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& Inftead of the firf Colleet at bedience, by presuming upon chy

grow secure and careless in our 0Morning Prayer, Noalli thefe twa be ufod.

great and undeserved goodness;

but that it may lead us to repente A

Lmighty God, who haft in ance, and move us to be the more and mercy in the miraculous and ties of our Religion, which thou gracious deliverances of thy haft in a marvellous manncr preChurch, and in the proređion of ferved to us. Let truth and justice, righteous and religious Kings, and brocherly kindness and charity, de States, professing thy boly and eter• votion and picty, concord and u. nal Truth, from the wicked Con- nity, with all

other virtues, lo flou. spiracies, and malicious Pradices cifh among us, that they may be of all the enemies thereof; Wf the stability of our times, and make yield thee our unfcigned thanks

and this Church a praife in the carth. praise, for the wonderful and migh- All bich we humbly beg for che ty deliverance of our late gracious lake of our blessed. Lord and Savi") Sovereign King James the Firft, the our. Amen. Queen, the Prince, and all the Royal Branches, with thc Nobility, f In the end of the Litany which Clergy, and Commons of England, seall always this day be used) af. then afsembled in Parliament, by ter the collea ( Wc humbly be. Popilh Treachery appointed as

secch thcc, O Father, C.] pal sheep to the slaughter, in a most

this be said which followeth. barbarous and savage manner, bs- Imighty God and heavenly From this unnatural nør our meriteBurbehy merchipament providence, and tender

; wards us, the malice our forefight, but thy providence and imaginations of our enemics, delivered us! And therefore, not by discovering and confounding unto øs, O Lord, not unto us; but their horrible and wicked enterunto thy Name be ascribed all bo- prize, plotted and intended this nour and glory; in all Churches of day to be cxecuted againAt the the Saints, from generation to get' King, and the whole Stace of Engo; neration, through Jesus Christ our land, for the subversion of the Go-, Lord. Amen.

vernment, and Religion cftablishGod, of our unfeigned thanks upon this day wonderfully condue for filling our hearts again with thy Servant our latç King, and joy and gladness, after the cimę bring him fafely into England, to that thou hast affiliącd us, and preserve us from the late acrempis purting a new long. into our of our enemies, to bereave us of mouths, by bringing his late Mas our religion and laws: We moft jelty upon this Day, for the De humbly praise and magnifie chy Fiverance of our Church and Na moft glorious Name, for chy, untion from Popish Tyranny and speakable goodness towards us exArbitrary Power. We adore the preffed in both these aas of thy wisdom and justice of thy Provi. mercy. We confefs it has been of dence, which fo timely interposed thy mercy alonc, that we are not in our extreme danger, and disap, consumed. for our fins have cried painted all the designs of our ency to beaven againft us and our inmics. We beseech dice give us such quities juftly called for rengcance & lively and lasting sense of what upon us. But thou haft thou didi them and haft fincs chac wish us after

our fins, nor rewardtime done for us, that we may not cd us after our iniquities ; nor gi.

not deals

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Venus over, as we deserved, to be pur félves before thy Majefty, are ia prey to our cnemles; but hat in knowledging, chy power wisdom

mercy delivered us from their mar and goodness in preserving the Hee, and preserved us from death King, and the Three Estates of Engand deftruction. Lee de confidera- land assembled in Parliament, from 'tion of fis thy repeated goodness, the deftru&lon this day intended O Lord, work in us true repene- againft them. Make us, we beace, that iniquiry may not be our feech thee, truly chankful for this, ruin.' And increase in us more and for all other toy great mercies and more a lively faith and love, towards us ; particularly for mafruitful in all boly obedience, that kig dois day again memorable by thou mayft Aill continue thy favour a fresh instance of shy loving kind with the light of thy Gospel, tous ness towards us. We bless chee and our pofterity for evermore; for giving his late Majesty a fafe and that for day dear Sons sake, Je- Arrival bere, and for making all sus Chrift our only Mediator and Ogpofition fall before him, si'll be Advocare. Amen.

became our King and Governor,

We beseech thee, to proted and Instead of the Prayer { in Time defend the King, and all che Roya of War and Tumults] loald be al Family, from all Treasons and ufed this Prayer following.

Conspiracies ; Preserve him in sy Lord, who didit this day dif- faich, fear and love; Profper his O with were laid for us, and didft won earth; and crown him with everderfully deliver us from the fame; lafting glory hereafter, throush Be chou Alll our mighty prote&or, Jesus Christ our only Saviour and and scatter our enemies that de- Redeemer. Amen. Ilght in blood. Infatuate, and de

