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to among you : but whosoever Aarhöhere was also a ftrife


on my left, is not mine to give, into the streets, and laid them
but it shall be given to them on beds and couches, that at
for whom it is prepared of my the least the shadow of Peter
Father. And when the ten pashing by, might oversiadow
heard it, they were moved some of them. There came
with indignation against the also a multitude out of thecities
two brethren. But Jesus cal- round about unto Jerusalein,
led them unto liim, and said, bringing fick folks, and them
Ye know that the princes of which were vexed with unclean
the Centiles exercise dominion spirits, and they were healed
over them, and they that are every one.
great, exercise authority up- The Gospel. S. Luke 22. 24.
on them. But it shall not be

will he great among you, let them should be accounted the
him be your minister ; and greatest. And he said unto
whosoever will be chief among them, The kings of the Gentiles
you, let him be your servant : exercise lordship over them ;
even as the Son of man came and they that exercise authori
not to be ministred unto, but ty upon them, are called bene-
to minister, and to give his life factors. But ye shall not be so :
a ransom for many.

but he that is greatest among

you, let him be as the younger; Saint Bartholomew the Apostle. and he that is chief, as he that The Collect.

doth serve. For whether is O

Almighty and everlasting greater, he that sitteth at meat, thine Apostle Bartholomew that fitteth at meat ? but I am grace truly to believe and to among you as he that serveth. preach thy Word;, Grant, we Ye are they which have conbeseech thee, unto thy Church, tinued with me in my temptato love that Word which he be- tions. And I appoint unto you lieved, and both to preach and a kingdom, as my Father hath receive the same, through Je- appointed unto me ; that ye sus Christ our Lord. Amen. may eat and drink at my table For the Epistle. Aits 5. 12.

in my kingdom, and sit on B

Y the hands of the Apostles thrones, judging the twelve

were many signs and won- tribes of Israel. ders wrought among the people, (and they were all with Saint Matthew the Apostle. one accord in Solomons porch.

The Colle&t. And man Almighty God, who by joyn himfelf to them: but the Othy blefted Son dicit can people magnified them. And Matthew from the receipt of believers were the more added custom, to be an Apostle and to the Lord, multitudes both of Evangelift; Grant us grace to men and women ) Insomuch forsake. all covetous desires that they brought forth the sick and inordinate love of riches,


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and to follow the same thy Son cateth your Master with publi. Jesus Christ, who liveth and cans and finners? But when reigneth with thee and the Ho- Jesus heard that, he faid unly Ghost, one God, world with- to them, They that be whole out end. Amen.

need not a physician, but they The Epistle. 2 Cor. 4. I. that are fick. But go ye and TH Herefore secing we have learn what that meaneth, I

this ministry, as we have will have mercy, and not facri. received mercy, we faint not ; fice; for I am not come to call but have renounced the hidden the righteous, but sinners to things of dishonesty, not walk- repentance. ing in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully, Saint Michael and all Angels. but by manifestation of the

The Colleft. truth, commending

our felves Everlafting, God, who haft to in the fight of God. Butifour Gospel the services of Angels and men be hid, it is hid to them that in a wonderful order » Merciare lost: in whom the god of fully grant, that as thy holy this world hath blinded the Angels alway do thee service in minds of them which believe heaven; so by thy appointment not, left the light of the glori- they may succour and defend ous Gospel of Christ, who is the us on Earth, through Jesus image of God, should shine Christ our Lord. Amen. unto them. For we preach not For Epistle. Rev. 12. 7. our selves, but Christ Jesus the


Here was war in heaven : Lord, and our selves your ser- Michael and his Angels vants for Jesus fake. For God fought against the dragon, and who commanded the light to the dragon fought and his anfhine out of darkness, hath Nii- gels; and prevailed not, nei. ned in our hearts, to give the ther was their place found any light of the knowledge of the more in heaven. And the great glory of God, in the face of dragon was cast out, that old Jesus Christ.

