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Will, and

For this is as the Waters of Noah unto me :

For as I have sworn that the Waters of Noah should no more go over

the Earth ; fo have I sworn that I would not be Wroth with ; thee, nor rebuke thee.

Oh, thou afflitted, tossed with Tempest, and not comforted, behold; I will lay thy Stones with fair Colours, and lay thy Foundations with Sapphires.

And I will make thy Windows of Agates, and thy Gates of Carburcles, and all thy Borders of pleasant Stones.

And all thy Children shall be taught of the LORD, and great shall be the peace of thy Childrev.

In Righteousness shalt thou be established: Thou shalt be far from Oppréssion, for thou shalt not fear; and from Terrour, for it shall not come near thee.

In fine, the Promise is, That the Meek, and they that fear the Lord, the Obedient and Humble, they that Pray earnestly, and Communicate often, having their Hearts purged from carnal Lufts, and filled with universal Charity, Tall purchase the Holy Ghost to be their Guide and Comforter, to abide with them for ever.

If our Hearts be calm and straight, cheerful and our own Wisdom ; if we suffer patiently for the Testimony of a good Conscience, and a good Cause; if we bridle our Tongues from filthy Language and corrupt Communication ; if we frequent the House of God, and affociate our felves with the Servants of God; if we abide in our lawful Calling, and rush not into unnecessary Dangers; if we hearken to the Voice of God speaking to us in our Consciences, and in the Scriptures.

In the special Passages of Providence, and general Sentiments of Mankind in fad Trials and Disappointments, these are the most proper Means, whereby we may obtain the Comforter to be our Guide, and likewise come to the Assurance thereof, which is a Comfort above all Comforts.



Pfal. 24. 7.

Now what remains, but to guard against Sin, and against Folly, against all Intemperance and immoderate Passions; against all Anxiety and worldly Mindedness, which may grieve the good Spirit of God, or quench his Gifts and Graces in us.

Let us welcome and treat this blessed Spirit with all holy Reverence and tender Care, who will make his Abode with us, according to his Entertainment,

Behold I stand at the Door and knock, if any Man hear Voice, and open the Door, I will come in to him, and

sup with him, and be with me.

Lift up your Heads, Oye Gates, even lift them up, ye everlasting Doors, and the King of Glory shall come in.

The Air doth not more naturally yield to our Attraction in Respiration, when it insinuates it felf into the Spaces of the Body thar are receptive of it, than the Divine Spirit communicates his Aids and Consolation to the Desires and Wants of all holy and humble Souls. Prope a te Deus eft, tecum eft, intus eft, (says one more like a Christian than a moral Philosopher ) ita dico, Lucili, facer intra nos fpiritus sedet, malorum, bonücumque noftrorum Observator, & Cuftos, hic prout a nobis tractatus est, ita nos ipfe tractat, That we should seek the Lord, if happily we might feel after him, and find him, tho he be not far from every one of us, for in him we live, move, and have our Being: O my God, I am con, tinually with thee;. Thou shalt guide me with thy Counsel, and afterwards receive me to thy Glory.

Whom have I in the Heavens but thee? and there is none upon Earth that I desire besides thee : My Flesh and my Heart faileth, but God is the Strength of my Heart, And my Portion for ever. Amen.

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by Graces and Confolations

why I elpecially for the pleytiful Ejnow of

Ezekiel's Vifion, ) that we may b2.0 Tubalie pun rebellious. Paffions,
and SpiritLife into ,

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ös.vil satur 1829 21.2 *170 ; Rodo

hod O podt win 21:07
sizi The P R A YER!

Moje Bölg'anit glorious Spirit, the Spirit of the Father, and

upon this Dann ishen they were affembled

togei har, apd waited

for Niy powerful Manifestation and presence. We beleech thee to faften oar hard. Hearts, enlighien our dark Minds, and to quicken cur Sout's that are dead in Sins, and Trespases; inspire' with Love unde Life from above (ås thou didst these dry Bones in the Prophet

bive Life of the of Grace" o Sanctifie our


Natures and keep back thy Servänts

thy Servants from prefumptuojos Sins that ive never think of peak, or Thing which may grieve thy Holy Majestys et quench

at any Time i hele heavenly Sparks of Grace, which thoth
kbåles it our Hearts for thou wilt not alwise Arive with us by
inward' Motions and other means of Graces, if we continue

përverse and obftinate, following the Lufts of the Flesh, andresisting
thy Light and Convictions
God, the Father of all Mercies, and the Fountain of all

who fendeft forih 'thy , to put the Dead,
And to renew the Face of the Earth, create in us clean Hearts, and
renew right' Spirits within us ; never leave us to our own weak
Spirits, nor to the wicked Spirit of Satan, but as thou haft promised,
not to deny thy self, but to give thy good Spirit to them that ask
him, saying, I will pour Water upon him that is thirsty, and
Floods upon dry Ground, I will pour my Spirit upon thy Seed,
and my Blessing upon thy OA-spring; guide us continually with
thy Holy Spirit, and let us feel thy powerful Presence in our Hearts,
As a Well of Water Springing up into everlasting Life




As the Hart panteth after the Water Brooks,: so panteth our Souls after thee, O God; our Souls pant after thee, the living God: For with thee is the Fountain

of Life

, and in thy Light we shall fee Light. 2

ofend out thy Light and thy Truth, let them lead us, and bring 76s into thy Holy Hil, and to thy Haly Tabernacles, even to shyfell,

O Lord Jefius Christ, our Advocate and most merciful High Prieft with the Father, thou haft promised thou wilt not leave them comfortless, who love thee, and keep thy Commandments, but thou will pray unto thy Father, that he would give unto them the Come forter; therefore it was expedient that thou fhoaldst go away from 's, in Respect of thy bodily Presence, and ascend up into Heaven, that thou mightst send the Comforter unto us, to teach us all

Things And to reveal unto us all Traths that are necessary for our Salvation.

We beseech thy Majesty, to perform that gracious Promise unto. #s, and prepare our Hearts with holy Dispositions, and fervent Desires for that blessed Guest, that in all our Doubts and Difficulties, ' in all our Solitudes and Sufferings be may be our continual Guide and Comforter, a Sanctuary to defend us from the Temptations of the Devil

, and a very present Help in Trouble. O Lord, inspire thy Holy Catholick Church, and every Christian with the Spirit of Love, and the Spirit of Truth , that they may walk in the Unity of the Spirit, and bring forth the Fruits of the Spirit, ' even Love, Joy; and Peace;" Long-suffering, Patience, Gentleness, Meekness and Temperance, to the Glory of God, to whombe everlasting Praife, Amen. Our Father, &c.

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Trinity Sunday

For there are Three that bear. Record in Heaven, the

E 119, 3

3 sirkel

tis! STA nudi ot 200.99:11

TO Hos
D: 2130130? ;
Preached upon the Holy and Glorious
Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghoft: and these
Three are One, 1 John 5.7 .





HAT Jesus is the Chrift, the Son of the living
God, is a Doctrine of Faith, and depends on
Divine Testimony, which we have in this

Text, even Testimony upon Testimony, that in the Mouth of two or three Witnesses every Truth, and especially this great 'Truth may be confirmed beyond all Exception: If we receive the Witness of Men, the Witness of God is greater, for this is the Witness of God


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