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THE 328420


Common Prayer,

And Administration of the

Rites and Ceremonies


According to the Use of the

Church of England;

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With the PSALTER or PSALMS of

DAVID, Pointed as they are to be
Sung or Said in CHQRCHES.

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Printed by John Baskets Printer to the Kings moft Ex-

cellent Majesty, And by the Assigns of Thomas New-
comb, and Henry Hills, deceas d. 1718.


The Contents of this Book

I hath bee. tte mildow of the wind the addition of come new ones Church of .ngland, ever finse te more thaa fora.cris had been made, t fint compiling of Her Publick Li

make the number iwez, enni, giert the excrecies of too much Hifigeis Msiety, that the foid Book might be ip refufing, eed of too much eafineis in revised and such Alterations, perein adoitting any variation from it. For:as and Additions thereunto corde, on the one lide connaon experience should be sought sequiize for the els theweth Gathere a change bath beer of tender Consciences: hersiinte His Drade of things adviteily eltablished Majelts out of His pious inclination (no evident ne ellity lo requiring), to give satisfaction ( fat as could be lundry inconyeniencias have thereupoa estonably, expected to His Suba eniged ; and those many times morajects of what relvasion fosvet, did And I enter than the evils that were in gracioudly condefccnd. tended to be remedied by such chanse: in which kevise we have endeavour 80 Os the other fide, ha particulared to observe me like no correion, as foras o Divine. Worship, and the we find to have been used in the like Eites and Ceremonies apronted to le case in former times. And therefore of used tserein, being Caings in Beir or the fundry akciacions proposed unti o, gature indifferent, and alterable, and we have rejected al such as were ei so acknowledged ;k is but reasonable, ter of dangerous coniequecce (as Hat upon weighry, and important con- (ecretly Itriking at some eltabiles Educations, according to the various Doctrine, or laudable practice of the exiz incy of times and occalions, such Church of Englimi, or indeed of cheng's and alterations should be made thole Cartolick Church of Chritt ) og Heere n, as to store that are in place elie of no conlequede at D, but'u of authority laould frosn tjine to tine terly frivolous tad vein. But fuchin See either neceffary or expedient. sc. terations as wete tendred to us (ty cordingly we find, ist in the 2 eigos of whet ressons lunder what pretences, or leveral rinces of blessed nemory since to what purpose soever fo tendred as the Reforanstion, de Church, uron seemed to us in any deppet requifite of jult and weight, considerations Eer expediene, we have rilingiy, and of ous diereunto moving, hath vielded to inske own accord allented ono por enfritsed fuch alterations in fone particulars, as lo to do hy, any lrrengtr: of Argument la teir reljxective times were thought convincing us of the neceffary of 10aconveniert: Yet lo, as dat de main king the fajd aiterstions: For we are Body and Effencials of it (as well in the fully par(warlzd in our judgments (and chiefert waterials, as in the frame and we heie profes it to the work that the order thereof have itin continued the Book es, ie itood before e taiiited by fare unto this day, and do vet Itand Law, dorn nor contain in it an thing firm and onshaken, norwichitandling el contrary to te word of God, or to me veio attempts and impetuous al. found Doctrine, or which a podly man Saults made again't it, by luch wen, as may not with i gond Conscience ale are given to change, and have always and submit unto, or which is not fairly discovered a greates regard to their defenfible against any rat that orpore own private teocies and interelts than the same; if it (nah be alloxed luch to that duty they owe to the publick. fi 233 favourable conitruction as in

By what undue means, und fir what COanon Equity ought to be clowed dischievous purpoles the ase of the ti tc ad liomane Writings, especially fuch turg; though enjoyned by the laws of us are set forth by Authority, and eren die Land, and those Laus never ver re- to the very beit Trapilations of the Posled) came, during

the late pahapro holy Scripture is feff. confufion', co be dileontinued, is roo Our geaeral aim therefore in this anwell known to the world, and we are dertaking was Det to gratifie this or that not willing here to finember. But party in any their unreasonable de when epop His Majelties happpRestau. mends; but to do that which, to our Jacion it leemed probable that amongit beit un tertandings, we conceive o her dings, the use of the Liturgy al o roight mofi tend to the preservation of would return of course the same having Peace and Unity in the Church tho never been legally abolished unless procuring of Reverence, and exciting fo ne timely means were uted to pre of Piery, and Devotion in the publick vent it tore men who under the late Worthip of God ; and the cutting off ufurped powers had made it a great past occafion from them that seek occalion of their bufinels to reader the people of cavi), or quarrel againt the Liturgy disaffected thereunto, law themselves of the Church. And as to the feveral in point of reputation and interelt variations from the former Book, wheconcerned, unless they would freely ther by Alteration Addition, or other acknowledge themselves to have erred, wife, it shall fuffice to give this ferletal which such men are very

hardly broughé account, That mott of the Alterations to do) with their utmof endeavours

to were made, either firit, for the better hinder the reftitution Thereof. In order direction of them that are to officiate whereunto divers Pamphlets were pub. in any part of Divine Service which lihed rainft the Book of Common is chiefly done in theKalendars and Ru. Prger, the old Obje&idos muftered up, bricks; or fechadlys for the more proces

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