serpent, called the devil and Sao The Gospel. S. Matth. 9. 9. tan, which deceiveth the whole

Nd as Jesus passed forth world; he was cast out into the man named Matthew, fitting cast out with him. And I heard at the receit of custom : and a loud voice saying in heaven, he saith unto him, Follow me. Now is come salvation, and And he arose, and followed him. ftrength, and the kingdom of And it came to pass, as Jesus our God, and the power of his fat at meat in the house, be- Christ : for the accuser of our hold, many publicans and fin- brethren is cast down, which ners came and sat down with accused them before our God him and his disciples. And day and night. And they overwhen the Pharisees law it, they came him by the word of the said unto his disciples, Why Lamb, and by the blood of their

testimony i

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kingdom of heaven ? And Jefus A Leikhty God, who cal

reftimony; and they loved not it is better for thee to enter in. t their lives unto the death. to life with one eye, rather

Therefore rejoyce, ye heavens, than having two eyes to be cast and


that dwell in them. into hell-fire. Take heed that Wo to the inhabiters of the ye deipise not one of these earth, and of the sea : for the little ones; for I say unto you, devil is come down unto you, that in heaven their angels having great wrath, because he do always behold the face of knoweth that he hath but a my Father which is in heashort time. The Gospel. S. Matth. 18. 1. T the same time came the Saint Luke the Evangelist.

The Collet. ing, Who is the greatest in the called a little child unto him, whose praise is in the Gospel, and set him in the midst of to be an Evangelist and Phyfi. them, and said, Verily I say un- cian of the soul; May it please to you, Except ye be converted, thee, that by the wholsom meand become as little children, dicines of the doctrine deliverye shall not enter in *** 3 king- ed by himn, all the diseases of dom of heaven. Whosoever our souls may be healed thro' therefore Niall humble himself the merits of thy Son Jesus as this little child, the same is Christ our Lord. Amen. greatest in the kingdom of hea- The Epistle. 2 Tim. 4.5: ven. And whoso shall receive Atch thou in all things, one such little child in my endure afflictions, do

Name, receiveth me. But who- the work of an Evangelift, make 21 so shall offend

one of these lit- full proof of thy ministry. For cle ones which believe in me, I am now ready to be offered, en it were better for him that a, and the time of my departure

milftone were hanged about is at hand. I have fought a his neck, and that he were good fight, I have finished my drowned in the depth of the sea. course, I have kept the faith. Wo unto the world because of Henceforth there is laid up for offences: for it must needs be me a crown of righteousness, that offences come ; but wo to which the Lord the righteous

that nian by whom the of- Judge shall give me at that hely fence comeiń. Wherefore if day : and not to me only, but

thy hand or thy foot offend unto all them also that love thee, cut them off, and cast his appearing. Do thy dilithem from thee: it is better for gence to come shortly unto me: thee to enter into life halt or For Demas hath forsaken me, maimed, rather than having having loved this present world, two hands or two feet, to be and is departed unto Theffalocast into everlasting fire. And nica; Crescens to Galatia, Tiif thine eye offend thçe, pluck tus unto Dalmatia. Only Luke it out, and cast it from thee: is with me, Take Mark and

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bring him with thee: for he is self being the head corner profitable to me for the mini- stone; Grant us so to be joyned ftry. And Tychicus have I sent together in unity of spirit by to Ephesus. *The cloke that I their duetrine, that we may be left at Troas with Carpus, when made an holy temple acceptthou comeft, bring with thee, able unto thee, through Jesus and the books, but especially Christ our Lord. Amen. the parchments. Alexander the copper-smith did me much

The Epiftle. S. Jude 1. evil : the Lord reward him Ude the servant of Jesus according to his works. Of Chrift,and brother of James, whom be thou ware also, for to them that are fan&tified by he hath greatly withstood our God the Father, and preserved words.

in Jesus Christ, and called : The Gospel. S. Luke 10. I. Mercy unto you, and peace, and

