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THE RISE AND FALL OF THE PARIS COMMUNE IN 1871; with a Full Account of the Bombardment, Capture, and Burning of the City. By W. Pembroke Fetridge, Editor of "Harper's Guide-Book to Europe and the East," "Harper's Phrase-Book," etc. Illustrated with a Map of Paris, and Portraits from Original Photographs. New York: Harper and Brothers. 1871. 12mo. pp. 516. Long Primer type, black and gilt covers. Price, $2.00.

Mr. Fetridge remained in Paris during the siege, and was a witness of much that he describes.

A MANUAL OF GERMAN CONVERSATION: to succeed the German Course. By George F. Comfort, A.M., Professor of Modern Languages and Aesthetics in Alleghany College, Meadville, Pa.; Author of "A German Course," "A German Reader," etc., New York: Harper and Brothers. 1871. 12mo. pp. 239. Half morocco. Price, $2.00.

The conversations are upon the most familiar subjects of daily life. They are supposed to take place mostly in Germany, and involve allusions to customs and usages peculiar to that country. The translations are given in parallel columns. Examples of the familiar use of scientific terms, idiomatic expressions, news items, and advertisements, such as are found in the journals of the day, are all given as illustrations of the various forms of language most useful for the student. vocabulary containing classified lists of words referring to various departments of science, art, religion, trade, manufactures, etc. Also letters and business forms in the usual German current handwriting are added.


THE COUNTRY OF THE DWARFS. By Paul Du Chaillu, Author of Adventures and Explorations in Equatorial Africa," A Journey to Ashango Land," "Stories of the Gorilla Country," "Wild Life under the Equator," "My Appingi Kingdom." Numerous Engraving. New York: Harper and Brothers. 12mo. pp. 314. Ornamental side and back. Price, $1.75.


Like all the other volumes by this author, the present work is full of the most wonderful adventures in almost unknown regions. It will be read with great interest by the young people, for whom it is specially prepared.

GENTLE MEASURES IN THE MANAGEMENT AND TRAINING OF THE YOUNG ; or, The Principles on which a firm Parental Authority may be established and maintained, without Violence or Anger, and the right Development of the Moral and Mental Capacities be promoted by Methods in Harmony with the Structure, and Characteristic of the Juvenile Mind. By Jacob Abbott, author of "Science for the Young," Harper's Story Books," Franconia Stories," "Abbott's Illustrated Histories," etc. New York: Harper and Brothers. 1872. 12mo. pp. 330. Price, 1.75.


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The author treats of three methods of governing children: 1. By manoeuvring and artifice; 2. By reason and affection; 3. By authority; and gives illustrations and examples of these several methods in a clear and forcible style.

HISTORY OF LOUIS PHILIPPE, King of the French. By John S. C. Abbott, Author of "The History of Frederick the Great," "The History of Napoleon Bonaparte,' The French Revolution," etc. With Illustrations. New York: Harper and Brothers. 1871. 16mo. pp. 405. Price, $1.20.

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In style and form of the other volumes of the series, this history of a man whose life was one of wonderful vicissitude will be attractive to youthful readers. may be read, also, with interest and profit, by a large class of older persons.


NAST'S ILLUSTRATED ALMANAC for 1872. New York: Harper and Brothers. Price, 30 cents.

LIFE AND LETTERS OF CATHARINE M. SEDGWICK. New York: Harper and Brothers. 1871. 12mo. black and gilt covers. Price, $2.00.

The frontispiece is a view of the Sedgwick house at Stockbridge, and there are two portraits of Miss Sedgwick in the volume. The first part of the work is taken up with her recollections of childhood; the larger part of the remainder with her letters to various friends, and extracts from her diary. To these are added some reminiscences of special acquaintances. There is a charm about the style of this book that will delight the reader.

Edited by Mary E. Dewey. pp. 446. Long Primer type,

WOMAN'S WORTH AND WORTHLESSNESS. The Complement to "A New Atmosphere." By Gail Hamilton. New York: Harper and Brothers. 1872. 12mo. pp. 292. Price, $1.50.



