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the faith and hope and praise of many generations in many lands cannot be laid aside for the products of ephemeral fancy. No one parish will care to use all the tunes, but out of the book every parish will find a sufficient number for all its needs, which it can sing with enthusiasm. As with the words, so with the music, the Commission has endeavoured to provide a book which will make our Communion a singing Church.

The prayer which goes up with the finishing of the book is that, in spite of its limitations and imperfections, it may bring the Church into greater joy, as the people sing these hymns of the ages to the grateful honour of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost.

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Cortlandt Whitehead Frank Damrosch, Jr. Walter Henry Hall
G. Mott Williams Winfred Douglas Horatio Parker
Thomas F. Davies Morris Earle

T. Tertius Noble
William F. Faber Roland S. Morris Monell Sayre
James W. Ashton Robert C. Pruyn Peter Christian Lutkin
Charles Lewis Slattery Miles Farrow

Wallace Goodrich


"Amen" is printed only with those hymns which are prayer, praise, or otherwise addressed to God. Nevertheless, the necessary music for Amen” has been supplied throughout, for the use of those who desire it.

The dates throughout this book are arranged as follows, both for the Hymns and the Tunes. A single date, without a hyphen, is the earliest obtainable for the given Hymn or Tune: whether of composition, or of first publication. When such a date is wanting, the dates of the author's or composer's birth and death are given, separated by a hyphen. A date followed by a hyphen is that of birth; preceded by a hyphen, or by the letter d., that of death. The letter c. (circa), indicates an approximate date.

When no composer is known, the place and date of publication are given when possible.

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Acknowledgments We are indebted to a number of authors for permission to use their work: the Rev. Henry Burton, D.D., for “O Maker of the sea and sky,” Mr. Eugene Stock for his sister's hymn, “Let the song go round the earth," the Rev. John Brownlie for " The King shall come when morning dawns" and "Let Thy Blood in mercy poured,” the Rev. Frederick Edwards for "God of the nations, Who hast led, the Rev. Washington Gladden, D.D., for “O Master, let me walk with Thee," the Rev. Canon Henry Scott Holland, D.D., for "Judge eternal, throned in splendour," Mr. Rudyard Kipling for his “Recessional” and “The Children's Hymn,” the Rev. Edward P. Parker, D.D., for “Master, no offering,". Rev. Denis Wortman, D.D., for “God of the prophets, bless the prophets' sons," Mr. Athelstan Riley for Ye watchers, and ye holy ones," the Rev. Charles H. Richards, D.D., for “ Our Father, Thy dear Name doth show," the Rev. Frank Mason North and The Continent for “Where CTOSS the crowded ways of life," the Rev. William Pierson Merrill for “Rise up, O men of God,” the Rev. Louis F. Benson, D.D., for O Thou whose feet have climbed life's hill" and many other favours, the Yattendon Hymnal for the translation “Ah, holy Jesus,” to the Proprietors of the English Hymnal for their rights in the same hymn, “Father, Who on man doth shower," and "I bind unto myself today."

Our thanks are also due to the following owners of copyright for permission to use the copyright Tunes, which are marked by asterisks in the Alphabetical Index of Tunes.

The representatives of the Rev. J. S. B. Hodges, the Rev. J. H. Hopkins, Jr., Edward Horsman, Professor J. K. Paine, Mus. Doc., S. A. Ward, Professor G. W. Warren, Mus. Doc., A. H. Messiter, Mus. Doc.; all of whom are deceased.

The H. W. Gray Company; Novello & Company, Ltd.; G. Schirmer, Inc.; Biglow and Main; the Trustees of Hymns Ancient and Modern; W. W. Rousseau; G. C. Crook; the Rev. Winfred Douglas, Mus. Doc.; John Erskine; J. H. Gower, Mus. Doc.; Professor Walter Henry Hall; Dean P. C. Lutkin, Mus. Doc.; T. Tertius Noble, M.A.; the Rev. J. Baden-Powell; Professor Horatio Parker, Mus. Doc.; H. J. Storer; G. E. Stubbs, Mus. Doc.; and J. B. Whitehead.

Every effort has been made to ascertain the owners of copyright. If, notwithstanding, some have not been found, acknowledgment will be made as soon as possible after notification.

We further offer our thanks for gracious permissions to the Proprietors of the English Hymnal; the Trustees of Hymns Ancient and Modern; the Rev. J. BadenPowell; Mr. Eugene Stock; and Mr. G. E. Stubbs (for Garrett's “Advent").

The Indexes have been compiled by Miss Caroline C. Cronise, and the Plainsong numbers harmonized by the Rev. Winfred Douglas.

The hymns



No. Morning.

1-8 The Transfiguration.. 285, 286 Noon....

9, 10
St. Bartholomew...

287 Evening. 11-31 St. Matthew..

288 Through the Week...

32-42 St. Michael and All Angels. 289-291 The Lord's Day.. 43-51 St. Luke...

292 Friday.... 52 St. Simon and St. Jude.

293 All Saints.

294-302 II. THE CHRISTIAN YEAR Advent....


Holy Communion..

303-340 St. Stephen


303–318 St. John the Evangelist.. 86 The Offertory:

319 Holy Innocents.

The Communion..

320-340 Circumcision 88-91 Holy Baptism...

341-346 Epiphany.. 92-97 Adults...

346 Sundays after Epiphany. 98-110


347-364 Septuagesima.... 111-121 School Life.

365-367 Ash Wednesday and Lent.. 122-142

Litany for Children...

368 Litanies of Penitence. 142 Confirmation..

369-380 Holy Week..

Holy Matrimony..

381-383 The Story of the Cross... 163 Visitation...

384-408 The Words on the Cross. 164 Burial of the Dead.

409-414 Easter Even.. 165-167 For Children.

414 Easter Day...


Travelers by Sea and Land. 415-419 Rogation Days..

181-183 The Ascension Day...

184-194 Whitsunday..


IV. SPECIAL OCCASIONS Litanies of the Holy Ghost.. 203, 204 Thanksgiving Day...

420–426 Trinity Sunday. 205-210 National Days..

427-442 Sundays after Trinity... 211-266 Old and New Year.

443-449 Faith...

211-225 Ember Days and The Divine Love.. 226-236 Ordination...

450–456 The Divine Mercy...

237-243 Church Building and Divine Guidance... 244-248 Consecration

457–462 Praise and Adoration. 249–266 The Burial Ground..

462 Holy Days.

267-302 General for Saints' Days.


V. THE CHURCH St. Andrew..


The Church Militant. 269, 270

463–472 St. Thomas.

271, 272 Conversion of St. Paul.,

473 Litany of the Church.. Missions.

474-487 The Presentation of Christ

Brotherhood and Service... 488-505 or Temperance..

506 Purification of St. Mary.... 273, 274 St. Matthias...


The Church Triumphant... 507–516 The Annunciation..

276, 277 St. Mark....

278 VI. PROCESSIONALS St. Philip and St. James.


517-544 St. Barnabas...

280, 281 St. John Baptist.

282 St. Peter...


VII. CAROLS St. James. 284 Carols. .

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