He Lord appointed other love be multiplied. Beloved, two and two before his face write unto you of the common into every city and place, whi- salvation, it was needful for me ther he himself would come to write unto you, and exhort Therefore said he unto them, you, t'i ve should earnestly The harvest truly is great, but contena or the faith which was the labourers are few, pray ye once delivered unto the saints. therefore the Lord of the har. For there are certain men crept vest, that he would send forth in unawares, who were before labourers into his harvest. Go ofold ordained to this condemyour ways, behold, I send you nation ; ungodly men, turning forth as lambs among wolves. the grace of our God into lascia Carry neither purse, nor scrip, viousness, and denying the one nor shoes, and falute no man ly Lord God, and our Lord Jeby the way. And into what- sus Christ. I'will therefore put foever house ye enter, firft say, you in remembrance, though Peace be to this house. And if ye once knew this, how that the son of peace be there, your the Lord having saved the peopeace fall rest upon it: if not, ple out of the land of Egypt, it shall turn to you again. And afterward destroyed them that in the same house remain, eat- believed not. And the angels ing and drinking such things as which kept not their first ethey give : for the labourer is state, but left their own habi. worthy of his hire.

tation, he hath reserved in ea

verlasting chains under darkSaint Simon and Saint Jude, ness, unto the judgment of the Apostles.

great day. Even as Sodom and The Colle&t.

Gomorrha, and the cities about O

built thy Church upon themselves over to fornication, the foundation of the Apoftles and going after strange flesh,are and Prophets, Jesus Christ him- set forth for an example, suf



spise dominion, and speak evii O Almighty God, who hast

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greater than the Lord: if they Anden faw another angel

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fering the vengeance of eternal All Saints Day. fire. Likewise also these filthy

The Colle:7. dreamers defile the flesh, de. of dignities.

in one communion and fellowThe Gospel. S. John 15.17. ship, in the mystical body of Here things I comniand thy Son Christ our Lord

j There

you, that ye love one ano. Grant us grace so to follow ther. If the world hate you, thy blessed saints in all virtue ye know that it hated me be- ous and godly living, that we fore it hated you. If ye were may come to those unspeakable of the world, the world would joys, which thou hait prepared love his own : but because ye for them that unfeignedly love are not of the world, but I have thee, through Jesus Christ our chosen you out of the world, Lord. Amen. therefore the world hateth you. Remember the word that I said For the Epiftle. Rev. 7. 2. unto you, The servant is not

ascending from the cast, have persecuted me, they will having the seal of the living also persecute you'; if they God;

and he cried with a loud have kept my saying, they will voice to the four angels, to keep yours also. But all these whom it was given to hurt the things will they do unto you for earth and the sea, saying, Hurt my Names fake, because they not the earth, neither the rea, know not him that sent me. If I nor the trees, till we have had not come and spoken unto sealed the servants of our them, they had not had fin: God in their foreheads. And but now they have no cloke for I heard the number of them their sin. He that hateth me, which were sealed; and there hateth my Father also. If I had were sealed an hundred and not done among them the works forty and four thousand, of all which none other man did,they the tribes of the children of had not had sin; but now have Israel. they both seen, and hated both Of the tribe of Juda were me and my Father. But this sealed twelve thousand. cometh to pass, that the word

Of the tribe of Reuben were might be fulfilled that is writ. sealed twelve thousand. ten in their law,They hated me Of the tribe of Gad were without a cause. But when the realed twelve thousand. Comforter is come, whom I Of the tribe of Aser were will send unto you from the sealed twelve thousand. Father even the Spirit of truth, Of the tribe of Nephthalim which proceedeth from the Fas were sealed twelve thousand. ther, he shall testifie of me. Of the tribe of Manaffes were And ye also shall bear witness, fealed twelve thousand. because ye have been with me

Of the tribe of Simeon were from the beginning.

sealed twelve thousand,

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