If any one accuses Gail Hamilton of a change of views, she replies, very pertinently, by saying that "we are directed by very high authority to walk about Zion, and go round about her, not stand still and stare at her from one point." HANNAH. By the Author of "John Halifax, Gentleman," "A Brave Lady," 'The Ogilvies," "Olive," " Agatha's Husband," etc. New York: Harper and Brothers. 1872. 12mo. pp. 310. Uniform in style with the other works by the same Author and Publishers. Price, $1.50. Paper, 8vo. pp. 100. 50 cents THE ELEMENTS OF TACHYGRAPHY. Illustrating the First Principles of the Art, with their adaptation to the Wants of Literary Men. Designed as a Text-Book for Classes and for Private Instruction. By David Philip Lindsley. Second edition. Boston: Otis Clapp, 3 Beacon Street. 1871. 12mo. pp. 102, and 20 pages of lithographs. Half cloth, $1.50. Full cloth, $2.00.

The author offers this as a practical work for those who wish to gain great speed in writing with the least labor. He regards it as specially adapted to the use of clergymen in writing sermons. This system makes use of the same signs that are used in Phonography; but they do not represent in all cases the same sounds, and are connected by vowel signs, so that the writing may be performed more readily, and is more easily read afterwards, and is thus made to answer the purpose of full script in writings that are to be preserved. Another point secured is the ability to keep the lines within the space commonly occupied by ordinary writing. This is accomplished by giving the most frequently recuring sounds the horizontal sign. The author professes to have invented a system more rapid than other systems of short-hand writing, and to have devised one more readily acquired and of practical use for ordinary correspondence, or for sermons, essays, etc.

A CRITICAL HISTORY AND DEFENCE OF THE OLD TESTAMENT CANON. By Moses Stuart. A Revised Edition. 12mo. Price, $1.75.

This work was originally written in reply to those who discard more or less of the writings of the Old and New Testaments from the canon of inspired Scripture. It is a work of much research, learning, and vigor. Professor Stuart's main object is, confining himself within the limits of a critical and historical view of the Jewish Canon of Scripture in the days of Christ and his apostles, to show that this Canon, as received by the Jews at that time, was declared by our Saviour and his apostles to be of divine origin and authority, and was treated by them as entitled to these claims.

He first defines the Canon and, then treats of its origin; the state of literature among the Jews; continuing the history, he speaks of the books of known authors, anonymous books, lost books, manner of preserving the sacred books; genuineness, completion, ancient divisions and sameness of the Jewish canon; canon of the Egyptian Jews; Jewish estimate of the Scriptures; testimony of Josephus and others; New Testament testimony; appeals of the New to the Old Testament with an index of passages cited; remarks in regard to the difficulties as to certain books of the Old Testament; also respecting the use to be made of the Old Testament under the Gospel Dispensation. An Appendix is added containing and exhibiting the most important documents to show what were the canonical books of the Hebrews. The testimony of some dozen of the early Fathers and others, and of three of their Councils, is embodied in this Appendix.

Three important lectures by Professors ROSCOE, LOCKYER, and HUGGINS, the distinguished English Scientists. Beautifully Illustrated. Interesting to every one. Marvelously cheap. Only 25 cents. For sale by all booksellers, or sent postage paid, on receipt of price by the Publishers.



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pp. 127. Pica Type. Tinted paper; cloth, bevelled, gilt edges. Published by Subscription. Price, $1.75.

This elegant little volume is a tribute of affection and respect to the late Principal of Phillips Academy, by his last Senior Class. It contains the Address by Professor Park, at the Funeral of Dr. Taylor; the Selection from the Scriptures read on the occasion by Prof. J. L. Taylor; a Sermon by Prof. J. W. Churchill, preached at the Chapel of the Theological Seminary on the Sabbath following; Resolutions of the Members of the Academy and the Alumni, with some account of the Funeral Services, and Reminiscences by a former pupil. A beautiful Photograph, cabinet size, the last one taken of Dr. Taylor, precedes the title. A few copies only are for sale.



FUNERAL OF SAMUEL HARVEY TAYLOR, LL.D. BY EDWARDS A. PARK. From the Bibliotheca Sacra for April. 8vo. pp. 33. Paper covers. Price, 25 cents. W. F. DRAPER, Publisher,

Andover, Mass.

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Various advantages of it as an occasional method
of preaching. It should not be indiscriminately con-
demned. It may be more or less useful as it is more
or less intermingled with extempore and memoriter
preaching. It should not be the general method of
preaching. Evils of it as the general method. Rules
for the public reading of sermons.

Some men have a call to preach memoriter. The
majority of preachers may wisely cultivate the power
to do so. Advantages of preaching the whole or part
of a sermon memoriter. Caution to persons of weak
memory. Rules for preaching memoriter.

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