The Epiftle. Rom. 13. 1. fear their counsels, abate their pride, allwage cheis malice, and confound Et every soul bé fubje& unta their devices. Strengthen the hands che higher pawers. For chore of our gracious Sovereign King is no power but of God : che powGeorge, and all that are pur in aa- ers that be are ordained of God. thority Kader bin, with judgment "Whosoever the core rehteid she and juftice, to cut off all such powe?, resisteib cbe ordinance of workers of iniquity, as turn religi- God: and they that refift, shall reon into rebellion, and faith isco ccire to themselves damnation, fa&ion; that they cay never pre- For rulers are not a terrour to yall against us, or crlumph in the good works, but to the evil. Wils ruin of thy Church among us : But thou thon nor be afraid of the that our gracious Sovereigo and power? do chat which is good, his Realms being preserved in thy and ebou hal have praise of the true Religion, and by cby merci- fame : For he is the minister of ful goodness prete@ed in the same, God to thee for good. But if thou we may all duly serve thee, and do that which is evil, be afraid ; give chee chanks in thy holy con, for he bearea ner the sword in gregation, througb Jesus Chrift ous vain : for he is the minister of God, Lord. Amen.

a revenger to execute wrath upon In the communion-Service, in- him that do h evil. Wherefore ye

muft needs be subje&, not only for fitead of the Collect for the day, wrach; but also for conscience fake. ball his which fölloweth be used.

For for tris caule pay you tribute Ternal God, and our molt also: forebcy are Gods'minlfers, worthy (ocvants do humbly present if thing, Render chercfore 'co all


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thele dues ; tribute to whom il-. After the Prayer for the Church bure is due custom to wheni che Militani, this following Prayer is ftom, fear to whom fear, honour to be used. • to whom honour.

God, whose Name is exThe Gospel. S. Luke 9:31.

cellent in all the carch, and thy Glory above the heavens ;

the . time was come that he should lously preserve our Church and be received up, he ftedfaftly fer his State from the secret Contrivance face to go to Jerusalem, and sent and hellish Malice of Popish Conmessengers before his face': and spirators; and on this Day also they went

and entred into a village didft begin to give us a mighty of the Samaritans, to make ready Deliverance from che open Tyfor him. And they did not receive ranny and Oppression of the fame him, because his face was as though cruel and blood-chirsty Encmics : he would go to Jerusalem. And We bless and adore thy glorious when his disciples James and John Majefty, as for the former, fo for saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou this thy late marvellous loving tbat. we command fire to come kindness to our Church and Nao down from beaven, and consume don, in the Preservation of our them, even as Elias did? But he Religion and Liberties. And we turned and rebuked tbem, and humbly pray, that the devout said, Ye know not what manner of Sense of this thy repeated Mercy, fpirit ye are of. For the Son of man may renew and increase in us a is sjot come to destroy mens lives, Spirit of Love and Thankfulness but to save chem. And they went to thee its only Author ; a Spirit to another village.

of peaceable Submission and O9 After the Creed, if there be no bedience to our Gracious Soùc.

Sormon, feall be read one of the fix reign Lord King GEORGE'; and Homilies againt Rebellion. à Spirit of fervent Zcal for our This Sentence is to be read at the holy Religion, which now again Offertory

thou hast so wonderfully RescuW Hatfiever

ye would

that men ed, and Established a blessing to Thould do to you, do ye even us, and our Pofterity. And this futo them; for this is the law and we beg for Jesus Chrif bis sake. the prophets. S. M21.7. 12.


A Form of Prayer with Fafting, to be used yearly upon the Thirtie-h

of January, being the Day of the Martyrdom of the Blessed King CHARLES the First; To Implore the mercy of God, That nelther the Guilt of that Sacred and Innocent Blood, nor those ocher fins, by which God was provoked to deliver up both os and our King into che Hands of cruel and unreasonable Men, may at any rime bereafter be y.fied upon us or our Pofterity.

If this Day Soall happen to be Sunday, this Form of Prayer fall be used, and the Faft kept the next Day following. And upon the Lords

D.ay next before the Day to be kept, af Morning Prayer immediately after the Nicene Creed, nitice sball be given for the due observation of the said Day.




The Service on the Day foall be the same with the usual Office for Holy days in all things : exceps where it is in this Office ozherwise apun pointed

The Order for Morning Prayer. He that miniftreth, Joall begin words of hatred ? and forgght against with one, or more of these ser him without a canje

. Pfal. 109. 2.

Yea, his own familiar friends o the Lord our God belong whom he truftea : they that car of mercics and forgivenesses, his bread, laid great wait for him.

though we have rebelled 2. Psal. 41.9. gainft him:

neither have wc obeyed They rewarded him evil for good : the voice of the Lord our God, to to the great discomfort of his foud. walk in his laws, which he set be- Psal. 35. 12. fore us. Dan. ix. 9, 10.

They took their counsel coge. Corre& us, O Lord, but with ther, saying, God hath forsaken judgment; not in thine anger : him : perfecute him, and take him, left thou bring us to nothing. for there is nons to deliver him. Fer. X. 24.

Pfal. 71.9. Entcr not into judgment with The breath of our noftrils, the Athy servants, O Lord! for in thy nointed of the Lord was taken in their

fight shall no man living be ju- pirs, : of whom we said, under his fified. Pfal. cxliii. 2.

Sbadow we lball be safe. Lam. 4. 20. į Instead of Venite, exultemus, The adversary and the enemy

the Hymn following sal be laid or entred into the gates of Jerusalem : fung one verfe by the Priest, ana- saying When thall he die, and his ther by the Clerk and People. name perilh ? ver. 12. Psal. 41. 5.

