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stages I have named in this precise order, but very many do. Some perhaps seek to climb up in ways I have not mentioned.

It is true of every person, when he first begins to agitate the question, what he must do to be saved, that he expects to be saved chiefly by his own deeds, or on account of some merit of his own. He does not realize that he is poor and miserable, and blind and naked. He must be brought off from all reliance upon himself or others, before he will rely upon Christ and receive salvation as a free gift, as something to which he has no claim. He must be driven from every refuge, and utterly despair of entering heaven except through Christ, the door.

Let me ask those of you who have been or are now inquiring what you must do to be saved, whether you utterly despair of salvation on the ground of any merit of your own? Are you willing to be saved by the grace of the Saviour, and to ascribe all the glory of it to him? Have you come to the conclusion, that if you should be treated according to your deserts the gates of heaven will forever be barred against you? Until you despair of working out your own salvation and throw yourselves at the foot of the cross to be accepted or rejected as your Redeemer may choose, being only anxious that God may be glorified, you do not fully come to Christ. If, at any stage of your conviction, you only despair of climbing up to heaven in your own way, and look to him who is able to save all that come to God by him, you comply with the requirements of the Gospel

. When you surrender yourselves to the Saviour, you will find that old things have passed away and all things have become new.












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