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we may be sure he will appear in it all, when he comes to Judgment. The Scripture affures us, that Christ is now clothed with a

glorious Body; and that at the Resurrection 3 Phil. 12. be shall change our vile bodies, that they may be like

to his own 'most glorious body : and he himself 13 Mat.43. tells us, At that day the righteous shall shine forth

like the sun in the Kingdom of their Father : And if he bestows such Glory on his meaneft Members, how glorious will the Head be? for St. Paul affures us, That there are very different degrees of Glory; There is one glory of the fun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars; for one star differetb from another star in glory.. So also is the resurrection of the dead, 1 Cor. 15.41,42. With what Glory then will our Lord appear, when he comes to Judgment ? If the Righteous shall shine forth like the Sun, how bright will the Sun of Righteousness himfelf be? If meer Creatures shall appear so glorious, what will the Glory of an Incarnate God be? for he will not then appear as a glorious Creature, but as a visible God; as I observed before, his Godbead will shine through his glorified Humanity, as visible as our Souls do through our Bodies : And how glorious must that Body be, in which the Deity appears! a Glory which distinguishes a God from the most glorious Creatures.

But he must appear in the Glory of his Father also: that is, as I understand it, with the Authority of an Univerfal Judge: this is a great Glory; for Authority and Power carries Reverence and Majesty with it: Whatever Mens personal Qualifications are, though upon all



other accounts they are much inferior to their Neighbours; yet the Character of a Judge makes them Venerable, especially to those who must be judged by them. Authority is an invisible Character, but yet gives a visible Majesty; it is apt to impose upon our Judgments of Persons, that we hardly think them the same men when they are in Authority and out of it: And if an ordinary Judge of Aflize be lookt on with so much Reverence and Awe, What is the Glory and Majesty of an Universal Judge? How will all the World fall, and bow, and tremble before him, who with the : Word of his mouth can sentence them to E

ternal Life or Death? This is his Father's glory, for he is the Natural Lord and Judge of the World, and from him he receives this Authority to judge the World; The Father judgeth no man, but bath committed all Judgment to the Son : That all men should honour the Son; even as they bonour the Father, s John 22, 23. To this Glory he is now advanced; and we must now Obey, and Reverence, and Adore him as our Judge, but it will give a visible Majesty to him, when he thus comes in the Glory of his Father; when the astonishing Glory of his Person is still made more Glorious and Majestick by the Authority of a Judge.

But his Retinue is very glorious also, and adds to the Terror and Majesty of his Appearance; for he shall come attended with Myriads of holy Angels, bright and glorious Beings, who incircle his Person, and are the Witnesses and Ministers of his Justice.


We know a splendid Retinue adds greatly to the Glory of a Prince or Judge: a Multitude has something great and awful in it, especially when this Multitude are all his Dependants, Servants, and Ministers; and more still, when every one of this Multitude are most excellent and glorious Creatures, the Beauty and Perfection of the Creation, whose single Glories we cannot now bear the sight of, without great Apprehenfion and Amazement: And what a mighty Prince is he, who comes attended with the whole Host of Heaven, who leave their Heavenly Mansions to wait upon their Lord, and to adorn his Triumphs !

But this glorious Retinue of Angels is not meerly for Pomp and State, but they are the Ministers of his Justice, and therefore are

called his mighty Angels, or the Angels of his Mel Ayse- Power, 2 Thel. 1. 8. And what a powerful awo duwa. Judge is he, who has all the Powers of Heaven

attending him to execute his Vengeance on Men and Devils ?

This glorious Judge shall at the last Day come down from Heaven, for chither he ascended after his Resurrection from the Dead, and there he must continue till he comes to judge the World : But then the Lord himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel, and with the Trump of God, 2 Thess. 4. 16. I see no reason why this should not be understood literally, of an audible Voice and Shouting, and an audible found of the last Trumpet to summon all Mankind to Judgment; for this makes the Appearance more folemn and awful; and thus God defcen


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ded, on Mount Sinai, when he gave the Law, With thundrings and lightnings, and the voice of a trumpet exceeding loud ; so that all the people that was in the Camp, trembled, 19 Exod. 16. And if he gave the Law with the found of a Trumpet, why not judge the World with it too?

This Shout is the shouting of the holy Angels, begun by the Voice of the Archangel, in their defcent with Christ; and fignifies what such Shoutings do among Men, either great Joy and Exultation, or Alacrity and Courage: Thus Men Shout for Joy when any thing happens which highly pleases them

j thus Soldiers shout when the signal is given for Battel. Thus when our Lord shall say, Come ye

holy Angels, go down with me to judge the World ; they will shout for Joy that that Day is come, which will put a final end to the Kingdom of Darknefs; when the Devil and his Angels, and all Wicked Men shall be cast into the Lake of Fire; and Good Men rewarded, and crowned, and received into the immediate Presence of God in Heaven. For this is matter of Joy to all Holy Angels, to fee the final Conquest of all the Enemies of CHRIS T's Kingdom ; to see the Triumphs of Justice, to see all Impiety and Wickedness fhamed, condemned, and punished, and the World cleansed from the Pollutions of it: To see their numbers encreafed by the advancement of Good Men into Heaven, who will now be united to their Company, and joyn with them in singing Hallelujahs to Him that fitS2


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teth on the Throne, and to the Lamb ; for if there be joy in Heaven at the Repentance of one Sinner, what Exultation and Acclamation will there be, to see the whole number of God's Elect raised again with glorious Bodies , and receive that Kingdom which was prepared for them before the Foundations of the World!

When our Lord shall' fay, Come ye holy Angels, and be the Ministers of my Justice, and execute my Vengeance upon a Wicked World, upon the Devil and all Bad Men, and gather together mine Elect from the four Corners of the Earth ; with what Shoutings will they receive their Commiffion ? .With what Alacrity and Courage will they execute it? For fo our Saviour himself represents it, that the Angels are not meerly Attendants of State , but his Officers and Ministers whom he employs in judging the World : Thus he expounds the Parable of the Tares, 1; Mat. 41, 42, 43He that soweth the good seed, is the Son of Man: The field is the world. The good feed are the Children of the Kingdom : but the tares are the children of the wicked one : The Enemy that sowed them is the Devil : The harvest is the end of the world : And the reapers are the Angels. As therefore the tares are gathered and burnt in the fire ; so fall it be in the end of the World. The Son of Man jhall send forth his Angels, and they shall gather forth 01t of his Kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity ; and Jhall caft them into a

a furnace of fire : There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then shall



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