Ighteous art thou, O Lord : Let the sentence of guiltiness proPfal. 119. 137:

lieth, let him rise up no more. ver. 8. Thou art juft, O Lord, in all that Falso witnesses also did rise up is brought upon us : for theu haft against him : they laid to his done right, bus we have done wickedo charge things that he knew not. ly. Nch. 9.33.

Pfal. 35. 11. Nevertheless, my feet. were al- For the fins of the people, and the most gone : my treadings bad well iniquities of the priet's r shey foed nigh slipt. Pfal. 73.2.

the blood of the just in the midfit of For why I was grieved as the Jerusalem. Lam.4. 13. wicked : I did alfo see the ungodly in O my soul, come not thou into such prosperity. ver: 3:

their secret ; uíto their assembly, The people stood up, and the mine honour, be not thou united: rulers cook counsel together : a- for in their anger they flew a man. gainst the Lord, and againft. his Gen. 49.6. Anointed. Pfal. 2. 2.

Even the man of the right hand : They caft Eheir heads together with the son of man whom thou had t made one consent : and were confederate to Atrong for thine own self Plal. against him. Psal. 83. s.

He heard the blasphemy of the In the fight of the unwise he multitude, and fear was on every seemed to dic: and his departurs side: while they conspired toge was taken for misery. Wisd. 3. 2. ther againft him, to take away his They fools counted his life made life. Pfal. 31. 15:

ness, and his end to be without boThey spoke againft him with falfo nour : but he is in peace. Wisd. so tongues, and compaft him about with 4. & 3. 3.

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80. 17.



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For though he was punished in of our late gracious Sovereign the fight of men : yet was his hope King Charles the First, to be (as) full of immortality., Nifd. 3. 4. this day taken away by the hands

How is he numbred with the chil- of cruel and bloody men: We thy dren of God: and his lot is among the sinful creatures bere assembled beSainis! Wild. 5.5.

fore thee, do in the behalf of all the But, o Lord God, to whom pcople of this land, humbly convengeance belongesh, thou Gud, fefs, that they were che crying fins to whom vengeance belongech : be of this Nation, which brought favourable and stacious unto Si- down this heavy judgment upon on. Pfal.94, 1. & 51.18, use Bue, O gracious God, when

Be merciful, O Lord, unto thy -thoi makcft inquisition for blood, people whom zhou hajt, redeemed: Jay not the guilt of this innocent and lay not innocent bloed to our blood (the shedding whereof nocharge. Deut. 21. 8.

ching but the blood of thy Son o shut not up our fouls with can expiate) lay it nor to the finners :

: nor our lives with the charge of the people of this land, blood-thirsty. Pfal. 26. 9.

nor let it ever be required of us, or Deliver its from blood-guiltiness our posterity. Be merciful, o o God, thou that art the God of Lord, bo merciful unto thy pcoour Salvation : and our congues (bal ple, whom chou haft redeemed ; sing of thy righteoulness. Pfal. 51. 14: and be not angry wich us for ever i

For thou art one God, char bait bur pardon us for thy mercics sake, no pleasure in wickedness; neither through the merits of thy Son Jesus thall any evil dwell with thee. Chritt our Lord. Amen. .

Lord, in whose fight

che Leasing: the Lord abhors both the blood cious; We magnifie thy Name for zbirkty, and deceitful man, ver. 6. thing abundant grace bestowed on

o how suddenly do they con- our late Martyr'd Sovereign ; by fume: perish, and come to a fear- which he was enabled to checr. ful end! Psal. 73. 18.

fully sto follow the ftops of his Tea, caen like as a dream, where blerted Mafter and Saviour, in a ene awaketh : 10 didft thou make their constant meck suffering of all barimage to vanijo out of the ciry.ver: 19. barous indignities, and at laft re

Grear and marvellous are thy lifting unto blood; and even then, works, O Lord God Almighty: according to the same pattern, juft and truc are thy ways, O King praying for his murderers. Ler his of Saints! Apoc. 15. 3.

memory, O Lord, be ever blefied Righteous art thou, O Lord rand among us; that we may follow che juft are thy judgments! Pfal. 119:137. example of his courage and conGlory be to the Father, C. ftancy, his meekness and patience, As it was in the beginning, &c. and great charity. And grant that Proper Psalms, ix, X; xi. this our land may be freed from

Proper Leffons. the vengeance of his rightcous The first. 2. Sam. 1. blood, and chy mercy glorified in The focond. S. Match. xxvii. the forgivencís of our fins; and all Inftead of the for A Collect ar Morn, for Jesus Christ bis faks, our only ing Prayer, Jall these two, which Mediator and Advocate. Amen. next follow, be ufed.

In the end of the Litany, which

foall always on this day be used) in thy judgments, and won- immediately after the Collect, derful in thy doings toward the [ We humbly befcech thee, o children of snen; who in thy hea- Father, &c.] the three Collect's vy displeasure didft fuffer the life Next following are to be read.

O Lord,

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