn, that the 1260 days are the appointed hour of the powers of darkness, the space of time allotted for the prevalence both of Popery.and Mohammedism and for the short-lived triumph of Antichrist.

In the year 606, the saints seem to have been first given by the secular power of the Roman enpire into the hand of the Papal little horn; consequently from this year the 1260 days ought most probably to be computed. The desolating transgression of the Mohammedan little horn however is destined to prevail during the same space of time, that the Papal little horn is permitted to reign. Hence, in order that the two periods of 1260 years each might be made to synchronize together, it seemed necessary,

that the desolating transgression of Mohammedism should first make its appearance in the very year that the saints were delivered into the hand of the Papal little horn. Accordingly we find, that it did first make its appearance in that year; for the year 606 is the most proper date of the Mohammedan imposture, because in that year Mohammed first retired to the care of Hera.

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