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We kept our eyes upon our island home, while any trace of it could be seen. As the vessel proceeded on her course, it became less and less apparent, gradually sinking in the wave; still something appeared like a small cloud on the horizon, when suddenly, and unperceived by us, the sun went down, and I saw the little speck no more. On the instant my Eliza and myself felt as when some dear friend passes away beneath your eye to the world of spirits. We took each other's hand in silence, and sat down upon the deck. Here my

sweet partner was not slow to cheer me with blissful words, while the thoughts that gave them utterance warmed her own bosom. Thus cheered we arose, and as she talked I seemed to forget all but what I then heard and saw. It was a peerless night the azure canopy, studded with a thousand stars, appeared in transcendant loveliness above us, while my own embodied angel leaned on my

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arm, discoursing of joys unsusceptible of alloy, whose fountain is higher than the heavens.

During the greater part of the night we walked the deck; and when we descended to our cabin, we left the captain in full expectation of being able to fetch the west end of Jamaica without making a tack, if the wind should continue steady.

On the following day the breeze was not so favourable, but at the expiration of a week we made the high land above Bluefields. From hence we beat up to windward, taking advantage of the land wind by night; and on the tenth day from taking our departure from the islands, the schooner dropped anchor at Kingston, as near as possible to Mr. Dickinson's wharf. I now took my pistols from my belt, being again within the circle of old England's protective rights. This was on Wednesday, the 12th day of March.

I lost no time in writing a note to Mr. Dickinson, and despatched Purdy with it: he soon returned with a clerk of the store, who told me Mr. Dickinson was dead; but that his employer, Mr. Green, who now occupied the premises, had a good deal of Mr. Dickinson's business, and would be happy to do any thing for me I should wish. I answered him that I had some boxes of money to put in safe charge; and that I would thank him. to take a house, or commodious lodgings for myself, my wife, and two servants, as near the water as possible, for the better accommodation of business. After receiving his promise to execute my wishes immediately, I added that I would remain on board until he had accomplished the object, when

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