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Jescribes the miseries, both internal and external, produced by the frantic anarchy of the French Revolution ; and comprehends the three first vials, p. 381.--At the pouring out of the first vial on the 26th of August, 1792, the noisome sore of atheism breaks out,or publicly makes its appearance, in France and throughout the whole Latin earth, p. 381.At the pouring out of the second vial in the beginning, of September, 1792, the horrible and long protracted massacres, prepetrated during what was called the reign of terror, commence, p. 385.-At the pouring out of the third vial, the regularly established governments of the Latin empire experienced dreadful devastation from the arms of Republican France during a series of bloody and unsuccessful campaigns, the issue of which has been a tremendous aggrandizement of that Infidel power, p. 389—The figurative harvest having been gathered in when France once more became a monarchy, and when a general peace was made in the year 1801, the affairs of the world have in some measure returned to their old channel, p. 393.


Concerning the three intermediate vials.

The period between the harvest and the vintage is marked by

the pouring out of three vials, the last of which is the precursor of the vintage, p. 394.--At the pouring out of the fourth vial, the sun of the Latin firmament, or the nowexisting principal government of the divided Papal Roman empire, scorches men with the intolerable heat of a systematic military tyranny, p.395:- This government is that of France, under the present despotic usurper; and the blaze of his tyranny extends not merely to France, but likewise to Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and all the west of Ger


many, p. 396.-The influence of this vial will probably . continue to the days of the vintage, and the military tyranny produced by it be the principal immediate instrument of forming the great confederacy, p. 399.We must not look for any further Reformation from Popery, p. 400.---Reasons for thinking, that there will be no fresh general persecution of Protestantism; or at least that no attempt of that nature will prove successful, p. 401.--All the remaining vials are as yet future. At the pouring out of the fifth vial, some great temporary calamity will fall upon the empire of the secular beast; but, what event may be alluded to, or what power will then be the last head of the beast, it is impossible at present to determine, p. 403. ---At the pouring out of the sixth vial, the waters of the mystic Euphrates, which symbolize the Turkish monarchy, will be completely dried up, in order that a way may be prepared for the kings from the East, p. 406.-These waters have already begun to experience a rapid and great exhaustion; whence we may infer, that the era of the sixth vial, or the downfal of the Ottoman power, cannot be very far distant, p. 409. The kings from the East are most probably the ten tribes of Israel, for the restoration of which the overthrow of the Turkish empire will prepare a way, p. 412.-Under this vial, the kings of the Latin earth will begin to be gathered together to the great battle of Armageddon by the beast and the false prophet, p. 415.


Concerning the vial of the vintagt.

The vintage is the catastrophè of the great drama of the 1260

years, and synchronizes with the last vial, or the vial of consummation, p. 418. At the pouring out of the seventh vial, four important events take place : the earthquake; by which


the Latin city is divided in three parts; the symbolical storna of hail; the overthrow of the great scarlet whore, or the spiritual Babylon; and the battle of Armageddon, p. 420.The 17th, 18th, and 19th, chapters of the Revelation all belong to the last vial, or the times of the vintage, p. 420. -The war, which will be decided at Armageddon, will be undertaken by a confederacy of the beast, the false prophet, and the kings of the Latin or Papal earth, p. 426.--Theinfidel king will be deeply concerned in it. The confederacy will probably be made against the Protestant powers, and the converted Jews now about to be restored to their own country. The infidel king may possibly before this period become the last head of the beast; and thus take the lead in the expedition, as he is represented doing by Daniel, p. 427. -The four parallel prophecies of St. John, Daniel, Zechariah, and Joel, cited and compared with each other, p. 433•

- These corresponding prophecies throw much light upon the events of the seventh vial, p. 443.—The battle of Armageddon will literally be fought in Palestine between the two seas, p. 444.--The particular scene of the conflict will be Megiddo ; for Armageddon signifies the destruction at Megiddo, p. 449.-- The war, which this battle will terminate, will, in one sense or another, be a religious war or crusade, p.451. --Statement of the order, in which the events at the close of the 1260 years will probably succeed each other, p. 453.- When those years shall have expired, the Jews will begin to be restored, p. 453.-One great body of them will be restored in a converted state by some powerful maritime nation of faithfulworshippers, p. 454.-_Another great body of them will be restored in an unconverted state by the Antichristian faction, p. 458.---Route of Antichrist to Palestine, p. 459.—Route of the maritime nation to Palestine, p. 461. Conversion of the unbelieving Jews, whom Antichrist had placed in Jerusalem, p. 462.-Antichrist returns from Egypt, whither he had marched after the conquest of Palestine, and sacks Jerusalem, p.462.--He prepares to attack the troops of the maritime power, and the converted Jews under its protection in the neighbourhood of Megiddo, : p.465.--He is miraculously overthrown by the word of God,

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P. 4. 1. 10. Note, for apostacy read apostasy,

7.1. 2, from bottom, et passin, for developement read development.
8. l. 3. for Apostacy read apostasy:
20. 1. 5. for apostacy read apostasy.
39. 1. 8. note,

for phrophecy read prophecy.
45. 1. 6. for developement read development.
46. 1. 13. for phrophesying read prophesying,
81. 1. 2, from the bottom, Note, for?ng read aniso
114. I. & for fortel read foretell.

-1. 24. erase , after tenth. 116. 1. 4. for; after part place , 148. 1. 9, for, after Church place ; 151. 1. 15. for : after Abah place . 155. 1. 1. insert I after this. 184. 1. 3. note, for especially read specially. 202. 1. 2. from the bottomi, Note, for encouragment read encourageinent. 252. 1. 1. erase , after dominions. 264. 1. 12. insert, after horn.

-). 13. insert : after death. 284. I. 8. erase , after spectacle. 301. note, erase Hist. of Henry II. 302. I. 10. note, for tædii read tædii.

1. 11. note, for alli read alii. 391. 1. 11. erase , after rapes. 451. 1.7, insert , after powers.

-1. 9. insert , after nation. 460. last line of the note, for casually read causally, 475. 1. 21. for which one cannot read which we cannoť. 479. 1. 10, 11. note, erase their attaining to that height of wickedness which

should mark. 491. I. 4. note, for phopliecies read prophecies. 492. 1. 3. note, for restoratlon read restoration. 497. 1. 4. from the bottom, Note, for is read it. 499. 1. 2. for dated read computed.

The Reader is particularly requested to correct the Errata at p. 460. last line of the note, and p. 479. 1. 10, 11; as they materially affect the meaning of the passages.

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